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PC Repairs

PC Repairs do not have to be hard. Learn how to fix your laptop pc and find quality home computer help for any notebook you may have.

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Home PC Computer Repairs Made Simple

We all need pc computer repairs from time to time. It can truely be a hassle when all of a sudden you computer starts to act a little strange. I'm sure you noticed when you first got you pc how fast everything load up, the download speed was great and images came up in a flash. Even the videos you watched all played smoothly without stopping. Then you realized one day that your computer is not running like it use to. And the big question on everyones minds is how do you make your own home computer repairs? Well you can't fix computers until you know what is wrong. We found a product that can help you fix computers without going broke. See it here at Computer Speed Secrets.

For those of you who want to learn how to make physical repairs to your laptop computper then I strongly suggest you take a look at Laptop Repair Videos Podnuts Official Laptop Repair Videos. With Podnuts you will not just read how to repair them you will get quality step by step videos that you in full detail how to make hardware changes, power cord fixes, motherboards, LCD Screens, replacing CD/DVD drives, and a whole lot more. Imagine the time and money you can save by learning how to upgrade your old computer into a new one. You can even take the skills you learn and make money repairing other people's laptop computers. The training is that good. So if this interest you then hit the image on the left and get the video training you need to get ahead.

Most laptop computer repairs are as simple as defragging your hard drive. Lots of people don't thing about doing this and this causes your data to get hard for your pc to find. If you have never done this before it may take up to two hour or more for your computer to defrag. Once it is done you will notice a boost in speed again.

Common pc repairs are needed when you do not fix computers to update automaticly. It is real easy to forget to check for updates everyday. Once your security get outdated pc computer repairs will be needed to remove all the viruses and spyware that will make it on your pc. A quick fix is to set your pc to update automaticly.

Having good anti-virus software can cut down on your pc computer repairs. Unfortunately no one product can stop every threat to your computer. Even though a combination of a firewall and virus software seem to work well I regularly use an online scanner like Microsoft safety scanner to double check things. If you do not have any anti-virus software running on your computer then you can find some good ones on the left of this page.

Constant uploading and downloading programs can reck your registry. You can end up with a bunch of registry problems that make your pc start to download slower than normal. There is registry software both here and other places online than can both fix and repair any registry issues that come up. You can have this happen and not even know it for years. This is a good thing to have if you are experiencing long page loadup times. The best registry cleaner we found was Registry Easy.

Home pc repairs can also be as easy as deleting your browsing history. If it is set to save all your website views, cookies, temporary files,and passwords and stuff it can start to build up over time and make your video players start to play slower. It can be useful to have all that info saved but if you don't need it then you can either delete it once a week or set it to not save anything once you close the page. This is the kind of settings that public libraries use.

An easy way to fix computers that are running slowly is to add more memory to it. When you have more memory your pc runs fast. Once you start using up all your memory your computer starts to slow to a crawl. If you have programs that you never use then uninstall them. This will give you back some well needed space. You can also use memory cards or disks to download your work on to save memory. Only keep what you need on your pc. Plus over time if you have too many programs running at the same time then check your start up programs and disable what you do not need on until later.

These are just common pc computer repair tips that can help the average user fix computer problems. We have product reviews that can help you find vista fixes as well as anti virus, spyware, adware and other situations that can harm you pc. Take a look at what we thought of a guide called PC Secrets. This is perfect for slow computers. Other products can be found here at fix computers.