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Online Media Buying

What is media Buying? What can it do for your affiliate marketing campaigns? Just follow this media buying guide book and see how you can get better targeted traffic than search engine pay per click.

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Online Media Buying And Planning for Affiliate Marketing Has Just Got Easier

You may have heard of online media buying and planning but do you really know what is media buying and planning? Can it help you if you want to get into affiliate marketing? You bet it can if you have the right media buying guide process at your finger tips.

Now, if you're like most people, when you think of traffic, you probably think of 3 main things:

  • On-page SEO (ie. website keywords, content, metatags, sitemaps, etc)
  • Off-page SEO (ie. getting backlinks to your site through link exchanges, writing articles, videos, social media, etc.)
  • Pay-Per-Click (from Google adwords, etc.)

Now, these are usually called 'Traditional Traffic' sources, and this is how most people get their traffic. Unfortunately this is the hardest and slowest way to get traffic! Does it eventually pay off? Of course it does, and you'd be crazy not to do it. (In fact, you can find a lot of information about great ways to get traditional traffic on our increase traffic page on the left side.)

But, in the meantime while you're sitting there staring at your website and you're wondering why nobody's buying. Let me tell you about another really exciting type of traffic. It's called 'Alternative Traffic', and it's the closest thing to instant gratification that you can get in online affiliate marketing.

Now, in order to really grasp the power of alternative traffic, let's pretend that 'traditional traffic' options aren't available to you, and you have to find another way to get visitors to your site fast. With traditional traffic ideals no longer holding you hostage, alternative traffic sources suddenly become a welcome opportunity, like a breath of fresh air. Now here's our opinion.

Forget the traditional and alternative traffic stereotype stuff! It's going to limit you're options and your ability to grow. What you really should be thinking is that more traffic sources = more traffic = more sales. Because where your traffic comes from doesn't matter one lick, as long as you make a profit at the end of the day.

Here's another cool thing. Technology has made alternative traffic options so effective, easy-to-use, and affordable that you can literally be getting thousands of targeted visitors to your site within hours! It's called online media buying and it is not what you may thing. See we are not talking about buying tv ads buy buying ad space on popular media websites. Sites like MSNBC, Fox News, People and many others. Some of these sites get tens of millions of hits a day and just imagine if you could get your ads in front of those sites.

Now media planning is very important but still a lot easier that Adwords ads. You see, there are no quality scores to worry about so you can have your ads up and running for cheap. You customers can spend plenty of time on these sites so there is a good chance that they will see your ads. There are two types of media buying you can choose from. One is CPC(Cost-Per-Click) or a CPM(Cost-Per-Impression). No matter which one you select you could start getting traffic to what ever page you want fast. But just like any campaign it is good to split test your ads with a small budget first to see which does best before you commit to a larger budget.

The good thing about media buying and planning is that the competition is still not that overly populated like PPC(pay-per-click) is so your ads will get shown much faster and more often. They could increase your ability to make a profit depending on what you have to offer. Now you may that this sounds good but how to I get started in media buying? Well that is easy to answer.

All you need is this Media Buying GuideBook. This 263 guide will go over everything you need to do before you put your first campaign up so you will have a much better change at success. Learn the ins and outs before you tackle something that could end up depleting your budget with no results to show for it. If you are in affiliate marketing or would like to get started and do not want to start out with all the slow ways to get traffic then this is perfect for you.

Think about it like this. It make no sense to just sign up for a media buy and hope for the best. It is best to know how to do everything the right way first. Are you one of those people who used PPC through Adwords and simply lost all your money without a single sale to show for it? You thought it would as simple as creating and ad get some traffic and sales right? Wrong! Nothing is that easy because if it was then there would never be a recession in this country or any place on Earth.

If you are interested in media buying and planning then there is only one choice to make. Get your copy of the Media Buying GuideBook today because in order to build your wealth you first need to build your wealth of knowledge.