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How to use Webinars

Need to Know how to use webinars to increase sales and market your business? Well get some advice here.

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How To use Webinars To Market Your Business And Increase Sales


A webinar in an online presentation. Your attendees listen on their telephone while they watch their computer screens. It gives the same quality of information as if they were sitting in an auditorium listening to you and watching the large screen up front. As a business owner, learning how to use webinars to increase sales makes a lot of sense. There are three major benefits you get when you learn how to use webinars to market your business.

1. Webinars provide a familiar learning method. All through college and into professional conferences, the attendees sit and listen to the speaker, watching the slides or demonstration on the screen.

If you've had any presentation experience, this feels very familiar to you. You are able to carry it off with the same professionalism you would a live face-to-face presentation. And attendees give you the same attention and respect they give to the "big name" conference presenters.

2. Webinars provide a rich participation environment. Depending on your purpose, you can provide

  • the ability for attendees to ask you questions during the presentation
  • live chat among the participants
  • polls that let you know where they are and keep them focused on the screen.

Likewise, you can provide handouts before the presentation. You can invite other speakers and even hand them the mouse so that they can control the screen for a while. In effect, it's the closest thing to being in an interactive, face-to-face environment.

3. Webinars provide a higher perceived value than any other live presentation mode. While teleseminars are still an excellent choice for some presentations, people just perceive that a webinar, with its richer communication environment and the video recording, is worth more.

That means you can not only charge more for the original presentation, but you can also charge more for the resulting product. In the long run learning how to use webinars to increase sales could easily douple or triple your revenue by presenting via a webinar versus a teleseminar.

While webinars provide the richest communication with your prospects and clients, they are not the easiest presentation to set up. Whereas with a teleseminar you can just get on the telephone and start talking, a webinar takes more preparation and planning.

The wise business owner will get at least some basic training before offering their first webinar. Add webinars to your business and watch your sales increase.

If you need help learning how you can get started with webinars then I would suggest you take a look at Webinar Business Model. You can also learn more about how to use webinars to make money by viewing this Make Money With Webinars.