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Welcome to our Internet scams Page!

On this page I will show you the types of internet scams you need to avoid when starting your own online home business or looking for a work at home job. Also will talk about lottery scams and nigerian scams and also Poetry scams as well. To see common product scams you can visit: Online Scams

Here is a list of what you will see: Mystery Shopper Scam, Nigerian Scam, Lottery Scam, Crazy Fox Scam, Free Computer Scam, Data Entry Job Scam, Envelope Stuffing Scam, MLM Scam, Product Assembly Scam, International License Scam, Poetry Scam, Contractor Scam, Email Scam, Informercial Scam, Adblaster scam, Forclosure Scam, Online Auction Scam, Job Scam, Fake Charity Scam, Unclaimed Money Scam, 809 Are code Scam, Vacation Scam, Taxi Cab Scam, Free Credit Report Scam

Work at Home Scam

Are you afraid to trust people? Do you find yourself worried about every deal you make with someone? You are not alone. These days there are more than ever just looking for their next sucker. Don't let it be you.

As the population grows so does the amount of internet business scams and as technology improves the work at home scams will be cleverly harder to pick out. You will find well designed websites with testimonies and so called proof of income posted for all to see. You will read a heart felt story of how they were broke and homeless until they discovered the secret to making big money on the web and now they want to share it with you. They will even display pictures of expensive homes and cars they now enjoy completing their rags to riches story. But now it your turn to cash in just like they did right?

Wrong! Because they wont't tell you exactly how they did it until you pay them a certain amount of money and take my word on it they will tell you that their secret is worth hundreds of dollars even thousands. But they want to help other people avoid the situation they were in so they will offer it to you for the steal price of like $197 or so. Your eyes are suppose to light up and you start rubbing your hands with dreams of easy money soon coming your way.

But wait! Hears the clencher. You must act now or the price will go up in a few days. Also they will through in a bunch of freebies to sweeten the deal even more. Finally they say if you don't make any money using their stystem then you can get a full refund.

By now you can't wait to pull out you credit card and buy it. You think you have nothing to lose. Unfortunately, after you buy the product they tell you to take this same ad with your affiliate link and place ads to varies places on the internet and when they buy through your link you get paid a certain percent.

Well, that it. That's the big secret you just paid hundreds of dollars for. Now I bet you are looking to get your money back fast. You look for the return policy and can't find one on the receipt. You email their contacts email and all you get is an automated response. You check their support website to find out that it doesn't exist. Now what?

I know you can't believe you fell for these types of internet business scams so easily but it happens to everybody once in a while. You have to do your homework before you purchase anything on the web.

Start with doing a search on the web for anybody who used the product and see what they say.

Look for refund policy and contact information. Make sure it exist before you purchase. If they tell you that the price is going up soon then check back after a week or so. If it's the same price you know it's a con.

Remember all the freebies they offered you? Chances are you can get thoughs things free without buying their service with a simple search on the internet.

If these work at home scams happen to you just remember that there will be a phone number on your credit card statement that you can call to get your money back. Most people forget this and the con artist know it.

I hope this didn't scare you into never buying anything on the web. Not every opportunity is a work at home scam. Their are still some legitament people out their and everyone is not out to scam you. You just need to do a little research first and don't believe everything you see.

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Mystery Shopper scam

Online scams are all over the internet and this one really get them good. Everyone would like the idea to shop and get paid to do so. What people don't understand that these kind of jobs are work and you are suppose to be evaluating the customer service, sales floor setup, how long the lines are ect. You don't just buy stuff and get paid. Con artists want you to think it's that way that is why you see ads all over the internet for mystery shoppers.

The problem is that no real mystery shopper job would ever be advertised on the web. They just don't do it that way. When you are looking for a real job you should go into the stores and talk to a few managers who can steer you to a company that offers mystery shopping. On the internet they will ask you to pay a fee up front but you should never have to do this. If it's a real job they will take your information then offer you the job and pay you instead. Internet scams will give you a check and tell you to deposited it and buy a view things and then send back the rest. What happens is that the check is fake and you get stuck have to pay the bank back hundreds even thousands of dollars depending on how big the check they sent you. So if you want to be a mystery shopper then never look on the internet. They are all scams!

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Nigerian scam

Ever sense I got an email address I keep getting emails about somebody leaving me an inheritance and all I have to do is give them my information and they will transfer me the money either in a wire transfer to the bank or will put in on a credit card for me to use or even mail it to my home. There is no way I would ever do this and I hope you wouldn't either. This is very common for nigerian scams. I mean come on, how in the world can someone know who you are to leave you an inheritance just on your email address alone. That is just not possible. What they are doing is trying to play on your greed.

Nigerian scams are either going to do this, steal your identity and get all kinds of credit cards and loans in your name or tell you that in order to complete the process you need to send them a certain amount of money to cover certain expenses that they can not deducted from you inheritance. While you wait for your inheritance they are getting rich. If you get anything from Nigeria in your email, useless you know somebody in Nigeria, then mark it as spam and move on because it is just a Nigerian scam.

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Lottery Scam

Surprise your email address as just been selected from millions of randomly selected emails and you just won one million dollars. Seen something like that one before in your email box. They are usually from some overseas lotto place like Euroupe or Canada. Hate to tell you this but if you haven't signed up for a lottery then you can't win one. They just want your information so they can send you a crap load of junk mail that will just fill up you email box and home mail box. Some will tell you to send them money to pay for some oversea fee that they can't take out of your winnings then they will give you your check. Wrong! If you have to pay anything it should be deducted from your winnings and then they send the rest. On top of that they tell you to not tell anybody until you get your money. Perfect way to know it's an internet scam when they tell you this.

So pay no attention to these claims and mark then unsafe and avoid being scammed.

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Crazy fox scam

Money scams are everywhere even on tv. How you seen the commercial with the little red fox that tells you that people are making thousands of dollars a month working from home and if you go online to their website they can show you how? Well don't bother because they are just another big rip off. They give you a free kit and claim that you have 14 days to review the information and all you pay is $9.95 for shipping and handling. The problem is that they will just give you a website url similar to theirs and you pay for the last night tv ads and hope people sign up like you did. By the way if you didn't get the kit back to them in 14 days they will charge you an additional $29.95. Plus they take your information and sell it to other online marketers who will then sell it to other online marketers so you will always have a ton of junk mail forever. So if you see the commercial then just change the channel. It's a scam.

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Free laptop or computer scam

Don't get me wrong their are some ways to get a free laptop or a computer but most ways are internet scams. Sometimes when you visit a website you get a message that says "Congradulations your are the 1,000,000th person to visit their site click here to claim your free labtop computer". Make sure you read the small print at the bottom of their offer because you will have to sign up for alot of different credit cards and make a minimal purchase and agree to view certain produces just to qualify for the free laptop. By the time you get it, if you get it at all, you would have paid for it yourself anyway. The interest they charge will go up dramaticly leaving you to pay the bill.

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Data entry job scam

Every data entry job I have seen say that you type in a rebate to their customers and you get upto $15 for every rebate that you type in. Only one problem, when you sign up you and pay their fee to get started you find out that you are going to be typing up ads yourself offering a rebate and if a customer buys that product through your link then they will share the rebate with you. It is not a data typing job it a commission job instead and if nobody buys the product then you don't get paid. You will also be paying for advertising. Remember that a real job will not make you pay, they pay you to work. So don't fall for this scam.

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Envelope stuffing scam

Envelope stuffing jobs are all over the newspapers and internet yet they are all rip offs. They ask you to pay a small fee to get started. They tell you that if you stuff a certain amount of envelopes and send then back then they will pay you a certain amount of money for everyone you do. But there is always a catch. They will tell you that you only get paid if the envelopes you stuff generate any sales and if they don't then you don't get paid. They will even tell you to place an ad just like the one you signed up for with a special code and advertise in newspapers and magazines and such and if you get any leads then they will pay you. But you will not ever hear back from them again. Please avoid this scam.

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MLM opportunity scam

MLM or multi-level-marketing is very risky to join because they offer no product for a customer to buy. What they offer is to get envolved in a pyramid sceme, you know you get 2 people to join then they get 2 people to join and so on. With everyone paying a certain fee to join then splitting what they make with everyone that is underneath you you can make alot of money. But you need to be on top of that pyramid because if that particular program have has been out for serveral years then by now it has already run its course and you will have a hard time signing new members to join. You would be better off just starting your own campaign so you can be at the very top of the pyramid. This is more of a gimmick and not necessarily a scam but you should beware of them anyway.

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Product assembly services scam

I sure you have seen these ads out telling you the if you pay a one time fee then we will give you a home jobs assembling products. Home assembly jobs seldem pay if any do at all. They will tell you after you send the assembled product back that something was put together wrong and for every product put together wrong, which will be everything, you don't get paid. So don't even pay these ads any attention. There are all scams.

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International driver's license scam

If you are traveling over seas and you would like to rent a car then you would probably think that having an International driver's license is what you need. You go online and see all these great offers. To bad they are all scams. There is no such thing as an International driver's license. What you need is an International Driver's Permit or (IDP). There are only two places you can get one. Here they are: and What they do is translate your information on your drivers license into 11 different languages at a cost of around $12 dollars. You must have both your regular license and your IDP at all times when you travel. You can not use your IDP buy itself or as a substitute for your license. It must be issued by your country of residence, you can not have a license from one country and an IDP from another country. Not all countries make you have to have one but some do so please ask before you commit to one.

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Poetry scam

If you are a poet looking to get you work published then you need to hear this. Con artist will take advantage of you being so eager to succeed. The poetry scam will start by sending you an email telling you that you can enter their poetry contest for free. If you enter then you will receive a second email claiming that you won and it will be published in their anthology which you can purchage for $40 or $50 bucks or so. Then they say if you want to ad a bio to your poem it will cost an additional fee or pay a flat rate to join their club.They will even tell you that you peom is in the running for poem of the year and for a certain fee you can fly out to attend the event. To bad it doesn't excise. You know its fake when they let you join for free. Normally you pay an entry fee to cover the expenses and they will tell you the rules and who the judges are and who is sponsoring the contest. So don't let you excitement overcome your knowledge of how a poetry contest really work. They are just scams.

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Contractor scam

Most of you probably know how to stop a contractor from scamming you but like P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute", that is why I will still give you the tips anyway.

The scammer knocks on your door and tells you that they will give you a free estimate to assess your home. They will always tell you that something is wrong and give you a verbal estimate for the damages. Some will tell you that they can give you a good deal because they have parts left over from their last job. But think about those last two statements, a verbal estimate is worthless and if they charge you more later and you sign something it will be hard to sue and if they have parts left over from their last job that means that they cheated their last customer on a job. Then they will ask for all or most up front to get started but no real contractor would do that. They would charge you at the end of the job. If they want cash only then you know they are not legit. Besides all that know real contractor would need to go door to door for work. They would just advertise or get referrals from satisfied customers. Always get two or three estimates on work to see if you are really getting a fair price. Just because they say they are going to give you a discount doesn't mean that the price they quote is a discount. So if a contractor comes to your door just send them on their way. It is likely a scam.

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Email Spam scam

One of the most common way to get scammed in the first place is to be spammed. When you sign up for newsletters or join forums or opt-in to get free info on something they often tell you that your privacy is protected and they will not sell your email address but changes are they will. To stop the flood of junk mail here are some simple tips to cut down spam.

Have more than one email address. Use one for personal communication and others for sign up to forums, free ads websites, newsletters ect.

You can sign up to get a disposible address. These services let you use one email address and have it redirect to your real address. The software they provide lets you who which one is getting spam or not and you can simply dispose of it and use another address. If you want more info in this then go tO:

If you have your own website then do not use your email address because they have harvesting address robots that can detect and extract addresses, plus people will see it and spam you to death.

Remember to never buy or ask for more information from companies that spam or your spam will get worse. Besides companies that spam are 98% of the time sending you scams any way.

Hope these tips can cut your spam and reduce your email from scam opportunities.

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Informercial scam

They tell you for 30 minute how great their product is and something it is true. Most of the time it is just a rip off. But the scam is not just the product itself its about getting your credit or debit card number. Once you call they try to sell you more and more products and get you to subscripe to their newsletter which is normally around $10 a month. The problem is that they will keep billing you and sending you product forever until you cancel. Surprise! The number you get from them either doesn't work or it puts you on hold forever until you give up. If they offer a web site it probably will not be up either. Most will have great customer service for buying the product but have horrible customer service when its time to return it or cancel any more services.

The only way to cancel or have a change for a refund is to call the number given to you on your credit card statement. That will usually be a legit number. Make sure to cancel everything news letter and all. Check your statement closely because they might stop for a while and then try to bill you later a small amount to see if it gets through. Some will call you and claim to coach you but what they really want to do is keep you interested so you don't cancel or hope by offering to coach you you will return to the program. If they do call just say no and hang up immediately because they will try to keep you on the phone as long as they can until they wear you down.

Most of the product sold on tv will make it to the store later so if you really want to try it just wait til then. If you don't like the product you can just take it back to the store for a refund.

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Adblaster scam

Heard this one before, "Blast your ad to millions of web site, classifieds, enzines, opt-in emails, and directories with just a push of a button", if you have you might be tempted to use their services. I am hear to tell you not to bother. You will never know if you ad is put out on millions of places and if you try to contact them you will just get an autoresponds and that is it. Some will just give you a long list of sites to join free but then send spam your way. They tell you its just a one time fee for live time membership but they can cut their site at anytime. The email service will be spam and can get your site banned. There are far better ways to advertise and if it looks to good to be true then it probably a scam.

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Forclosure or bankruptcy scam

In a time when so many people are struggling to keep their homes the scammers are unfortunately having a field day on them. There are so many of them that I could make my own web site about it. Instead I am just going to give you some tips instead to keep you from being scammed.

Respond to all notices by the lender and make some kind of offer to settle.

Find you loan documents a learn your rights. See what will happen to your home if you can't make the payments.

Avoid all types of bankruptcy or foreclosure prevention companies and use the money you would of payed them to pay down your morgage instead.

If you sign with any foreclosure recovery documents you may become a tenant in your own home.

Pay no attention to these claims from ads that say they can get you out of debt fast. Call or go online to the BBB to get legit help if you are really in big trouble.

If you can refinance make sure you get a fixed rate not an adjustable rate so you will always know what you are paying.

Consult a lawyer before you do anything. Some will give you a free consultation before you sign with them.

Keep your home payment first and give up times like cable, gym memberships, newspapers, anything that is not critical and put it towards your morgage. Better to lose you cable than your house.

Just about all the internet offers you see to claim to help will be scams and nearly all the offers you get from flyers will also be rip offs so don't get tempted.

Follow these tips and you can avoid being the next scam victim.

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Online Auction scam

Before you think about buying through an online auction do your research first. The pressure can be high towards the end of an auction and everybody is in it to win it including the con artist. Fakes are everywhere and to keep form getting ripped off you need to follow these steps.

A product that is selling for to low is probably a fake, stolen, in bad condition or a product that you will pay for but never get.

When you buy from an online auction you should always use a credit card so that if you do get caught in an internet scam you can fight the charge and not have to pay.

Paying by cash or a money order is never a good ideal. It offers virtually no benefit to you if you get conned. If you consider an escrow then make sure you do not use the one they recommend. Con artist have fake web sites for that too.

Never buy from online auctions that you hear about through emails or instant messaging. They may tell you that they got what you are looking for less and send you to a fake web site wear they gather your information and steal your identity and never send you the product you payed for.

Make sure that if you use an online aution it is one that you can really trust and have a good reputation among users.

Follow these tips before you buy and you can be sure not to be a sucker on your next purchage.

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Job and employment scam

Be very careful about jobs you find in certain newspapers, magazines and the web. They can get you in to trouble with fake businesses, identity theft, and rip off fees.

Watch out of the "reshipper" job. They will have you send packages, filled with goods bought with a stolen credit card, overseas at your cost and pay you a salary using a fake check. On top of that, the information they got from you will be used to get more credit cards and by more products to keep the internet business scams going.

Some will just be as simple as posting a fake job up and when people apply for a job they take your information and steal your identity.Always research a company before you apply to see if they exist and how they would normally employ people.

Ignore anyone who tells you that they can get you a job for a fee. All you get from them if anything is a bunch of general job opening they pulled out of newspapers and such.

There are no hidden secrets about goverment jobs so do not give anybody any money for them.Federal jobs are announced to the public and your local library can help you with this.

Finding a job these days can be tough and the con artist are making it tougher so be cautious before you apply for your next job.

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Fake charity scam

As sick as this sounds, for every disaster or illness out their you can bet that there is a scam for it. You know you want to help but who can you trust to give your money to.

Use the (BBB) Better Business Bureau to investigate any organization looking for donations.

Never give them your information. Have them give you information so you can check them out.

They may claim to be from a real charity like Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity but send you to a fake site to steal your money and identity so don't answer any emails that claim to be from a charity.

If a person from the so called charity tries to pressure you or guit you in to donating then you know you are dealing with a scammer. A real charity would simply tell you the facts and let you decide to to donate.

Don't let the scammers to destroy your giving heart. Just stick to well known charity groups and local churches and you will be able to help without getting hurt.

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The unclaimed money scam

Lets face it, you would love to find money that has your name on it and the con artist know it too. Their really is unclaimed money out there, some to people who died or some that was forgotten. So how do you get your hands on it? Lets first talk about how you don't get your hands on it first.

Con artist will start by sending you an email letting you know that their could be thousands owned to you and you don't know it.

Then they will tell you that if you dial this 1-809 number they can help you track it down and they will only charge you a percent of what they find as payment. But what you don't know is that they just made money from you when they got you to dial that 1-809 number in the first place, which is another scam in itself that I will tell you about next.

Next, they sent you an officially looking data base with your last name and first name initials and tell you that one or more of these names is your but they can't go any farther unless you pay a fee or a membership to check.

They will ask you for your bank Id and tell you they will directly deposit your found money in to your account.But really they are just going to steal your identity.

You do not need these services because you can do it yourself for free. There are state sponsered unclaimed registries out their that can help. Just do a search on your search engine for "state sponsered unclaimed money registries" to find them.

Remember if you get emails for this service it is just spam so don't bother using them to help. They only wnat to scam you.

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The 809 area code scam

This is an old scam that happens to get used from time to time. It is a code out of the Caribbean and most people who call in don't reallize they are making an international phone call and it a pay per call number just like 1-900 numbers are in the U.S.

They will tell you something like you won a prize,or we have a job for you and to see what it is you need to call this number now to find out.

They keep you on the phone as long as they can to run up the bill because charges can be as high as 20 dollars a minute.

It can be a real nightmare trying to get thoughs charges of your phone bill because you made the calls and your only recorse may be trying to get credit from international phone companies.

So be careful because the caribbean has added area codes sense the con has been going on so you might see a different number. So remember to check with your operaror about the number first before you even thing about calling to an area code that you are not sure of.

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Vacation or travel scam

You are probably wondering what I mean when I say vacation scam. It is not always about getting ripped off by fake advertising prices that is really for one way only travel and not for round trip or seeing a picture of a nice hotel and getting a dump when you get their. Their are alot of con-artist that are waiting for you to land or check in to your hotel and you need to be on guard.

When you come in for the day and go up to your hotel you get a call from the front desk asking you to help confirm some information.

They start by telling you that they are have some computer problems and they need to check your credit card number for their records. They ask if the last four digits of your card is 7890 or whatever. Tired from the day you grab your card and answer no. Now the person seems surprised and ask your to read the number to her to see if you are in the computer. After you read off the number they say that yes we do have you in our system and we will make the necessary changes as to not interupt your vacation. The apologize for the inconvieneince and say, oh by the way what is the expiration date again? They thank you again and you hang up and call it a night.

You may not realize that you got scammed by a con artist until you make your next purchase and discover that your card is over the limit.

You shouldn't give your number over a hotel phone to anybody for any reason. If the hotel claims they need this information you should go in person and straighten it out. Don't just assume that the person you are talking to is not trying to scam you even if they sound convincing.

Another fraud is the free vacation offer scam. They start by sending you a postcard saying that you won a free vacation package and instruct you the call the number right a way to claim your prize. You call and they tell you that they will sent you more details in the mail abput your package and all you need to do is give us your credit card number to pay a small service charge. You can cancel during the review period if you decide not to take the trip.But after you give them your card number they quickly charge your credit card for hundreds of dollars and by the time you get your information the time to cancel would have expired.

Some con artist will promise you a free vacation if you join a travel club. After you pay hundreds of dollars to join their club you try to book a date and they keep telling you that it is all booked up or unavailable please try again.

Others will offer you a great deal for a packaged vacation but after you give then your card number you find out that you have to buy a second package, which will be much more expensive, in order to qualify for the first deal.

Vacation tips to avoid fraud

Deal with a business you are familar with. Check the Better Business Bureau if you not sure of the business.

Never pay for your package without confirming your reservation first. If they ask you to pay first be worried.

Ask a lot of questions make sure you know what the package covers and what it doesn't. Ask for written information about the package.

Beware of any over that is good for that day only.

Make sure you know your rights to cancel. You do not want to get stuck paying for a trip you cannot go on.

Only give your card number when you expect to be charged for something. Never give it out before you make any deals.

Be very careful when planning your vacation. With higher fuel cost prices and charges are changing all the time and you want to make sure that the deal you make today will be the same deal tomorrow.

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Taxi cab scam

If someone pulls up to you while you are waiting in a known taxi cab area never get in to a car from someone who is not an official metered taxi cab. A real taxi cab has the car number and company name on the outside of the car and a registration and drivers info around the dashboard along with a list of charges.

Getting in to the wrong car can not only cause you to get ripped off by over charging you but thet may steal your luggage and maybe your life. Ask the hotel what the cabs look like here and the going rate before hand and you can keep from being a scam victim.

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Free Credit Report Scam

The free credit report scam is all across the web. They sucker you in by telling you that you can get all three credit scores for just a $1 or so then you get a rebate. Sure you may get that small amount back but what you may not realize is you just sign up for some monthly membership of some sort. That dollar was just used to get your credit card number and you will only have seven days to cancel. If not you will get billed like $30 a month or so until you cancel. In most cases that information will be there but in small print. Since you did not cancel in time you will not get a refund but you can at least stop any future payments by calling the number on your credit card statement and canceling that way.

The free credit report scam is easy to get sucked in to but can easily be avoided. If something is free then there is no need to get your credit card number. Go to your bank to check your credit statis and do not rely on any online service for this. There are far more scams out there than there are reliable internet websites.

I hope that you return because I will be adding more to this page to keep you informed of all the lastest scams that is floating around the internet. Enjoy the rest of this site and have a good day.