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Make Money With Webinars

Webinars are here to stay. So why not learn how to make money with webinars and dominate this niche befor it become over saturated.

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How To make Money With Webinars - 5 Ways


Do you know how to start a webinar business? I'm not just talking about creating a webinar but how to make money with webinars? Webinars are becoming more popular than ever and it is not just for the big time online gurus anymore. The average person nowadays could set up there own webinar in a matter of minutes and do all sorts of promotions. But you can also make a successful business out of this as well. Here are 5 ways you could learn how to make money with webinars.

1. Be A Webinar Promotion Manager

What is a webinar promotion manager? This is a business where you find product owners and put deals together to promote their product or service on a webinar. This is a great business plan because you do not have the following things to worry about:

  • A product to create.
  • Customer support.
  • A merchant account.
  • You do not have to be on the webinar.

Either the owner of the product or your voice will be on the online webinar while you manage the whole thing. You make money with webinars like this by sharing the proceeds, usually 50% of the sales. So many small business owners have products that did not sell very well or they only did a small launch on it and they would love to get an audience of people who are willing to learn more about what they have to offer.

This works with any niche you see on television. You are simply doing your own online version. People do watch those 30 minute or 60 minute paid advertisements that feature a new product or service and there are people who will do the same online. Why not cash in on this?

2. Promote Your Own Product

Sometimes you can have a good product but do not know how to market it right. A webinar could be exactly what you need to both get the word out about your product as well as establish a good reputation online. I am sure you problably used all the other ways to promote like using pay-per-click ads or article marketing or media buys or what ever. Most people do not even think about creating a webinar to get the word out.

This is a great way to turn your existing product into a higher end product. By giving a full interview of what your product is all about and what it can do this can bring added value to your product. Just imagine if you have a product you were going to sell for $50. A webinar could increase the value to where you could sell it for $200 or more. If you ever signed up to watch a webinar they never try to sell anything for just $50. It is usually can cost up to $1000 or more to buy. Just make sure you over deliver a bit on your product so your customer will feel like they are getting their money's worth.

3. Affliate Marketing Seminars

There are companies out there that will pay you good money to bring them leads. These can usually be found in CPA(cash-per-action) offers. You could create a webinar around, for example, home security. Some companies will pay you up to $350 per lead. All you do is use paid traffic and seo(search engine optimization) to build up your leads with an autoresponder then let them know when your webinar will start. When they are done watching you webinar you will have them click your link for more information. When they sign up you get a commission. Not to many people are doing this right now so this is still a new twist on affilate marketing. Just let your CPA company know you will be using webinars to promote because they will wonder how you are bring in so many good leads.

4. Network Marketing Webinars

If you have a product and you would like to build an army or affilates to promote your product a webinar is perfect for this. You could use your webinar to recruit hundreds even thousands of affiliates over time all working for you. They get to learn more about the product as well as stay caught up on any chances you make as you updates. Keeping your affiliate up to date will only better your affiliates and in turn increase sales for your product. This is like having a JV(Joint-venture) on steroids.

5. Local Business Webinars

With the economy the way it is now local companies are eager to find ways to get more customers for their business. They have website that are already getting traffic but would like to see their conversions go up. This is where your webinar business comes in place. You offer to take the traffic they are already receiving and convert them to leads for a webinar you will do for their products.

Businesses like, weight loss centers, pest control, insurance companies and more could have a webinar set up to educate them on the importance of the product or service they provide. After hearing a more indepth reason why they should do business with this company this could lead to more business for that small business and more business for you.

You could charge $500 to $1000 a month to your clients. They have the potential to see immediate results and you can set everything up to be automated. Plus you will not have much competition because not too many people are doing this yet so you could get in on the ground floor.

Are you starting to see the advantages of knowing how to make money with webinars? Would you like to start learning how you can create your own webinar business and put it on auto pilot? Then take a look at these options that will teach you how to do your first webinar, how to put your webinar on autopilot and how to make recorder webinars seem like live events. So take a look hear at your Webinar Business Model. Also take a look at How To Use Webinars.