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Ready to learn how to eat raw foods for better health? Get your copy of the raw food recipes from the "Raw Food Fast Foods" diet book by Philip McCluskey.

Learn How to Eat Raw Foods for Better Health and Diet With these Raw Foods Recipes

So why are you thinking about eating raw foods for your diet? Probably because you heard all the information on how it detoxifies your body or how cooking foods destroys the natural enzymes, nutrition, and free radicals. How about all the chemicals that get put in food poisons your food and damages your health. Well those things are true. But once cooking food got started most of us abandoned the idea to eat raw foods or to deal with raw foods recipes. Since then people have became sicker and more dependent on pharmaceutical drugs to stay healthy. Now we have the treat of eating genetically modified foods to deal with. Oh my!

Scientist have discover new side effect of eating genetically modified foods. Adverse effects on the kidney and liver as well as the heart,adrenal glands, spleen and other organs have been diagnosed. The reports found new pesticide residues that haves the potential to cause serious health risks. These foods are being feed to animals that we eat more and more. Enough is enough! It is time to get back to our roots.

So you came hear wondering how to eat raw foods for better health right? But you think that it is to expensive and take a long time to prepare. That is simply not true. When you eat raw foods diets you get more nutrition which will make you feel less hungry and that means you eat less food. Eating less foods will save you money. Plus just like with cookbooks you can get raw foods recipes that make preparing raw foods a snap.

Here is a freebie raw foods recipe you can try right now. I bet you never ate this raw before.

Raw French Fries Recipe

Serves 4


4 kohlrabis
1/2 cups cold pressed olive or hemp seed oil
2 teaspoons curcumin
1 teaspoon sea salt

Cut the kohlrabis like french fries (julienne). You can do this with a knife, but it's easiest with a mandoline. Put the kohlrabis in a bowl.

Put the oil, curcumin (kurkuma) and salt in a bowl. Mix. Pour over the fries. Let sit for at least 10 min. Then drain and scoop onto some paper towels (to take off excess oil).


3 tomatoes
3 pieces sun dried tomatoes
5 dates (or 1/2 teaspoon stevia and 4 more sun dried tomatoes)
1 squeeze lemon juice
1/2 cup pure water

Put all ingredients in a blender. On the bottom of the blender the water, lemon juice and tomatoes, on top the dried tomatoes and dates. Blend well. This will be easier if you leave the sun dried tomatoes sit in water for a few hours.

Get The Raw Food Fast Food Recipes by Philip McCluskey

If you like simple raw foods recipes like this then you will love to get your hands on raw foods diet recipes that take 10 minutes or lest to make. For too long raw cuisine has been seen as a luxury for those with time and money to spare. But the fact of the matter is that the ideology behind eating raw - to consume whole, fresh, and local foods, and to maximize their health benefits - is totally in keeping with the idea of "fast food." All that it takes is some creative adjustment!

These fun and incredibly fast recipes prove how convenient a raw diet can be. Full of tips, information and beautiful photographs to accompany the simplest (but also the most delicious) living food dishes imaginable, this book is the perfect raw foods primer for busy families, young urbanites, and anyone looking to lose weight, feel healthier, and begin to glow!

Imagine eating ice cream sundaes, chocolate bars, cookies, cakes, and fudge without any of the guilt. Imagine eating a five course dinner of the most incredible flavors and textures and then have boundless energy left to go dancing all night long.

This is all part of the raw food lifestyle.

Colds, flus, allergies, and excess weight simply cease to be a part of your life. Cloudiness lifts and suddenly not only do you have massive amounts of energy, clear and glowing skin, bright eyes, and toned muscles, but you're in a better mood and find yourself in relationships that nourish and support you rather than drain and deplete.

No longer consuming hormones, antibiotics, chemical additives, we give our bodies the greatest gift of all- freedom from disease, and the freedom to live as the most amazing beings we are.

In Raw Food, Fast Food You'll Find Quick Raw Food Recipes for...

  • Soups - 6 recipes, including my famous Spinach Bisque.
  • Appetizers - 10 recipes to please any palette.
  • Entrees - 11 recipes including raw pasta, burger, tacos, quiche, lasagna, and more!
  • Salads - 7 recipes, including both green and fruit salads.
  • Desserts - 6 recipes guaranteed to get your kids excited.
  • Smoothies & Teas - 11 recipes to keep your light and juicy.
  • Ingredients lists & nutritional facts
  • Over 50 Recipes and 100 pages of Quick Raw Food Dishes

The suggested price for this raw foods recipe book is $21.97 but get it now for the sale price of $15.97. So if you are ready to learn how to eat raw foods for better health the I strongly suggest you download your copy of raw foods recipes now and enjoy.