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Self Employment Taxes

Self employed taxes can be a difficult thing. If you fall under this category of self employment then you need this book if you want to get the best self employed tax deductions.

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Are you Self employed and need tax advice?

If you are self employed or a small business owner then you are going to need help with some good tax advice in order to save on your taxes in the on coming years. But how does one go about getting tax advice for self employed people? I mean once you start making money you are going to realize that the tax brackets will change. Self employment tax is different from when you were an employee in your old job. This is where having the Tax Reduction Toolkit comes in handy. This is a must have if you are a small business owner who is looking for tax tips for a better deduction on your taxes.

In case you are wondering, your tax brackets can be between 10% to 39% of your income. That can cut deep into your profits. You need help as a self employed person to save as much taxes as you can. That is why author Wayne M. Davies has released his book, Tax Reduction Toolkit. He is a tax professional and like you, he deals with self employment taxes. He created this product just for people who are a small business owner who is looking for tax advice for self employed people. So if you came here looking for help with general tax tips then sorry, this is not for you. This is for the currently self employed or someone who is looking for self employment.

Take a look at the product now or continue reading.

Being self employed is nice but when it comes down to doing my taxes it was always a sad day. I found software that can help me put my taxes together. I even went to the library to learn some tax tips on what to do. I thought about getting an accountant but that would be to expensive. But I knew with the tax brackets changing that I was missing out on some reductions on my taxes. So when I came across Wayne's ebook I thought that I would give it a try. Sense it was tailored for tax advice for self employed people I thought that this would be perfect.

The book is about 140 pages long and it was filled with 7 sections. Of course, the most important part to me was the fact the it had a section that describes 29 specific ways for self employed people to save on their taxes. The book is filled with charts and data points. Wayne's Tax Reduction Toolkit is easy to read and really well thought out. The examples that he gives are laid out for even a newbie could understand. I didn't know what deductions I was missing until I came across this product.

Heres a sneak peak of the table of contents!

Table of Contents

  • Four Income tax critique certificates, One phone consultation (value $445)
  • 29 Tax reduction opportunities Small Business Tax Tips
  • 9 biggest mistakes taxpayers make and how to avoid them
  • How to Audit-proof your tax return
  • Starting a business and keeping records
  • Complete Financial check-up system
  • The Science of Getting Rich (ebook)

But with every product, there are some pros and cons. So lets get into them.

Pros of Tax Reduction Toolkit

  • The tax tips for the self employed was specific, not just some broad generalization on how to save on taxes.
  • Wayne offers to critique 4 past income returns offers a 60-minute phone consulation on other self employed tax tips.
  • You get free "The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Watties".
  • Wayne himself is a tax professional who specializes in the self employed tax tips business.
  • Provides you with links to government sources on taxes
  • It also includes a questionaire check-up.
  • Offers advice on using the pros versus doing your taxes yourself.
  • Explains the differences and benefits of being a sole proprietor LLC, S corporation and C corporation and why it is so important to pick the right one.
  • You are giving information on section 179 allowances, retirement plans and the chances of being audited and so forth.

Cons of Tax Reduction Toolkit

  • The book has no value for employees only the self employed.
  • It has a section on deducting your vacation expenses that I already heard before. But to a newbie, it can be useful.
  • I'm not planning on using the section on "The Substantial and Equal Periodic Payments". That is only for people who are using a IRA to fund their business.

So now you are probably wondering how much is this going to set you back. Well Wayne's Tax Reduction Toolkit is still on sale for $37.00. That's not bad if you consider how much you are going to save from the deductions on your taxes. You can take advantage now before the price goes up by clicking the link below:

Act now! You do not want to keep missing out on all your tax deductions year after year. With the economy the way it is now you can't afford to pass this up. You are going to need all the help you can get.

Do you really need this?

Most people who lose there jobs have a hard time finding work right away. They get the idea that maybe they could earn there own money for awhile until they are able to find work. But when April 15 rolls around they just end up filing for what was deducted from their last job and not including the money they made on their own. That can get you in serious trouble. If the government happens to find out you could end up paying penalties and fines. You could even go to jail. That it is why if this is your first time making money on your own you need to know what you are doing.

Most of us would like to just make the money and avoid reporting it. Too bad it does not work that way. If this is your first time then you want to get it right. There is no need for you to go at it alone. The Reduction Toolkit will guide you through it all so you will not have to worry about Uncle Sam calling and demanding their money. So unless you can afford to hire an accounting to handle it all then I fully suggest that you pick up this book today!