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Released on 3/3/09, Joel Peterson launched The Mini Site Formula that shows the average person how to profit just $3 a day with just one 2.0 software mini site. That didn't seem like much at first but if you can use the templates to duplicate the process you can make 100 mini sites that sell and make you $300 a day. This was something that sounded like it could be a scam so we thought we should find out more. So here is our review for The Mini Site Formula.
The Mini Site Formula by Joel Peterson


The Mini Site Formula


Exposed! The Mini Site Formula by Joel Peterson starts out by showing people the power of using 2.0 software like Wordpress blogs. At first we thought, oh know not this scam again, but it turned out better than we thought. By adding the tools that Joel reveals you can automate your blogs. You build each blog that is highly concentrated with adsense, ebay, commission junction, CPA offers and more. Then once you make a 3-5 page blog you follow the steps to build traffic to it and then start the next. The idea about making $3 a day profit is really an average of what you make as each site is complete. You have to understand that as you build these sites some will not make no money and some will bring in a descent amount of money. When you divide it by how many site you have out online you should average around $3 per day per site. To increase your profits just go back and redo the ones that are not making money and make changes until they start to produce.

The videos are chopped with good information and does walk you through the steps of building your mini sites. If you need more help there is a forum you can upgrade to for $5 for the first month then $50 a month after that but we did not need it. He gives you templates to use and support if you have trouble uploading anything to the web. You also get automation tools, most will be free and some are just free trial. Once you see which one is making you money all you have to do is duplicate those sites to increase your success. Once inside, you will see an example of a Iphone blog that is really doing well with just 3 pages. The Mini Site Formula is laid out in newbie form so that everybody can understand it. For some of you who have more experience online it may seem to basic but it was made to be that way. Plus, once you get the hang of thinks you will be able to create a site in 30 minutes as he claims.

Joel offers to give you one of his websites if you pay $1900 but I say, No Way! It is not that hard to build them so just pay the $97 to learn for yourself like we did. For what it is worth does a great job teaching you how to set up your sites, get them listed, and move on to the next. Once you have an army of mini sites going you can see a nice little income steady coming in for years to come. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is for a long term success. You will learn how to select a niche, keyword research, set up and everything. We recommend you use a shared wed hosting service, to create your sites with up to five different IP. Create no more than 30 sites per IP to spread them out. If you need a web host then go to our product reviews page at the top of this page.

Everything was up front and open and we liked that from Joel Peterson. We give The Mini Site Formula a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Features and Bonuses:
1. Easy to build mini sites.
2. Gives plenty of detail on how to set up your sites.
3. A unique way to earn money online.

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