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Surf The Best Free Manual Traffic Exchange Program To Gain Top Exposure in the System!

After I completed my website and loaded it on to the search engines I thought that I would soon begin to see some traffic going to my website. Unfortunately, none came. So I needed a way to get people to see my website. I was not planning to go broke with expensive advertising so I first searched for the best free method to gain free website traffic. Then I found Traffic Exchanges to be the top place to start. So here is my review.

I signed up for my first manual traffic exchange account and then I started to surf. Traffic exchange systems are all about putting your website into the system to give the other members a chance to see your website and in return you visit other members websites. You can also put up your own banners to promote other pages of your website and gain links to their directory and article submit sections. I found a lot of useful tools to help get my website noticed.

When you surf traffic exchange programs they give you a timer to look at other members sites like 10 to 30 seconds or so and then go to the next. You will be surprised at all the new websites that are out their who are doing the exact same thing. For free website traffic all you do is build up credits to use by surfing so you have enough to use on your website. Then take the credits you gained and add then to your website or blog if you like. You can also use your credits to gain banner impressions for other pages. A clever written banner can get a pretty good click through rate.

Since getting a banner is free to get as well, you can easy create any banner you want and then submit it. All you need to do is type in "free banner maker" in to any search engine and you can pick the banner sight you want to create a banner from. Most will allow you to create a banner in a matter of minutes then download it to your computer.

You can surf as long as you want to gain credits with a manual traffic exchange system. There is no limit to how long you want to surf. Once you build up a lot of credits you can then set how many times your banners get shown each day. Your banners should be aimed to get people to sign up for something to build up a list of people you can then advertise to later. It's even a good idea to make the page you select to be surfed on a page that someone can sign up for as well. Having both banners and your surf page aimed at signing up for something is a great way to get free website traffic. Once they sign up they are going to be more curious about your website and want to see more.

You want to surf as fast as you can so well the timer counts down to zero click the link to see the next website. If you come across a website you like just write it down and visit the site later. This will give everybody a chance to get their website seen by others.

Some manual traffic exchange programs will even pay you a small amount of money if you visit a certain amount of websites that you can use to buy credits with. Some pay a little more than others but don't look to become rich or anything. It's more about earning a little cash to buy credits to add to your surfing credits. Some may pay you $5 or $10 bucks if you want the cash but your fingers may fall off from surfing just to get that much. Top Traffic exchange systems are more created for free website traffic, not your wallet. Use your new found visitors for that purpose.

Now that you have read the review and see the advantages to using a traffic exchange program for free website traffic I hope you soon give one a try. They are free to join and they can be a good start in generating some buzz about your website. Once they come it is up to you to do the rest.

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Wait! Before you sign up for one you first need to know how best to use traffic exchanges. Don't make the mistake of just putting up your home page and hope for the best. Read this first here at Traffic Exchange Tips before you sign up.