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Keyword analysis software is a must download if you want your new site to get found on search results. It is not enough these days to just build a site and get instant traffic. But you do not want just any old visitor to land on your site. You want highly targeted guest who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. That is the whole point of SEO keyword analysis research. That is why we are taking a look at Niche Finder Software to see how this software can help you you find niche keywords you can use to get to page one of search results fast.

If you're looking to find keywords that are guaranteed to send "buyer traffic" to your site with very little effort, I can truely guarantee you there is no better software to download for increasing the amount of business you do online than this niche finder tool. And let me tell you, this is the easiest way to find keywords that you can quickly rank in Google. You'll be able to find keywords that you can rank for in Google with 0 backlinks! Keywords that you can rank and start getting traffic in only a couple of days, rather than months, or years or worse yet, never!

Now, my Niche Finder review came up with some interesting results. For starters, that keyword softare helps you narrow down niche keyword phrases and tell you which ones you have a chance to rank well in no time. Niche Finder uses a color code system so you will known the difference between the what is hard to rank for and what is easy. Buy placing in keywords that I have done our my own independent research on I discovered that this keyword softare was quite accurate with its findings. This would have save me a lot of time if I had software like this when I first started out years ago.

Other keywords tools us this too but the competition images (green, yellow, red) I found were just not accurate most of the time. The reason is because the "stuff" used in the formula to determine competition just wasn't anywhere near enough stuff. It was extremely basic. That's fine in some cases, but I wanted something much much more reliable. Niche Finder analyzes the real stuff that determines competition (i.e. number of links, page rank, and on page optimization). This is what you need to look for if you want to compete with the big boys.

Niche Finder shows me the competition level for all keywords without having to manually click on each individual word one at a time. Others may force you to click on each one manaully and that just plain sucks. Niche finder runs the software and then sort the columns or filter the columns based on what I wanted to see. Niche Finder calculate competition levels automatically for all keywords without forcing you to click each word. Plus, the competition level numbers you'll get are much more reliable.

Niche Finder allows me to find exact match domain availability for each keyword. Others do this too but again you have to click each word and wait a couple of seconds for every word you click, before it returns the answer as to whether it's available. Niche Finder returns this for all keywords all at once and does it extremely fast. Only a couple of seconds for all keywords at once. Plus, Niche Finder will give you many many more recommended domains that have a high density for each keyword that are available.

Niche Finder works perfectly for helping you get good placement on search engines while other tools are good for finding pay per click keywords to use for your campaigns. So if that is what you want to Niche Finder for then this is not for you. But if you want to get found on search results then Niche Finder is a must have for your site.

Support is another big plus for Niche Finder. Brad Callen, owner and creator, has a support staff that answers our questions fast. They also keep up with updates as the search engines keeps making changes to their algorithm so your software will continue to work. Plus you get it all for just one payment $97. This is not something you have to pay a monthly fee to use forever like other keyword software tools have you do.

There is one problem with Niche Finder. It doesn't work if you have a Mac. So if you are a Mac user then sorry for wasting your time. But for PC users you will be good to go.

If you're wanting to find keywords that lots of people are searching on, and hardly anyone is optimizing for, then Niche Finder is perfect and I can guarantee that no other product will help you find real keywords that will actually make you money. Niche Finder won't generate 5 Zillion keywords. But, I can guarantee that it'll find your keywords that you can actually use to get traffic fast. Check out the video here at Niche Finder to learn more and download your copy.