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Niche Marketing Examples

For those of you who are looking for niche marketing examples well look no more. Learn what niche marketing can do for your product of service.

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What Niche Means And How Niche Marketing Examples And Strategies Can Help You Sale Your Products?

So what niche means you say?. Well it can be explained like this. Your business should contain no such broad topics. You want to take a topic and find that one important subject in that topic that you can target a business around. Some good niche marketing strategies would not be having a website about golf. That is not a niche. Some good niche marketing examples would be like golf clubs for left handers or golfing gloves for best grip would do better. Small subjects within a topic is what you are looking for.

This is the kind of strategies you need to do because their are millions and millions of websites all fighting to get that number one spot on search engines and they all had plenty of time to build their customer base. You, on the other hand, have just gotten started and nobody knows you yet. That means you are going to have to start dominating a small part of a topic one subject at a time until you then take over the whole topic itself.

So think about this, by breaking down a topic into small subjects your can build a small target marketing website that is dedicated to each subject. Then you can create your own niche store with niche products for that particular niche. This is good because when a person search on the web they are going to look for a certain type of product or answer to a question. So if a customer wants a new putter they are more likely to type in something like "new putters" or "best putters" than they are "golf supplies" because that is the only thing they want. By you not having a specified website your site will not show up. If you have a website that is all about putters then your site is more likely to show up than someone with a site for golf supplies. That is the reason to build a niche store. Now how do you go about finding some good niche marketing strategies for your site?

Niche Strategy

You can find niche strategies everywhere. There is always a topic within a subject you can build a site for. If you know someone who is having a certain problem with their computer just remember that he or she is not alone. If you can find the product that helps fixes that problem you can then build a mini niche site just for that. Maybe you saw someone that is having trouble with finding parts for a particular car. Then just build a website around that specific car and parts. Niche ideas can come from any place. You need to keep your eyes and ears open. You never know when someone will have a need that is hard to find a solution for.

Best Niche

I'm sure you would like to know what the best niche to build your niche website around. So would I! See, the best niche website is the one that gives you traffic, create sales, gets members to sign up and also repeat customers. Unfortunately, their is no niche out their that can be considered the best. It is all about the information offered, the niche product being sold, the advertising being used and so on. The best niche is something that you are passionate about. A specific topic that you know a lot about. By doing this you should have no problems filling your website with content that people will love to read. No niche marketing examples that I can give can guarentee success but having no niche marketing at all will surely bring you no traffic.

Generate several targeted campaigns you can aim for and write them down. You are also going to need to see how many people are searching for that subject so use a free keyword tool like wordtracker or google keyword search tools to see how many people and search for those niche keywords. No niche business should be built for something no one is looking for unless you are creating a totally new niche that no one has thought of yet that can catch on. If you see that people are searching for those subjects then you can type in the search engines to see how many websites are using that keyword. The best way to do this is to type in the keyword with quotes around it like this, "example", so the search engine know to select sites that build around that keyword. Try to aim for having about a few hundred thousand websites to make it easier to get listed high. If their are hundreds of millions of sites aimed at that keyword then don't build for that keyword phrase.

Have not found keywords yet?

After you settle on a niche business then go back to your keyword tool to see what niche keywords you need to build your site around. Sense your website is going to be lasor targeted then so should the keywords you use.

You will find that your niche website pages will have better positions on search engines. When a person types in what they are looking for your site will have a better change or appearing. A different set of keywords emerge from your selected niche marketing ideas that you created a website for.

This is what niche marketing examples is all about. You do not want no niche site that has visitors who do not want what you are offering. This will only waste your time and theirs along with your resources and websites bandwidth.

No matter what you settle on you are going to find out that it will be a competitive niche. There are a lot of other well established sites that you are going to have to compete with. You are going to have to ask yourself a question like, how to identify your niche marketing results to the rest of the world. You are also going to want to know if you have the characteristics of good niche marketing. But as you come along you will realize that having a narrow niche will make it easier to set yourself apart from your competitors. Much easier to let your niche marketing website speak for itself and show your expertise to others.


Once you have decided on a niche website you now need a strong title for your site. If you want good search engine ranking you might decide on using one of your keywords as part of your title. When someone types in on the search engine using that keyword your site has a better change of being on the front page. Your title should be memorable as well as keyword rich so hopefully when they get done surfing other sites they will come back to yours without struggling to remember the name.


Now that you have decided on a website and settled on a title then you need to know how to create niche content. Niche content is just niche marketing articles that you ad to your website that is targeted to that niche. To get it you need to do market research in order to talk about your site.

To gain market research start with niche marketing articles. You can find all kinds of free niche articles that you can use to create content for your website. Article directory sites will let you download articles to ad to your website as long as you keep all the links and author resources in tact. If you are worried about duplicate content lowering your site then just read the articles and then write it over again in your own words. This will keep your site fresh and ad unique content that search engines can't say no to.

Next you can find books on your niche at your local library. It just like doing a book report when you were in school. Just gather up the information that is relevant to your niche and type it up on your computer filling up about a couple of pages and you are done. After that decide the layout of your niche website and add in your content and that part will be complete.

Blogs and forums on the internet is also a great place to assemble information. Join a few that is targeted to your niche markeitng and ask questions about what problems do they have or what do they wish their niche had to offer. Once you can find out exactly what the people in that niche want then you can then create a niche marketing articles that tailors to those potential customers. You may discover several different ideas that you you can create a website for and build one for each. No niche forums like people who bring up other topics that in not related to their conversation so please don't start straying.

Check Your Competitors

One of the most important things you need to do in your niche market research is to take a hard look at your competitions niche website. Type in your niche keyword again and check out some of the sites on the first page and see what they are doing. Try to find out what keeps their website on top. If they have a newsletter then subscribe to it. If they offer a product then take a look at it. Read the website from top to bottom to see what sets them apart and also see what you are going to have to do to beat then or at least compete with them. No niche site has a chance if their are too many big well known companies on first page. But if it is just regular websites then their is no reason why you can't take the spot on page one. It's kind of like walking in to a store seeing what they have to offer, check out the prices, the customer service, talk to their customers and see what they like and don't like about this store and then opening up your own store across the street and try to beat them. That is what the owner of Walmart did and look how that turned out.

Niche Products

Once your site is done you now have to decide on what your niche product is going to be. Will your niche product be a book that solves a problem or teaches something to others. Will your niche product be an improvement of an existing product? Will you create a unique product niche that's all your own? Or will you get involved with niche affiliate marketing and recommed other products that delivers what you need. No matter what you choose make sure that your niche product is for that niche only. If you try to sell them something that has nothing to do with the topic they searched for then your visitors will leave and never come back or recommed you to others. No site can offer none related products.

If you plan on using PHP Script to create your niche website but not sure how to use it properly then check out the php tutorials for more details.

Target Your Traffic

Now that your niche website has niche product and content you now need to deliver targeted traffic to your site. Your marketing has to also include niche advertising. By focusing your niche advertising specificly for what you are selling you are more likely to find potential customers. There are several different ways to get traffic. Check out the website traffic page at the top for information that can help you with this and more. You will find things like press release help and using Squidoo and other blogs and forums. Backlinks are also important for you traffic needs and you will find help with that too. To get more specific traffic ideas for marketing your niche then head over to our niche advertising strategies page.

Add your site to directories like Google and Yahoo and other directories. Google is free if you get in but with Yahoo you have to pay but some people think it's worth it. You can also add your sites to other directories as well.

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