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Would you like to create Facebook Fan Pages that make money for you all the time? Learn facebook marketing and how to set them up the right way.

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How To Create Facebook Fan Page Landing Pages That Can Make Money For Your Website and Build Your Brand


Facebook is on fire right now! They have over 500,000,000 members and still growing. Imagine if you knew how to use Facebook for marketing purposes for your website in 2011? How would that help you online? You could learn how to build Facebook Fan Pages automaticly that target the right people for opt-in's and leads. Leads like this from your fans could make money for you every day of the week. Sure you can find some simple way to make Facebook fan pages but they will not be helpful for your business. Just like anything you do your Facebook fan page landing pages need to have the right look and feel if you want to make Facebook marketing work for you. Let me tell you that if you use FB Cash course you will learn all the ins and outs of marketing in Facebook.

How To Use Facebook Fan Pages To build Your Brand

Take advantage of your logo. Upload a logo or photo with a web address at the bottom. It won't be clickable, but fans can see where to go if they want to visit your website.

Fill out your info page completely. Here you can have a clickable web address, company overview, mission, and products. You can give only what Facebook asks for or get creative and provide other information as well. For example, in your company overview, you can list links to pages on your website, your newsletter signup form, other social media, or whatever you want.

Use FBML to create a landing page and Optin Form Inside A Facebook page. FBML is Facebook's version of HTML, which you can use with an application called Static FBML. This lets you render basic HTML in a box or tab on your page. You won't find it in your default applications, but you can find it with a search in the application directory. The idea is that instead of sending people to your wall, as most people do, you send them to a landing page with whatever message you want to provide. For example: You can give a short description of your organization and tell people to click the "become a fan" button. This is one of those "duh" things you may not think about at first, but it can dramatically increase your Facebook pages growth. A landing page is just good direct marketing.

Use your tabs wisely. If you think of a Facebook page as a secondary website for your business, you'll realize that the tabs at the top of the page are like site navigation. You can have a tab for your newsletter, a tab for Blog RSS, a tab for products, etc. How? With that nifty FBML application.

Don't forget the sidebar. Anything you can put in your tabs, you can also put in your sidebar. A newsletter signup form fits here nicely. So does a poll (another application you can add), banners, or set of links.

Email every facebook page member with 100% delivery rate and zero spam complaints but don't abuse it! Facebook Page admins can send updates to fans through the Page, and these updates will appear in the "Updates" section of fans' inboxes. There is no limit on how many fans you may send an update to, or how many total fans a Page can have.

Those are just a few tips on how to use Facebook Fan Pages to build your brand. But the real learning of using Facebook for marketing purposes starts when you become a member of FB Cash.

Benefits of Facebook Fan Page Marketing With FBCash

FB Cash is for everyone: offline marketing is hot right now, but FBcash is equally powerful for CPA marketing and internet marketing too. These people stand to benefit from this series:

  • Offline consultants who offer online services to local business clients. Offline business consulting is growing really quickly at the moment. FBCash have a special module to teach people how to start an offline consultation business.
  • Internet marketers who want to add daily subscribers to their email marketing lists. CBCash have some great modules dedicated to email marketing and using an integrated approach with facebook.
  • Webmasters who want to create a buzz about their website with contest, polls, and giveaways in Facebook to drive thousands of loyal fans. CBCash have case study where one of their clients got 40,000 Facebook fans in just 3 days, and resulted in thousands of visits to his website even before it was properly launched!
  • CPA marketers: Coupon offers, auto insurance, auto warranty, online gaming, home security, and medical alert systems are just a few the offers where private members has successfully tested FBcash. CBCash going to add all these case studies inside thier membership club!

Facebook is the future of internet traffic. According to CNN Facebook traffic now tops google and very soon will exceed Yahoo's and Google combined! There are hundreds of millions of customers in Facebook. The features provided by Facebook are amazing for all businesses no matter the size or industry of the business, or even if it is offline or online. From offline consultants to local hairdressers or plumbers, from micro-niche marketers to large CPA marketers, from small time list building marketers to big time gurus, everybody can use Facebook to increase their revenue exceptionally.

Facebook marketing is one of the most non used traffic sources being ignored simply because marketers and business owners simply don't know how to utilize it's true potential. FB Cash system can attract thousands of visitors to your website and thousands of optins to your autoresponder. That is massive for getting traffic! Your facebook fan page will do all the work for you, virally on auto-pilot.

Think about it, Every big brand, artist, TV show has their own facebook page. According to facebook's own confession big brands have lowered their facebook advertising budget by 70% to use Facebook Fan Pages as their chosen option. Just this past Black Friday there was an 18% jump in sales in all big stores like Macy's, JcPenny, Walmart, Bestbuy, Target, Kohls because of special coupons they gave away in their web properties mainly through facebook Pages. Can small businesses, affiliates, website owners, offline consultants, and local professionals profit wildly from facebook pages too? Definitely.

Take a look at what is inside waiting for you in the CBCash Facebook marketing course.

  • Modules 1 - 5: CBCash teaches the Facebook basics for new comers. This will talk you through every minute detail that you need to know. From Creating A Facebook account right through to privacy and setting up your first facebook fan page.
  • Modules 6 - 10: Now CBCash will guide them through editing the Facebook Fan Page script. Then they take you through a number of traffic getting strategies that will get your pages exploding fast into viral mode. A number of these strategies I have not seen taught before and they are all legitimate and effective marketing strategies.
  • Modules 11 - 16: CBCash will then delve deep into making money with this information and their "Like Bait" script. You will then be able to go out and promote this script to local businesses, online businesses and use the script effectively to drive customers in your own business.
  • Ninja "Like Bait" Script: CBCash have included with our package their ninja one of a kind "Like Bait" Script to get fans. This is a big hook and you are going to love the increases in fans you'll get simply from implementing this. NOTE: All content will be updated for 60 days to confront any unexpected changes Facebook makes and buyers will be notified via email.
  • You can also take advantage of the additional information that will offered to you to further your knowledge of marketing for Facebook.

Look, If you still have not seen the benefits of using Facebook fan pages for marketing then I do not know what else to tell you. But I do know what course you need if you want to master Facebook marketing the right way. Get your hands on FB Cash course now.