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If a profitable home based business is what you are looking for then you are in luck. Learn how to build a website from stratch that can start making you money online today. Take a look at the 9 to 5 Annihilation

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A Profitable Home Based Business is In Reach. Learn How To Build a Website From Stratch With The 9 to 5 Annihilation

This is your chance to learn how to build a profitable home based business website from stratch. To do this you are going to need the teachings of someone who knows how to get it done. So we bring to your attention the 9 to 5 Annihilation. So lets take a look why.

9 to 5 Annihilation is an interactive training course-cum-coaching program in which Kieran Gill (SEO extraordinaire; guru to the gurus) and his partner "J" (a six-figure blogging genius) will be teaching members how to build a profitable online business from scratch. Kieran actually co-authored part of Chris X's last release, Affiliate X, which was a great success. Chris has personally had a big involvement in this launch, helping on virtually all fronts and providing key advice throughout the entire planning process.

Put simply, 9 to 5 Annihilation is the fastest and most reliable way to build profitable websites online. Combine a step-by-step blueprint to creating a profitable home business with game changing tools. The keyword tool they had developed for this is worth the monthly price alone, plus there's a Twitter tool with a killer new way to build your followers and there's also the link-building tool as well with one on one coaching.

What also makes the course unique is that it has actually been tested out beforehand. They took a small test group of 100 people to try the monster site strategy step by step, from which they got a handful of people who were committed. What they learned from this has been immense! They spotted the common pitfalls where people go wrong (such as not grasping how to pick a niche), what motivates and what doesn't, what is better to do earlier and what is better to do later, and where people mis-interpret and go wrong (such taking a technique too far and upsetting Google). This has been a huge helpful insight into how they can better serve their subscribers to make sure they produce profitable websites.

Yes, the "monster site" course (which is the core of the product) has been tried & tested not just with them, but with average people who have no experience and as a result they have learned how users consume the material and tweaked the course as a result of that. They also changed bits around to get people making more money faster, and also removed a few bits that seemed to put users off, replacing them with tasks that are more rewarding but with a higher impact. Combine that with a separate stand-alone money making technique They call the "Harvester Method" and you have something that can truly make a difference to people's lives.

Methods never taught anywhere else on the internet before. In fact, one of the techniques in the course, (the "loophole") is only being used by Kieran and Chris right now. On the whole internet! Can you believe that? And the same thing applies to many of the other methods they will be teaching members.

There are four elements to the product.

  • 1. The core course (building an authority "monster" site which dominates the chosen niche using a proven step-by-step blueprint) which is presented in real time as we create a brand new site with members (and take it to profit!)
  • 2. The Harvester Method: A killer, more "short-term" money making technique shown to generate up to $900/day.
  • 3. The software & tools: Keyword Annihilation, Auto Follow Annihilation, Auto Link Builder and several WordPress Themes.
  • 4. Coaching with Kieran & "J".

Within the courses you will learn how to get ranked on competitive keyword phrases with two or more pages on page one of search results. Learn how to get high authority backlinks for just a few bucks per month. How to create those profitable home business websites in a few hours and get them launched. And that is not all!

To prove what they teach actually works, they will be creating a brand new site from scratch on launch day and building it along side members as the content is delivered in real time with real world application through their "example site" every two months the hardest working member will receive an Apple iPad. How cool is that!

You can even opt for the "Elite" training where you get access to:

  • Access to a secret version of the keyword tool which literally hands you profitable keywords that you can rank for within 24 hours. It works by spying on what people are searching for.
  • An "ELITE" section of the forum. This is where members will get priority support and extra one on one time with Kieran and the elusive "J".
  • Exclusive case studies of new sites they are working on plus other successful campaigns.
  • Access to their dedicated design & programming team (if you need a logo doing or have any HTML or script problems. They'll take care of it!).
  • Experimental techniques & methods that are so new they haven't made the course yet (added as they find them).
  • Many more surprises that will be found in the elite section.

As you can see this is no wimpy little ebook that will only teach you the basics. This is a real chance for you to finally build a profitable home based business website from the ground up. That is what you can here looking for right? Sign up now before 9 to 5 Annihilation slams the door on you for good.