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PHP Tutorial

Is PHP too confusing for you? Learn PHP with this PHP tutorial for beginners

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Get Simple PHP Tutorials for Beginners Book Session Script Now!

Does the idea of using PHP or MYSQL Datadase make you feel like throwing your hands up in the air and pulling your hair out? Can you learn PHP so your website can be like everyone elses? If there only was a PHP tutorials for dummies that explained things more clearly.

If you are a beginner like me you have been very nervous about using PHP on your website. You see it all the time on your hosting service but never used it. It seems more difficult to use and you are afraid that you will mess everything up. The PHP programing look so much different and it feels so confusing. Now their is a PHP tutorial that can help you learn PHP very easily.

It's like PHP tutorials for dummies and it's called Simple PHP. Now with this PHP book you can make your website become more interactive with your customers and be able to collect information and redirect them instanly. Also it can perform calculations and comparisons on your website that HTML can not perform.

Your PHP tutorial for beginners training is broke down into chapters with quizzes for each chapter to help test your knowledge. This is how php sessions should be. Simple PHP also provides working snippets and weekly assignments to help you get started. It will truely feel like you were taking an online PHP course giving you an edge over your competition. See, their is no need to spend hundreds of dollars taking some PHP course when you can get the php training sent right to your computer. Besides, you probably don't have time to sit through some PHP classes any way. You can get your php beginners download right now.

In case you are wondering what is PHP programing and what does PHP stand for it means "Hypertext Preprocessor" and it's a server side scripting language that connects to various databases to work together to perform multiple tasks. PHP script is an open source and that means it can run on Windows, Linux, Unix and pretty much all types of computing platforms without you having to change from one to the other. PHP scripts can work with over 20 various types of databases and can communicate to with over servers like Java and make use of COM interfaces.

Commonly websites will use the combination of PHP and MySQL database which I'm sure you also noticed on your hosting server. MySQL database is a really strong database with and PHP as inbuilt support for MySQL database. You can simply use PHP with MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access and more databases.

An advantage of learning PHP with the php book is that you will be able to do things like ad a Wordpress blog to your website. Wordpress is a very popular blog site that lets you ad all kinds of modules if you like and give our website the ability to communicate to others about what you offer. More websites are adding these types of blogs to there website so you may need to keep up.

If you have a beginners understanding of HTML them you should do have no problem learning PHP. If you used JavaScript before you will notice that the language looks similar to it. The only tools you need to get started with your PHP tutorials is a text editor program to help you edit the files. You don't have to have something complex like Micromedia Dreamweaver to edit your files you can use an editing software as simple as Notepad or Text Edit if you use a Mac pc. After that just use your FTP software to upload files to your website.

Sure you can sit through php classes if you want to but why would you? You get all the PHP help you will ever need with the PHP book that you will have at your finger tips. You can select the level of php training that you want or need from beginners to pro to improve your website or create a new website. You are in total control of what php help that you need. After you select your PHP sessions then you can get started with your PHP book.

Simple PHP Software will download to your computer so you can use it right away. Once you are done with your PHP download you can create your own htaccess codes and start customizing your website immediately once you are done learning PHP.

Simple PHP gives you all the useful codes you need and having the information on your pc will save you lots of time and money. You no longer have to fear learning PHP any more. You will have many levels of PHP tutorials to choice from so select the one that is right for your website and all you want it to do.

So if your are looking for PHP tutorials for dummies then this is it. Never again be a beginner who is afraid to use PHP the next time you update your website.

You can download your copy here at: Learn PHP