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Learn how to use RSS Reeds on your website and why RSS Marketing and Advertising for promotion of your website can boost traffic fast.

How RSS Feed Marketing Tips Can Advertise Your Website To The World

So you are wondering if a Really Simple Syndication or (RSS) feed can help your website or not, right? I mean you see them on blogs all the time but you have no idea how to use RSS feeds on your website? Well stop worrying. You will see in no time why you should be using RSS marketing Feeds to increase web traffic.

First, having a RSS feed is a great way for your visitors to stay caught up on any new pages you create on your site. It does not require anyone to submit an email or anything like that. Since people will not know when you have updated your site or created a new page they can ad this page to their "favorites" link a live bookmark and visitors can then click your saved RSS Feed to see what else is new. This is a great way to get return visitors to your website. But that is not all.

Another advantage to having a RSS feed is you will not have to worry about people calling you a spammer. Since they are signing up for your feed your feeder can be updated as many times as you want and they will simply check it when they are ready. No annoying messages in their junk mail and your customers will love that.

Most people nowadays will see your feed when they click your link since most browsers have the ability to read the code. If yours do not you can usually get a plug-in to read the feed. You can take a look at ours to see if your browser works by click our feed at the top.

You can use your RSS feed to advertise or promotion as well. You can use a free RSS Submitter to upload your feed to aggregators that will send your feed out to everyone in their network. Since millions of people copy and paste news feed readers on their sites your feed could be seen by thousands who are related to your niche. Of cousre not everyone will click your link but some will and that will be free traffic for you on autopilot.

Backlinks are another good reason to use RSS feeds. Everytime your feed gets picked up that can equal free links to your website. This will really help increase your link popularity. See, more and more people are using RSs feed readers for the purpose of keeping their blogs updated with fresh new content. The software will find related feeds and place them on blogs giving you instant free backlinks. If you make your title keyword freindly then you will get good optimization benefits as well.

But there are so many reasons why RSS marketing should be used for the promotion of your website that it really can not fit on one article. Creative business people have developed RSS as a cheap way to advertise their sites and gain trusted followers for years to come. And once you build up your subscribers you can offer them your own branded RSS aggregator to enhance your brand name farther.

Complete guide to RSS Marketing Now that you see how to use a RSS Feed on your website it is time to start building one. To get the most possible from your RSS advertisng I suggest you get this informative guide. This book is chopped with 550 pages, as well as over an hour of video and more so you can learn the ways you can use RSS marketing and RSS advertising to your advantage. If you are new to using RSS marketing or you have had a RSS feed for years now this book will help you unleash its full potential. Plus, if you have a blog that has been getting poor traffic you can use the techniques given to bring traffic to it as well. Click the book now and I bet you will quickly understand why RSS Marketing is the way to go.