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This is your chance to get profile backlinks for your site much faster than you could ever do it alone. Software is now available to make your SEO experience a breeze.

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Profile Backlinks Software Will Work For SEO, If Done Correctly

If you are like me you are constantly looking for ways to gain backlinks. But have you ever thought about getting profile backlinks? Maybe you have but you thought that signing up to all those forums would be a huge pain in the you know what. Well, the good news is that their is profile backlinks software that can take care of this for you. The one I like the most is Auto Backlinks Bomb. Now lets take a look at why.

Now first you may want to know do profile backlinks work for SEO. Well yes and no. See, there are some good things and bad things about getting your backlinks from profile forums. The bad thing is you may get your site banned from forums and be labeled a spammer. Not good. But the reason this happens because most people just put their links in then never use the forum again. They do not even bother to fill out the profile with any useful information. When the owner of the forum sees that you have never made a post your profiles will be deleted. This is the common strategy I see when you get those packets from some other site. All you get is a list and then they tell you to add an anchor text backlink then move on to the next. That is the wrong approach. There is also another problem with profiles backlinks SEO.

When people use the wrong kind of software to submit their backlinks they end up using the exact same information. Even though your backlinks are on different forums when the text is all the same you tend to run into duplicate content issues. Your links will be dropped from search engines. All of your profiles should not be the same on every forum.

If you would like to use profile backlinks software sign up to forums there is no need to sign up for every one of them at one time. Auto Backlinks Bomb will allow you to set the number of forums you want to register like say 20. Plus, it allows you to see each post so you know what forums went in okay. The software also makes dealing with captcha easy for smoother sign up. You can also use spin syntax so you can post various versions of your profile. The software even handles clicking the verification links from the email you will set up so you will not have to do this manually either.

Auto Backlinks Bomb has about 1500 forums you can register for. The reason I suggest signing up for a few at a time so you can make a few post into each forum. By contributing to the forum your profile backlinks will not be deleted from the forums. Just find a discusion you like and add your two cents in a couple of times and your done. Please do not try to put any links in your post. It is never good to do this. Most forums require you to make a certain amount of post before you can place a link so do not break the rules. So pick a number, let the software sign up for you then post a relevant a comment or two to each forum. When you are done just repeat the process.

Yes, I know that this may take a little more time than you were hoping for but the goal is to make sure that each profile you put up gets indexed in search engines right? What is the point of submitting to all 1500 forums at once just to have them all being deleted after a few months or less. That would be a bigger waste of time.

Another good thing about Auto Backlinks Bomb is that it shows you how to index your profile backlinks. You can create a rss feed with your profile links and submit it to the popular rss feeders. This will help more of your profiles to get indexed and counted by search engines. Do not worry. If you do not know anything about rss creation the software will take care of everything for you.

Now just with any backlinks you get you want to make sure that you mix them up a bit. If you have a new site you do not want to use this method alone. You need to generate backlinks from many different sources so let creating profile backlinks be apart of your SEO and not the only thing you do. Now if you would like to make profile backlinks apart of your link building strategy then please take a look at the videos here at Auto Backlinks Bomb and see first hand how the software works and decide whether it is right for you.