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If your search engine ranking is not where you want it to be it may be time to look at a view search engine placement tips found here.

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Learn How to Get Better Search Engine Ranking Placement With SEO Tips

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To know how to get better search engine ranking is what every webmaster wants. To be on that top ten page of search results takes a combination of optimization or SEO tips and patients. Having good tips can speed up the process but sound strategies can give you an edge. There is software that you can find to help you will with certain search engines. I like to use the Rapid Free Traffic service to get a top page spot on search engines. You can see it here at Rapid Free Traffic. But not all tools can give you better search engine placement. So many services claim to give you a top ranking but they use black hat tricks that are good for a short time then your page ends up getting banned. So here are some SEO placement tips that can help you sore up the search results. Plus you can also check out how people will try to fool you into thinking they can get you on page one by checking out the videos here at How to SEO.

How to get better search engine ranking

I'm sure you already know how important it is for you to have keyword phrases in your content, meta tags, titles, as well as your url. But ask yourself one question? Did you pick the right keywords? See, your search engine placement efforts will be in vain if you have top rated companies or major websites already in the top ten spots. A better tip is to first select keywords that get both traffic and only have only general websites ranking for them. Plus, check to see how many page results their are. If you see numbers in the tens of millions then you might want to pick another phrase. Try to aim for about 5 mil or less. Sometimes with a good keyword tool like Google you can find some that get plenty of traffic with less than a million page results.

Now if you can pick the most important keyword and add it to you url. For example, you can have either "" as your address page or use the words as your top domain name if you have no website yet. You get a better search engine placement by doing it that way.

If you already have a site and your search engine placement is poor it could be as simple as cleaning up a few mistakes. I found over the years that it is good SEO if you do not end your url links with a slash or "/" you get penelized by search engines. A link like this "" in your content is not good enough. It should look like this "">. That is the way your site will show up any how after the link is click. If your link ends in html then the slash is not needed. So it will look like this "">. By doing this when you create a hyperlink you are effectively closing that link and you will get full credit for it. After I want back and fixed some of mine I noticed after a week that I moved up my search engine placement from page five to page one for certain keyword results. A good tip is to also check your image links to see if they too have the dash in the right place. Certain pages you link to without html at the end will not work with the dash next to it so if it fails to open then just follow the example the same as if it has html at the end of it.

For image use don't forget to use an "alt" tag or alternate title with your pictures. Search engine tools can't read pictures so you need to fill it with some content. All you do is after the image code just add ( alt="title" ) to the image. Some people try to stuff this with keywords to get better search engine placement but you will end up getting penalized for spam. Just let the robots know what the picture is and that's it. You could end up getting some results from image searches. Maybe.

Strong backlinks with your keyword will have you site ranking well fast. Build links from social media sites and video sites as well as writing articles to submit to article directories using your top keywords. Search engine placement will be determined by relevant content with links from similair content from other sites. Link from within you pages to other pages as well. For more on backlinks just see our free backlinks page as well as our buy backlinks section to better gain more links.

Your web server will create multiple pages whether you want them or not. This is the reason why we talked about using the slash earlier. Your home page will have a page that ends with the "/" and one that ends with "index.html". If you are not carful you could end up building one way links to both pages and that will hurt your ranking results. Decide which one you wnat to use then ad a redirect to the other so their will be only one page that shows up. This will cut down on any duplicate content issues and make all your links count for that one page giving you more link juice.

SEO PLacement

Try to use your phrase early in your content like in the first paragragh. Use it three times for every hundred words or so of content you write. If you use it too much it will begin to look spammy to the search engines. So use it wisely and have it flow naturally for human readers. Try to use as much unique content as possible. Duplicate content will also hurt your search engine placement. If you use other sources for information just write it out in your own words.

Some SEO placement tips from other services will tell you that bolding or italicizing your phrases will make the search engines notices them more. I have never seen any difference in my ranking doing it but I have done it from time to time just to be on the safe side. It doesn't hurt any so why not but just one or two. Hyperlinks works much better for SEO.

Other SEO ranking strategies include focusing your content to match your keywords as much as possible. Any links you have that are not related to your content should be added to the right or left of the page. Your main content needs to only have language and links that is made for those phrases only. Another one of those strategies that I learned the hard way when I first got started. If you fail to do this then your search engine placement will be confused and you will end up being noware to be found. It is good to update you content from time to time. Search engines love sites that add new content. Your placement can stay high if the search engines can see that your site has not been abandoned.

Search Engine Software

Search engine software can be a wonderful tool to see what you need to do to get that top placement. It can examine you page and let you know what steps to take in order to dominate that phrase. Since algorithms for search results can chance you need to keep up with the latest news as much as you can. That is why I prefer not to use all the common services that claim to get you ranked fast. Those services do not own the search engines and they can not guarantee search engine placement on page one in a day or so unless you buy some pay-per click advertising. But you can't use that for general traffic unless you are specifically selling something or looking for signups. Oh, by the way speaking of the lastest news on search engines see our Google Caffeine SEO page. Learn what is new with Google.

Optimization is free but it does take a little time but when done right you can have free traffic from a great search engine placement for years to come. If I were you I would look for a free version and give it a try don't waste your money on some expensive software service that will build spammy redirect link pages and risk hurting your sites over all ranking. Remember, serach engines don't charge for their placement unless you use pay-per click services. They reward you if your optimization is done correctly.

One thig you must know about search engine software is that when they check how competitive your keywords are search engines like Google will give out false information on the first view pages. You can see this when your type in any keyword in to Google. You may see a number that say their are millions of results. But as you scroll down to about page 5 or 10 or so you will see that number drop dramaticly. Since most people only go to page 2 or so you will think that a good placement for that keyword is nearly impossible and look for something else. Google does this to throw off search engine software results. So make sure when you research a keyword you want good placement for to always check down deep in page results to get a more accurate number. This is true if you are checking anchor text links or strength of competition.

If you really want to know about your search engine placement then just sign up to use the main search engine webmasters tools for Google, Yahoo and MSN. They are free to join and all you do is give them your site url and sitemap and they will analyze your site. Each will give you a code to download to your server or a meta tag you can copy and page in to make sure you are the owner of the site. once you are done your site gets scanned and you can find out if there are any issues you need to straighten out with your site. Plus all your pages have a better chance of getting listed in search results. Just do a simple search for each engines webmaster tools and then sign up.

Better search engine ranking with time

How long your website has been running also plays a part in search engine placement. If you just launched your site today your site will needs to age awhile before the search engines feel comfortable placing your site on the top page. Sure, it is possible to get your site listed well if you get the right backlinks but unless you are planning to do some serious advertising search engines respect sites that have been up and running for awhile. This ensures that the visit will be landing on a quality site and not a site that offer no real value. They treat sites like fine wine. They get better, placement that is, with age. Your backlinks are better to if you can get them from websites that has been around for a while.

I hope that these SEO tips helped you learn how to get better search engine ranking. These are real strategies that work not some cheap tricks that will make you site seem spammy. That is the kind of stuff you will find in most search engine placement services. What you need are real tools for long lasting success. For more tips on getting traffic then check out our increase website traffic page.