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How does Internet Viral Marketing Campaign Product examples Work!

Internet viral marketing is hot right now. Everytime you see a new product launch or the next big blockbuster movie coming out their is bound to be a viral marketing campaign attached to it. But how dod the exactly work any way? Are there disadvantages of viral marketing? You can find out right now.

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Viral marketing is simply getting people to take your information and pass it on to other to gain exposure to what ever a person is promoting. You can see good viral marketing examples everywhere. Everytime some is running a race to raise awareness to Cancer or Aids or a group of people who are creating a concert to raise money for hurricane relief that is viral marketing. Once someone learns about it they tell other people and then they get tell someone else and so forth. But to make it work there are several ways to accomplish this.

But first you must know that viral marketing campaigns must be free. You can't pay someone to put the word out for you because that would just be paid advertising. It's also must be buzz worthy. It has to peek someones curiousity like some good juicy gossip. We all know how fast and far goosip can go. It all so must contain some truth to it. You do not want to build up a person hopes only to just have people turn on you later. If you want to know how does viral marketing work against you just make up a big lie and watch your reputation drop when people tell everybody that you lied. Now let take a look at some good viral marketing examples that can work for you.

One way is to have viral marketing products to pass along to people who also want advertising for their product or website. This is what a lot of internet viral marketing is all about. You put together an ad template with five or six other ads attached to it and then pass it across the internet inviting others to ad their ad to the list. as the first ad goes on top of the list, the last ad is then removed. Then that person takes that ad and get others to do the same.

With this type of viral marketing campaign everybody will have to click each ad a view what is their for around maybe 20 or 30 seconds and then they are given a code. Once the code comes up you type it in to the appropriate box they give you. When you get done with all the ads and type in all the codes, you then place you ad in and your ad will then be first. This process is repeated over and over again until your ad reaches the end and is then removed. The more people who pick up the ad and follow the steps, the more people will see what you have to offer. If they like what they see, some will go back a check out you website.

Their can be disadvantages of viral marketing this way. Some people will just click the ads to get the code just so they can put their ad out. They may not even play attention to the ads they see. But some people will look to see what is offered and that is all you want. Viral marketing is just like any other marketing. No one form of advertising can guarantee that everybody will come. It's a numbers game. The more people see it the better the chances that some traffic will flow your way.

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Other viral marketing examples include the use of email. How does viral marketing work in this manner you ask? See, when Hotmail was first launched they added an attached to all outgoing mail that was sent out encouraging others to sign up with them. You see this kind of viral marketing all the time even when you get your bills from the post carrier. Don't you notice ads for life insurance or address labels in with your bills?

People are also using video for their viral marketing campaign. All you do is go to a site like Youtupe and put up a funny or a controversial video. Something that will get peoples attention. Then through in a link to your website. If your video gets enough attention it can be picked up and added to other websites, blogs, and video sites. Remember all the attention that the girl who had a crush on Barack Obama and posted a video. She got her fifteen minutes of fame with that video. But their is a disadvantage of viral marketing this was as well.

Having viral marketing products like this need to be targeted to your website to some degree. If not the buzz will quickly wear off and your visitors will drop off. You keep it funny keep it interesting but somehow keep it related to your website.

Also their are some disadvantages of viral marketing their are more advantages to gain. Thinks like:

More viral Marketing products that can acheive all this are products like:

These products are related to their website and you can have your visitors download the product for free with you link attached. You can easily create your own ebook or get other webmasters to re-brand ebooks and ad your link. You can also ad a logo to all your viral marketing campaigns to help with brand recognition.

So their you have it. Viral marketing can be a part of your advertising campaign. You just need to pick the right approach that works for your website and then run with it. Sense it free, you have nothing to lose and maybe a ton of traffic to gain.

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