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Stupidly Simple SEo by Phil Henderson have the power to put a mini site to page one on the search engines is less than a hour. Would you like to have a site listed this high? Learn the tips and techniques that has made SEO simple.

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Stupidly Simple SEO Tips and Techniques That Made SEO Simple

Phil Henderson is the creator of Stupidly Simple SEO. This is a technique to get a mini site to page one of search results. This is not some simple seo tips you put in place and hope for the best. This is about giving the search bots exactly what they want to move your page up fast. Like less than an hour. But does this really work? Well, yes and no.

You must understand that Stupidly Simple SEO is not going to put you at the top of search results on majorly competitive keyword phrases. Like the ones that get millions or hundreds of thousands searches a month. When you use the SEO tips given hear this will in no doubt give you a much higher boost than you would have if you just launch the site without the help. The real worth of Stupidly Simple Seo is with keyword phrases that are less sort after. You know, the keywords that get traffic but less competed for. Just think, you could find a keyword phrase that gets 2000 visitors a month, create your site following the tips then in less than an hour you could get on page one for that phrase. How great would that be!

Chances are you have put out a site and waited months just to get indexed. Then when you finally did you were nowhere to be found on your keywords you aimed for. Sound familar right? The SEO techniques you will learn here will not only help your site get listed incredibly fast but you could be on the first page of results as well.

So how simple is Stupidly Simple SEO anyway? Most aspects is as simple as copy and paste. You will have you site created in minutes using nothing but free and readily available sites. Now that's SEO made simple.

With these mini site you can either promote what you want from their or send the traffic to what ever site you want. This is perfect is you have a blog or website that is in desperate need of traffic. You could create many mini sites for different but related keywords and direct all the traffic to your main site. Imagine having five mini sites on page one and each one brings traffic to your main site. That could boost up traffic to your main site in no time. If you can not get your main site on page one then why not build a site that can get their and bring you free traffic.

Plus if you want these site to be your money sites then you will learn exactly how to find products to promote the people want to buy and more.

I strongly urge you to take Stupidly Simple SEO out for a test drive. You will be surprised just how easy it to work with.