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Websites That Make Money

Can you build the best websites that make money for you? You can when you learn how to with incentivized cpa offers.

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Want Your Very Own Easy Internet Websites That Make Money For You?


So what are the best websites that make money? Well that is now an easy question to answer. They are made with the CPA Convert built in. See, let me explain.

Let me tell you a bit more about the method because it's not that clearly explained on the sales page, which I find a shame, because the method totally rocks. Here it is in a nutshell.

Easy Internet Websites That Make Money With INCENTIVIZED CPA Offers Tracking Networks

1) You have content on a site that people want access to. You don't need to sell them hard because they are going to get free access to it. You can now make money from freebie seekers and free keywords. (there is a lot of traffic for this)

2) You lockdown the content. Meaning that they only get access to it after 2 things happen:

  • They optin on your list
  • They complete a CPA (Cash Per Action) offer (which only asks them for info, not money or credit card, so it's an easy sell)

3) Once they complete the cpa offer, the script automatically unlocks the content and they get access. And you get paid, and you get a new subscriber on your list. Bottom line is you get paid for running your site and service and the customer gets what they want without paying a cent for it. That's a pretty powerful proposition right!

You can do this for physical products, reports, videos, movies, tv shows ect. It's nearly a perfect model, there are hundreds of thousands of customers for it and very few people in the know. That's what this is about.

With CPA Convert you will get the following.

  • 4 modules plus software and WP theme. Upsell of additional SEO and Outsourcing Tools.
  • Module 1 - The simple rundown behind the "content locking" method. Lots of good stats. Perfect to get beginners in the right mindset and just plain interesting for any intermediates.
  • Module 2 - Teaching you how to create a site. It is important to set up your site the right way the first time to have internet websites that make money for you as you begain to build traffic.
  • Module 3 - The actual promotion method. Very good SEO information, including link wheels, but also other solid techniques. Learn how to get targeted traffic to your incentivized cpa offers to make the most profits.
  • Module 4 - Outsourcing 101. Nothing surprising here, but for true beginners (and even some intermediates), it's a good start off in the right direction on how to outsource your traffic getting methods so you can have more time to build more sites
  • Wordpress themes that are very professional looking and should impress your visitors
  • Software - It ties in with the premise of the course which is targeting unique niches (like freebies, cheats, etc) that usually can't be monetized and locking in your content with a CPA submit.
  • They will even tell you how to get accepted into incentivized CPA networks because they can be a little hard if you do not know how to speak the gargon so you can get in and start making money right away.

You also get the option of including more details on SEO and super in-depth outsource training. This can be useful for beginners who want to get an edge over the competition. Overall, very solid course for the money. I haven't seen anything like it taught before personally so you will not be getting some old rehashed info on how to create easy websites that make money.

Incentivized CPA offers can realistically bring in $50 to $100 a day just from one website. The real money comes in when you build multiple websites and bring targeted traffic to each website you build. So if you get ten websites going you could then have $500 to $1000 a day coming in and so on. This will not happen over night but it can happen and it is happening right now to others.

Once you get started I think you will agree that you will have the best websites that make money for you. Get your copy of CPA Convert today.