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Welcome to our Free Travel Tips pages!

Use this guide to help plan your next vacation.

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On our travel tips page you will find the following with more soon to come: Orlando Theme Park Tips, World Travel Tips, Timeshare Tips, Motor Home Tips, Cruise Travel Tips, PC Travel Tips, Energy Saving Travel Tips, Travel Safety Tips

Here are some travel tips for your next vacation.

You will find travel tips for packing luggage as well as general tips to make your vacation go a little smoothly.

Use these traveling tips before you go on you next vacation and you will have some peace of mind while you are gone.

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Orlando Theme Park Tips

When traveling to Orlando you will notice that theme parks like Walt Disney world, Seaworld, Universal Studios are a dominated attraction. During the spring and summer months it can be a challenge to enjoy any of the rides and games. But there are some ways to avoid some of those long lines if you plan early.

Lets start with parking sense their lots are enormous. You better write down where you parked or you may get confused when you leave.They will usually have you guided in by someone so you are not wondering around the lots looking for a close spot. Many hotels will have a shuttle bus for you to use but it can be a lengthy way to travel with all the stops and pick-ups.

Disney offers a fastpass while universal studios offer a queues jumper pass but charges around $20 to $30 dollars or so. If you want to avoid some of the traffic then try going counter-clockwise sense most people go clockwise and try to ride the rides either early in the day or late in the day.

Between the hours of 12:00pm and 4:00pm is the worst time to get a meal because just about everyone is lining up for a meal break. Also the choices of foods will be limited and going to a restaurant can take for ever unless you have a reservation.

If you want to go to a show make sure you get their early so you can get the best seats especially if you have children.

You will have a great time and make sure you take lots and lots of pictures because you will not want to miss a thing. Have jun!

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World Travel Tips.

Whether you are traveling around the world or just like a weekend getaway we all need world travel tips to help use get through. So you can check out these traveling tips for your adventure around the world.

You need to make sure that your pass port is in order and you have it with you at all times. If not you may be stuck wherever you are for a while until you get checked out. You also have to be careful of what you try to bring back from your travels. You could be considered a smuggler if you don't first learn the local laws of what you can take back home.

If you are going to a place were you don't know the language then it is good to practice your language skills with a book your your destination just in case you get lost and you have to ask for help. Don't just assume that there is always going to be someone around that speaks your language.

If you are going to be doing a lot of moving around all across the globe then you need to pack lightly. You can just by an outfit or two in the country you are in to fit in better with the natives.

Let someone know from home where you are from time to time. If something happen to you and the person from home doesn't here from you in awhile they can send help from the last known place you reported.

Try to use the internet to plan your next stay ahead of time. That way you will get a better deal and you will not have to worry about where you are going to sleep next.

Make sure you ask a lot of questions about what food you are eating. People in different countries may not eat the same types of foods you do and you might get sick if you don't know what you are eating.

Try to be aware of the local laws and customs of the country that you are in. What may be OK in America, for example, could be illegal in the country that you are in.

With these simple travel tips your world travel experience could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Everyone should get a chance to see the world at least once. So enjoy.

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Timeshare Tips

If you have been considering owning a time share then take you time before you get started. If you are the type of person to go to the same place every year then it may be a good idea to own one. If not or if you are considering to get one for investment opportunity then I suggest you to not consider it. A time share can be more trouble then they are worth. Lets examine the problems with time shares.

If you miss just one year of going to your time share property then you just lost your balance for that year costing you thousands of dollars. Some people try to make up the cost be renting their time out to others but it is not as easy as the company you purchased your time share from said it would be. Plus the headache of having to be a landlord.

Another problem is that if there is a disaster that occurs to the property then you will have to pay a portion of the repair cost that could lead in to thousands of dollars. Plus when you buy in to a time share it is just like buying a new car, soon as you roll off the lot you car losses value, so will your time share. Most people end up selling at half the price that they bought in to in the first place.

Besides all that you would probably be better of just renting a vacation spot. Most of the time it is cheaper and you can have flexibility to move around and have an unique vacation every year.

Well that's my opinion of timeshares. Think long and hard before you make that deal with your time share.

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Motor home Tips

One of the first things you want to do when choosing a motor home is consider how many beds you are going to need. This will help you narrow down the search of your motor home.

Next thing is to find out the facilities that you need. Most motor homes come with all the basics like toilets, kitchen, heating, gas, showers, and battery power. Some will need bigger water tanks so you will not have to service your vehicle as often.

Consider how long your trip is going to be. A long trip may require a vehicle with more space and creature comforts. A small camper-van may be the way to go if you are planning a short trip.

Sense you are going to be driving most of the time you need to map out a travel route because not all roads are made for the extra wide load of a motor home. You can just drive it like a car.

Last but not least is cost. A motor home is not cheap with all it amenities. They can be a good initial investment but its better to rent than own. If you do rent, rent one that is about 1-3 years old or the newest you can find.

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Cruise Travel tips?

An hawaiian cruise can be something that most dream about but it doesn't have to be a dream. Now and days many people are discovering that a cruise is cheaper than you think.

If you are looking for cruise travel tips then the internet can help. You can just use my budget travel link on this page to get you started. There are at least a hundred cruises to Hawaii daily from the US alone and more abroad. San Diego and Vancouver are the two biggest ports that Hawaiian cruises depart from. There are cruise that last for just days and some can last for a month or so that will allow you to explore every part of the Hawaiian islands.

You can explore the islands of Oahu, Hawaii, Maui,and Kauai while in between of relaxing on the deck soaking up the sun. You can also take advantage of all the activities they offer like all the water sports, you can navigate by the side of a coral reef in a glass bottom boat, or explore the under water world in a submarine. You can watch the humpback whales off the island on Lanai, where the humpbacks spend their winters while in Alaska in the summer.

You can also go on land a see the volcanoes on Mauna Kea, go hiking in the Kauai rain forest, go mountain biking, see the always erupting volcano on Kilauea Island or just relax at the many beaches you will find.

Don't forget the night life on the cruise and at land stops. With its movie cinemas, restaurants and spa facilities you will always find something to your liking. Click here for Budget Travel to get started

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Notebook computer travel tips

If you take your notebook computer with you on vacation then here are some tips you can do to safeguard your computer while vacationing.

Buy the most recently used electrical adapter plugs. One for U.S. plugs and European plugs is you are going over seas.

Use some sort of offline web browser shareware. This will enable you to download hundreds of web pages to your computer without having to be connected to the internet.

Sense security will check your computer put your computer in hibernate mode or sleep mode. Your computer will start up faster and use less battery power.

If you put your computer on the conveyer belt, watch it carefully. People have tried to take things off if you are not paying attention.

Acoustic couplers is a good thing to take with you.This will allow you to connect to just about any telephone when their is no direct connection to the internet.You can check email,transmit data,send or receive faxes,and use online services where ever you travel.

When you leave your computer at the hotel put it in a different bag other than your original carrying case to keep in safe for any thieves. Also use a lock and cable to secure your notebook when gone.

Follow these tips and you will get more out of your notebook computer and will ensure that your computer come back with you when you return.

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Energy Saving Tips While Vacationing

Most of us are so rapped up in the idea of taking a vacation that will tend to forget to use this time for Energy Saving. Sense you are going to be gone there is not reason to have all your appliances running and wasting your energy bill. So here are some energy saving tips you can apply before you go on your next vacation.

Unplug devices like like TV's, microwaves, radios etc. Anything that uses electricity that you don't need on should be unplugged. This will also help you in case their is a lighting storm while you are gone and you won't have to worry about anything getting fried.

With your refrigerators you can start letting certain foods like milk and other fast spoiling food run out then you can raise up the thermostat to about 38 degrees so your refrigerator will you less energy. The 38 degree temperature will still be cool enough to keep your food safe while you are gone.

Lower the temperature on your hot water heater to the lowest setting. Just remember to turn it back up when you get back before you use it. If you have a electric water heater just pull the fuse or cut the power on the breaker.

Your furnace can also waste energy while you are gone. If you are vacationing in the winter then cut the thermostat down to about 55 degree. Don't go any lower or you may risks your pipes freezing up. In the summer just turn it off. If you have a window ac then unplug it.

Follow these energy saving tips and when you return from your vacation you will have saved a little money on your energy bill.

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Travel Safety Tips

As you know, the world can be a dangerous place. Criminals do not take vacations like everyone else. They are constantly looking for their next victim. Especially for people who are traveling abroad. You can look like an easy target if you do not follow a few simple rules while traveling. So use these travel safety tips to help keep you save.

Always, while traveling, keep expensive jewelry and such out of sight as possible. Try to act more like a resident than an obvious tourist. You should also pack as light as possible to keep you hands free. Plus you are less likely to set your luggage down leaving it accessible to thieves.

When traveling, avoid carrying all your valuables in one place. Scatter your license, passport, money and credit cards in different place on you body. That way you do not loose everything if you become a victim of crime. Store other items in a pouch or money belt under your clothing. Use travelers checks as much as possible.

Carry copies of passport photos and documents for fast replacements if lost. Leave unnecessary credit cards or Social Security cards and library cards behind. These are perfect for having your ID stolen.

Another tip for traveling is to try not to travel alone at night. Also don't take short cuts down alleys and poorly lit streets. While on the streets do not discuss travel plans with strangers no matter how nice they seem to be. It is a good idea to keep a low profile and not get involved in public demonstrations or loud arguments.

Tips for your hotel stay is to keep you doors locked at all times. Use the hotel safe to keep your valuables. Don use the elevators alone if their is suspicious looking people inside. Always learn where the emergency exits are located. You never know when you might need them.

No one is suggestion that you should be on-guard all the time while you travel. You just need to be aware that criminals vacation with you. These tips are just a reminder that you need to be on top of you game when you travel. Don't just assume that nothing will ever go wrong.

These are my tips for the day and hope you have fun on your next vacation. Hope these tips can help. Thanks for viewing and please explore the other pages at the upper left-hand corner.