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How does Spyware, Adware and Anti-Virus differ from one another

One of the three biggest problems with pc computer repairs are spyware, adware and anti-virus. Each come with their own set of issues. Lets take a look at how each can effect your computer.

Spyware is a program that create an access point within someone elses computer to comunicate with it. This doesn't normally harm your computer it just studies the different types of websites you visit so advertisers can send you pop-ups and all that junk mail you hate.

This is why people can't stand spyware and do all they can to avoid it. Spyware has its own program that enables it to record your keystrokes, scan files, look at your chat software, cookies and internet browser settings. As you can see spyware can be very sneaky once it in your computer.

Adware is a form or freeware. It not quite as bad as spyware. Adware are ads that are packed into a program and pop-up everytime you install and run a program that you downloaded from the web. They can take the form of spyware by tracking and reporting user information to the creator of the program. Some adware will download as you are using the the program and when you exit out you will see pop-ups behind the page.

If you notice that you computer is slowing down then this might be telling you that you have spyware running at the same time. You may also see advertisements show up that are not related to the website you are visiting. When your desktop takes longer to load than normal, this is the time to check your computer to see if their are any spyware that made it on to your computer.

Now a virus is a form of software that has one purpose in mind and that is to destroy everything it touches. They self replicate and spread to all your components causing everthing to crash. Your only hope may be to remove all power from your computer and then try to reboot it again with your backup files.

They now make alot of anti-virus software as well as spyware and adware programs that can both detect and remove unwanted programs. Some are focus on each separate programs and some will handle all three. They all search your computer and check for any unwanted software.

Since spyware, adware and anti-viruses can often become immune to your efforts you have to make sure that your software is updated at all times. There are so many of these programs out their on the web that it is neccessary to stay ahead of the viruses and spyware. Don't let yourself be conned by owners who say that their product only contain adware and no spyware or virus.

Use some type on firewall system and always block pop-ups to decrease the chances of your computer getting infected. These infections are not going away anytime soon if ever so make sure if you just got your first computer protect it as soon as possible.

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