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Hotel Booking Software

Use Reservation Master for your hotel reservation software program needs. This is good for Bread and Breakfast, Lodges and Inns, Campgrounds.Guest Houses as well as Hotels and Motels alike.

Reservation Master Is Your Hotel Reservation Software and Booking Management System Program All In One

In this day and age keeping your reservations order with a pen and paper is just plain old school. Let this hotel reservation software from Reservation Master be all you need for your booking management program needs. This reservation software is easy to use. It can be used for managing hotels, motels, bread and breakfast, lodges and Inns, campgrounds, guest houses and more.

Reservation Master is of the opinion that if you can't understand a piece of booking software in five minutes, it's too complicated to ever be of proper use. With this in mind they developed Reservation Master to be so easy to use you'll have it up and running in less than ten minutes.

Create Invoices and reports in your own language. Although the program is in English, you can adapt the program interface and reports to almost any language you wish. Simply edit the language file and enter your translation. This will allow you to change the menu interface, reports and invoices to your preferred language.

This hotel reservation software can export raw data which you can use in other programs of your choice. Track your income and occupancy levels at the touch of a button.

Created by Martinus Brevoort (Martien) for his own use he has then released his booking software program to the world. Take a look at a video for an introduction to Hotel Reservation Master software.

You can find more example video tutorials about how to ad new reservations, adding rooms, room rates, grid size and web page by clicking Reservation Software Tutorials. You can also take a look at the manual by clicking Reservation Software Manual. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Reservation Master Software offers two versions

Version comparison Reservation Master



US$ 199.95

US$ 349.95

  • Booking Sheet, the ability to display reservation on a booking sheet.
  • Create and edit reservation and group reservation
  • Calendar view, this tab which provide you with an overall occupancy for the selected year
  • Create HTML web site with displaying your occupancy data.
  • Todays guest, displays the guest currently staying
  • Arrivals, displays guest arriving on the selected date
  • Departures, displays guest departing on the selected date
  • Occupancy, displays guest for a selectable period
  • Customer list, displays and edit customers

  • Use templates to send confirmation email and letters
  • Use template and send PDF invoice as attachment
  • Product Tab, from this tab you can easily maintain and create product reports
  • Product sale to non staying guest
  • Maintain product inventory
  • Generate report (except product reports)
  • Layout view, this view is activated when you select your floor plan / campground layout (BMP,JPG file)
  • SQL query tab from here you can create your own SQL query (Advance user only)
  • Use user and security to restrict access to certain portion of the program.

Download Your Hotel Resorvation Software

Standard Version for $199.95 Pro Version for $349.95

Your purchase will be processed using a secure online website from ClickBank the web most trusted digital market place. You have a full 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason. After making your payment you will be redirected to a website here you can download the full unrestricted version of Reservation Master. Please make sure that you do download and install the downloaded file as this will unlock the program. Note: EU Customers will have VAT added.

For any future questions or updates to the software Email: goldhillsoft(at)