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Welcome to our Website Tips page!

On this page you will be offered the latest website tips and tricks needed to help your niche website be successful. Take these tips on launching a website as a guide for newbies who is trying to get their website off the ground. For more tips on lauching a website you can visit our "website Traffic" page at the top of this page. Let's Get Started.

Website tips that will be covered on this page: Tips For Content, Tips for staying power, Tips for emotions, Website title tips, Site speed tips, Webmaster tips, Sitemap tips, Error tips, Now What tips, Criticism Tips, Advertising tips, Pay-per click tips, Backlinks tips, Page tips, Search engine tips, Blog tips

Is your site really a Niche?

Tips on making a website start around a niche. If you are just creating a website around a general topic then your website will not be any different than the large corporations and your site will become very difficult to find on the internet. Learn exactly what customers are looking for and then build your site around it. I heard tips of someone who made a small fortune by teaching people how to play a guitar by ear, not how to play the guitar. See the difference!

If you have a problem picking a niche, then a good tip is to do your research on a topic on blogs and forums. If you want to sell something that is baseball related, for example, find out what questions they have about baseball and what is the product they have the hardest problem find. Once you know this you can then build your site around that product then let everybody know in the blogs and forums that you have what they have been looking for and send them to your website.

I heard of this one guy who was doing the exact same thing with video gammers who were having problems with the red light codes on their game systems. So he built a website around that software needed to fix the problem and made a nice profit. This is what it means to have a niche website.

So take another look at your niche and see if you can break it down even more. How about tips like turning your website into two or three mini websites highly targerted to each of you subjects. Once you start getting traffic you can link each site to each other so that each of your customers who you have more than one problem to solve can see what the other site offers.

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Make your Content have a Purpose

When you start putting it together you need to make sure that you are offering something besides a sales pitch. Make sure your content offers solutions to their problems and specific products to fix their problem only or you may send your visitor running. You may have other good products but you might be better off saving those products for your next niche site or for a general store website.

Now after you have selected your niche you will of course need content tips. Before you get started first think about what your headline will be. Tips for this is to try to use something that tells the viewer what you site is about first before you welcome them to your site. Your headlines needs to get their attention right a way if you want them to say on your site. You need to inform them of what your website can do for them and try to offer your benefits your visitors at the start of your home page. Once you have peeked their interest then you can begin to explain your product and what it can do for your visitors.

Before you start putting it all together some good website design tips can be found if you will first learn "HTML" in order to do a good job at making you content flow the way you want. "HTML" is the language your computer uses to put you text and graphics on your website. There is a website that is very useful in teaching you all you need to know. Just click and you can learn all the tricks the pros use for free.

Once you start talking about your product you what to keep it simple. One tip is to try not to make too many outrages claims about what your product does or over do it with fancy graphics. Just explain that your product can solve their particular problem or answer certian questions that needed answers. If you have exactly what they want they will buy it without all the fan fair.

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Does your content have Staying Power

Once you get done with adding your content, sit back and read it as a visitor who is new to your site. Is your content worth reading, does it peak your interest, does it offer any useful information. All this will help determine how long that a person stays on your site.

Some people think that website design tips like adding little games and such will keep a visitor on their sight longer. As you may know Google keeps track of how long people stay on your website. If people just visit your site for just a minute or so then leave it may send a message that your site is not that important and lower your ranking. But if they spend 30 minutes or a hour or so one your site then google will believe that your website offers a real value to a visitor and move your ranking up. You can check your stats on your hosting account and see how many visitors you are getting and how long they are staying. If you notice that you are getting lots of hits but not staying long then you may need to adjust your content to make it more appealing to your visitors.

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Tap into your Visitor's Emotions

Another website building tip is to try to make your site seem like a good book that is hard to put down. You want your visitor to read every word of your site right down to the end and still want more. If a person takes the time to read everything you have to say they are more likely to buy your product or or sign up for your newsletter or forum or what ever you are offering.

What you want to do is feed on an emotion. By getting in touch with a customers feeling you can inspire or even make then think that they are doing something wrong by not buying your product.

Take a look at an example I saw from a man named "Epen Pagan" on how to tap in to a customers fears about their children not having what they need to get to college. If you niche involves people paying you for information on what it takes to have enough money to send their children to college, which one of these responses would be more effective in getting that customer to do business with you:

If you want to learn how to invest better for your children's future education give me a call. I'm a licensed investment specialist and I'd like to help you choose the right investments for your family's future.

Or would this be better!

If you have children that are in grade school and you're worried because you haven't invested in saving for their college education then you might wind up losing a lot more money than you think. If you save just $747 per month starting now and you put that investment into an account that earns 5% interest you'll have saved enough money to put your child through college. If you don't invest the $747 per month your child will probably not make it into the college of their choice or may not make it into college at all and they will likely wind up working a job that they don't enjoy and earning far less than they are worth.

Having that degree could earn your child as much as $50,000 more per year every year for the rest of their life. Is it worth investing $747 per month for ten years so that your child has the ability to earn themselves an extra $1.5 Million over a 30-year career (and avoid working in an unskilled labor job that they hate)? Not to mention What would it be worth to you to not have to worry about your child not making it into college? What would it be worth to you to be able to rest knowing for sure that your child's college education is secure?

Isn't it worth $747 per month?

See the difference in the two responses? Epen was able to take a customers emotions and put a real dollar amount to it. He also got into the customers head and now that customer is thinking about their problem in a different way. Now they are thinking that they better act now if they want their kids to go to college and they see the price for not solving the problem laid out for them.This allows you to sell your product information at a higher price but make it seem like a bargain to the customer. The first response didn't have nearly the power to do so and that is the difference in getting a sale or not.

By being able to identify what you customer want you can then determine how much it is worth to that custormer to get it solved. If you want the person to do business with you then you need to make that person understand clearly why they should pay your cost and the down side of not getting your service.

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Titles have Selling Power

One of the best wedsite tips that can be given to you for selling your product is that you need a fancy name for your product. Everybody has something to sell but your product has to stand out above all the rest. It neeeds to be catchy and easy to remember. It may need to shock you and almost compell the customer to see your sales pitch. Think about all the gadgets and problem solving products you see on informercials. All the flashy names like "Make money while sitting in your underwear!" or " The cure they don't want you to know about !" stand out and make those authors big bucks. You need to do the same!

Take a look at another example from "Eben Pagan" as he shows you how two different book did on "".

He looked up to books, one called: 'A thinking person's step by step guide to weight loss and exercise program'

The other called: 'Skinny bitch' had the first book at #437,317 on the best selling list while the second book was at #56.

The first book was written by two PH.D with impirical research and the second book was written by an ex-model and an ex-modeling agent.

The experts probably spent years working on their book but didn't even come close to selling what the models did. On top of that they sold a follow up book called "Skinny bitch in the kitchen" a cookbook that was #179 on Amazon's best sellers list. That is the power of a great title and how it can stand out from all the rest. Sorry if the title of the books offended anybody but these women really understood that the word has become more trendy lately.

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Make your site Load Quickly

Some more website tips would be to look a your site a see how fast it loads up. I have seen some great adds that made me click to see what they were offering but their was so many videos that had to load up and animated graphics and splash screen that it took for ever to see what was on the page. I ended up leaving the page before it fully loaded. So good website design tips can be to leave out all the bells and whistles and just decided to focus on the content.

People do not want to wait when they are surfing the net. They want things to load up quickly or they will grow impatent and leave without seeing what you are offering. That is not good for you especially after all the hard work you put in only to have people not even see you site. Unless your niche site is about graphics and videos then make you site load up a quick as possible.

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Google Webmaster Tools can be very useful for your optimization efforts. The tips may not directly help you obtain higher rankings, but can help you trouble shoot if you are experiencing problems. It will also allow you to remove URL's that you don't want indexed and set various preferences such as your domain, crawl rate, and geographic target.

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XML Sitemaps

This is the most common reason people use Google Webmaster Tools - the submission of their XML sitemap. While you can use your robots.txt to have Google find your XML sitemap, by submitting it directly to Google you can check up on the spidering status. You get a better chance of having you pages indexed when you use a sitemap.

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Error checking

Webmaster Tool tips are also quite useful for checking on various error URL's that Google may know about. Under the Diagnostics Web Crawl you can view any errors that Google has to report on your site. By cleaning up any errors you can help boost your chances of ranking high.

You have now built and submitted your site to the search engines but nobody came. Now what do you do?

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Redefine your target market

If this has happened to you then you may need to keep going back to edit you site and make sure that your have narrowed your niche down well enough. There may still be to many other websites that have been around for awhile that is using your niche. If your niche is "cat lovers" then try "alley cat lovers" for example. Then redo your keywords and adjust your content and then submit it again to the search engines. You might have better luck then.

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Ask for Criticism

Get your friends and family to look at your site and as for their honest opinion of your site. If you get any criticism don't get upset. Take it all in and make the necessary changes to your site. You don't need praise from your friends and family at the beginning stages because it doesn't help you make your site better. The more you learn about what it wrong with your site now, less will be wrong with it later.

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Advertise like there is no Tomorrow

Changes are that if you really want traffic to your site you are going to have to advertise like crazy to get your site exposed to the word. But don't worry, it doesn't have to cost you an arm or a leg. Their are several was to do this without breaking the bank.

If you have been using or considering using free advertising websites sites to promote your business or product then here's a tip. You might want to rethink that ideal. When people go to free ad sites, those people are their to sell something not buy anything. Sure they may have lots of members to see your ad but sense pretty much all members are selling something that means they will just see your email address and email you trying to sell you their product. Your ad needs to been in an area where its loaded with buyers and not sellers. Free ad sites are good for practising your ad writing skills but don't expect alot if any sells from it. Maybe use it to get people to sign up for a newsletter or what ever you have to sign up for but that's about it.

You can use video sites like youtube, dailymotion, facebook, myspace and others to advertise your site. Take a look at some of the videos that are getting big hits that are relevant to your site to get an ideal of what you need to do then create a video and up load it. Hits from these sites can lead to people then going to your website to see what you are offering and plus having a banklink from these sites is powerful especially is you upload then to as many sites as you can.

Of course there are all the traditional way to advertise like newspaper, magazines, google adwords, bulletin boards,classifieds, and so on but you probably know all about that so just give those a try. Start small and as your business grows go to larger ads and better placement.

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Using Google Adwords

Most of you may have used pay-per clicks by now but how successful was it. If not used correctly you will either have no hits or too many hits and not enough sells putting you in the poor house fast. Hear are some tips to use adwords.

Tips on launching a website with Google adwords is to start your bid for keywords low. Set up a limit of about $5 to $10 a day. Set your per click rate to about $.05 to $.10. When your per click rate reach your daily limit your ads for that day will stop and start again the following day.

Your keywords should not just be any old keyword phrase tips. Think about the product that you are selling and then think what would someone type if they were looking to buy this kind of product. Make a list of those keyword phrases and then use the keyword tool to see if anyone is using those phrases. There is no point in using a keyword phrase that no one is typing in the search engine.

Once you have found keywords then you should make sure that only the keywords you selected show ads to cut down on wasted click. You do so by submitting them like this: [website tips] - Now only that exact phrase will show ads.

Use synonyms of your keywords to maximize your your chances of getting hits. Also use variations and misspellings or words.

Use the negitive keyword section to keep you ads from being placed where you don't want them. Negitive keywords would be words like "free" or "no cost" next to your keyword. Anybody clicking ads like that are not looking to buy anything so don't advertise for it.

Here are some good tips for PPC. Don't use adwords just to get traffic to your website, unless your website is about getting people to sign up for a paid monthly account or you are building a list of subcribers. You need to make sure that your adword ads are targeted to your product that can make you money. You need to get around a 40% return for every dollar spent on adword ads to be successful. If you have spent more than $50 dollars and still not made any sales then you need to change products or change your ad page.

Keep track of your keywords so you can delete the ones that are not making money.

Use your keywords in your ad to get better placement. Also capitalize the first letter in every word of your ad to make it stand out more.

Work in some action based keywords and price comparisons in your ad. Words like "download" or "sign up" in the keyword phrase are for people who are already looking to spend money. Compare your price to other to let people who you are cheaper than your competitors. You can also make your product seem like a good deal buy saying that you just knocked $20 off the price to $29.99 so act now.

Take a look at other ppc ads to get tips on how they are doing and just take the best of different ads and create your own from them. You can also create two ads for the same product and see which one works the best and drop the one that doesn't. Make each headline stand out from the others.

If you still not sure about google adwords then check out my products page that can help you find a great way to use adwords.

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Check your backlinks carefully

Take a close look at your backlinks that you get. Make sure if you trade links with someone that your link is really on there website. Some people will simply put your link on a separate page outside of their website so they can get a quality backlink from you. Some will go as far as to put your link on their main site but after a short amount of time remove your link so they can have a clear one-way link. Your tip is to always go to the main site and check to see if your link can be found on their site. Do this often if you trade links. Don't just believe that the page they show you is apart of their site.

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When I was playing around on the search engine one day I typed in an address and realized something was different. Normally I would just type in the address without the "www." but this time I typed it in and I saw that google did not give me the normal suggestions that it used to. So I wondered why?

After some research I discovered the tip that google doesn"t see "" and "" as the same even though they both take you to the exact same place. This can lead to page rank split which can make your site seem smaller and less important.

Make sure this doesn't happen to you when you build your website. Alway make each page on your site start with "www." to make sure that you get full credit from google for every page you create. If you already have a website and notice that every page doen't have the "www." in front then you can use a "non www redirect" in your site. What this does is change all urls that are in your website that do not display the "www." and ad it to them consolidating link pages to give your website more strenght. You can learn more about this at:

I don't know for sure if Google will look at each one as duplicate content or not but if it does this will protect your ranking.

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Submitting to Search Engines

When I first got started I saw advertisements that you can submit to thousands of search engines, ezines, and classifields for one low price. Prices ranged for $79.00 all the way to $699.00. The bigger packages said that they would ad pages, keyword analizies and submit my website twice in six months at no extra charge. But instead of buying these packages I did some research on my own first. So here are my tips.

I learned that it would be a waste to spend all that money on one of these packages when most of the smaller search engines do not deliver much traffic anyway. Plus they use Free For All (FFA) websites and they will spam you like crazy. You can end up with thousands of spam emails everyday that can risk having you email shut down. Besides the smaller search engines get their info form the 3 main search engines like google, Yahoo, and MSN. It's free to submit to those sites but it can take a while before you site gets crawled by their spiders so just submit to those 3 and you will be fine.

Do not submit your site every week or month or it will be considered spam and you can get banned from the search engines. Just submit it once and keep updating your site.

What you really need is a good seo software to help you set up your website to make it search engine friendly and help you find highly used keywords that websites are not spending so much time ranking for. For some of you who has been around the internet awhile you may have heard that SEO or "search engine optimization" is dead or dying fast but it still doesn't hurt to do it yourself.

The ideal is to find a good keyword that only have competition of around 400,000 to around 800,000 websites fighting for it. Also check to see if big companies like IBM, MCI, or websites like Wikipedia are not on the first or second page because it would be that much harder to get to the first page. Try to avoid keywords that have millions of sites fighting for it unless you are really a pro at optimizing your site. Use keyword tracker to make sure that the keyword you select have people using that phrase in their searches or your could be on page one with nobody typing in that phrase.

Use keyword phrases that have three words in them. If your niche is vacation for example that one word would have way to much competition for it. Try to specify more like "vacation package deals" or "disneyland vacation package", something like that would be more useful.

Try not to use to many keywords in your content or it may not sound normal to people reading it. Plus search engines have gotten better a recognizing to many keywords as spam.

Some people use Google Adwords or ppc "pay per clicks" to get their website at the top. They bid on keywords and if they bid enough their ad will be first on that keyword. Watch out for advertising that tell you that you can get adwords free. They will tell you that they spend like $100 a click and set up a budget for $10,000 a day to get the #1 sponsered spot in red with a certain keyword then tell you that they do not have to pay anything because if you buy their product they will show you how to get all that for free.

That is a lie! You are not getting the ads for free. What they do is they pay to get the #1 spot and then they email other people who are on page 5 or 6 and ask them if they want to advertise on their site for a flat rate. If you can find enough people to sell advertising space to then that money will cover the cost of the Google adwords that you are paying for. If you can't find anybody to advertise on your site then you will be bankrupt fast. Then hopefully with all thoughs clicks to your site you can sell your product and make some money. So If you see an ad that says "Millions of google adwords free I'll show you how" you will already know how and can just simple avoid the ad.

So just remember when you build your website just submit to google, yahoo, and msn and use your free edition seo software that you can find easy by just typing in "free edition seo software" in your search engine and download a copy. Use Google Adwords if needed to push a product or to get your site ranked faster. The big thing right now is the backlinks that I talked about earlier.

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Have you started blogging yet, or maybe you have been blogging for awhile now. Well as you may know blogging can provide you with lots of fresh unique content some being funny or down right informative, but this information is only going to give you so much.

Sure a blog can be a good place to get traffic and some info they provide can be useful to you with the articles they show but sooner or later you are going to have to step it up a bit.

Some people are saying that to have a successful blog you need to use wordpress. Wordpress is free and it has a wide collection of plugins, themes and many more features. You can get more and save your dollars with wordpress.

If you are wondering what plugins are well plugins help you add features to your blog that can help make your blog seem more like a website. Your blog can now seem more like a business helping you to make money. Wordpress plugins save you time so that you can spend more time developing your blog.

Some of the plugins they offer is a sitemap. A sitemap is a good way to make sure that you get submitted to search engines and lets search engines know that you just added updates to your blog.

Another one is firestats. Firestats gives you the power to track how people found your blog. This information is helpful to let you know which campain is working and which is not.

All in on SEO is also another plugin wordpress provides. With this plugin you can ad a title, discription and keywords that can help you in your search engine ranking.

You can also do things like social bookmarking, related entries, adsense deluxe, comment subscription and many more to offer.

If you would like to make money using your blog then wordpress would be a good place to start. Most people join a blog to meet other people who share in the same niche that they do so if you are in it to make money make sure that your business is concentrated on that niche.

Another advantage of blogs is that search engines love them.When you get you site up and running use you blog to get your site submitted faster to search engines.

What you do is submit an article everyday to your blog that maches the contect and blog niche. Include a backlink to your site to your home page or sitemap. Make sure that your blog is set to ping everytime you ad new content. By doing this the search engine will keep getting fresh content everyday and that will make the search engines read your blog and follow any links you have.

Since links is what search engines love, second only to fresh content, the search engine will follow that link and then index your site in matter of a week or two instead of a couple of months when you submit to Google, MSN or Yahoo.

So in conclusion adding good content articles to your blog can provide good traffic but if you want more from your blog you need to change your methods of building your blog to make it more business like.

Thanks for visiting these tips page and check back for more updated website tips and trick and many more updates as they are offer freguently. Please feel free to explore this site before leaving.