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Learn how to Track Visitors On Your Site With Visitorspy!


You put together a very nice website and you have been getting some traffic with it. Unfortunately you have not seen much results. That is most likely because you do not know how other view your website. Sure, you are getting visitors but for some reason they are not using your services. You need to know why. But how do you spy on your website traffic? Well that is simple. You need to use Visitorspy to spy on website traffic.

See, even if you are getting targeted website traffic you still have no idea why visitors are not buying your product or service. Or even subscribing or anything else. But what if you could spy on website visitors and see your website exactly the way visitors do and be able to see first hand where they are going as soon as they land on your site? This will tell you a lot about how your website is performing. Well with Visitorspy you will see just that and more. Imagine that you can log on through your account and see a video of what each of your visitors did on your page. You can learn first hand what they liked and what they skipped. How long they stayed and what pages they look at. Knowing this will help you construct a more targeted web traffic page and give your visitors more of what they want to see.

With Visitorspy you will have an analysis of your website that is far superior than anything else out there. Being able to track visitors to website will tell you how to target them better. See what country they are coming from, what page they landed on, what offers they look at and more. You will never have to guess what they want because you will see it all first hand. Let me tell you how the whole thing sets up.

It only takes a few minutes to install the script on your domain. After that you place some code on the pages you want to watch. Best place is the footer. After that Visitorspy will track all of your visitors to website who land on the selected pages. Then at any time you can just log in to your account and see the videos of how your visitors viewed your website. Plus, you get other tracking information as well. With this knowledge you can make the proper adjustments to your website until you start seeing the results you want. Now how easy is that.

But that is only the tip of what you can learn when you spy on website visitors. You can learn what keyword they used to find your site. The screen resolution it was seen through, did they find you throw a third party site like your articles or blogs you are links from. See first hand how and where your target web site traffic is getting to you. Then you can build on those sources that are working to give you more web traffic. I am still not finished but I could be hear all day telling you want information you will learn from your spying on website visitors. It is almost like you are asking each visitor what they want so you can give it to them. Think about it like this?

What if you just made your new mini website and you want to test it out quickly to see how it does. You can set a up a PPC campaign for a small budget and get targeted web site traffic fast. Then when your budget for that day is up you can login and check your stats and watch the videos made of each visitor that clicked your ad. Now you get to watch and see exactly what they did while they was there. Did they even read the whole page or leave immediately? Did they watch the video you uploaded? Did they examine any other pages or only that page and then existed? Can you imagine how well you could adjust your page to give those visitors what they want? Once you figure out the best way to set up your website you are bound to see the results you are looking for. Without this information you will end up guessing as to why you are not seeing results. That is not how serious entrepreneurs do it online and neither should you.

So if you have even been curious as to what others think about your website when your web visitors land on your site then VisitorSpy is a must have. Learn more from every visitor you get and start creating websites that succeed. Check out the video demo here at Visitorspy!