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Ways to Increase Website Traffic and Get More Targeted Visitors!

We all would like to increase website traffic. I mean what is the point to having a website if you have no traffic. So we put together a list of ways to get more targeted website traffic. Some of these ideas you probably all ready know but in case you are a newbie and you are struggling to get visitors to your website then this list will help you get started. You will see ways to get both free website traffic and paid ways to get targeted website traffic. These methods have increased website traffic for many website owners and will continue to do so for many years to come.

As you may heard Google will be changing the way they list websites for search result. It will become more personal. Your results will not be so much about search engine optimization. It will be more about location and the amount of traffic your website gets. That means someone can type in the exact same keywords in one place and get a totally different result than someone in a differnt location. So you could be one the first page of one result and nowhere to be found on the other. You need to make sure that your website is getting all the traffic that it can get to keep your sight relevant. It also could mean that ranking is dead. Maybe or maybe not. But if you work hard to increase website traffic to your website then it will not matter to you.

So lets look at all the ways you can increase traffic to your website.

Just updated: October 21 2010

With the internet constantly growing you may not realize that media buying has gotten much cheaper for the average marketer. You may want to explore this a bit by heading to:

Ezine advertising on ezine magazines are a good way to increase website traffic. Works better if you have a service that helps you. Learn more here at:

Ever thought of using RSS Feeds to increase your website traffic? Learn how you can do just that.

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You can learn how to get a mini site on page one of search results of not so competitive keywords phrases. It can be done easier than you think. See how below.

There is a place where you can get cheap traffic just like you did with pay per click in the old days. Click the link below to learn more.

You can start by using Squidoo to increase traffic to your website. They offer a free service and search engines loves them. Plus it's possible to make a few bucks with them too. If you want more information on how to get more targeted website traffic with Squidoo then see:

Have you ever thought about doing an online press release for your website. It's really not that hard to do. If you website has something unique to offer, this would be a great way to increase website traffic by letting the world know about your website. For more information see:

You can learn unique ways to increase website traffic to your site or blog. These are techniques used by some of the top webmasters and now it is available to all. Check it our here at:

How about starting a viral advertising campaign. You can potentially bring more website traffic by the thousands to visit your website. Light a fire under your website that bring curious visitors in to see what the bizz is. To learn more visit:

You can list your website in lots of different directories to get links from. This oldie but goodie way has increased website traffic since the beginning of the web. You can check out a list of good directories by checking here:

You can do it the old fashion way with good SEO tips for your website. A get way to get targeted website traffic. Find the tips you need by going to the links below.

Twitter is a great place to get more website traffic to any website or blog for free. You just need to know how to use the social media site right to get the most out of it. You can learn more going clicking the link below.

Generating leads will also increase website traffic. But there is a much easier way to make this happen without going broke. Read more about it here at:

You can always use Pay Per click advertising to increase traffic. But you will need to know which one to use and how to use it. Learn more here at:

Good content copy is another way to not only gain targeted website traffic but get return visitors. Improve your copywriting for both better conversions and seo placement by checking out the link below.

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If you want to use pay-per-clicks to get targeted website traffic to your site then please see targeted web site traffic page first. You do not want to start something like the without knowing what you are doing. You can go broke quickly. Just click the link above this to see what can help you.

You can start writing articles and submit them to article directories. Webmasters are always looking for fresh content to add to there websites or blogs. If you write a good article you article can be pick up and displayed on other websites with your link going back to your website. You can start by submitting articles to our directory as well as signing up for more article directories and sending them articles as well. Just make sure you spin your article so it will be unique. This will increase your chances of being accepted to article directory. This is a tried and true method of getting free website traffic. Just click the like on the right hand side to see our requirements and to send an article.

There is another way to get free traffic to your website. If used correctly you can see the results start to pay off. Go check it out here at free traffic.

The age of video on the web is getting stronger. Take advantage of it and go to places like Youtube and DailyMotion and other video sights to increase website traffic. With a interesting enough video you can get more website traffic than you ever thought possible.

List building is another good way to increase website traffic. By having a list of visitors you can let then know when you have something new added to your website and invite them to take a look. All you have to do is get you an autoresponder to catch and store the names and email addresses and then from time to time let them know what has been going on since last they visited. Get targeted website traffic from visitors over and over again with this method.

You can always sign up for forums that are associated with your niche. You can do a search and then sign up for their forum and then join the discussion. Just sort of let people know that you have a website that can solve a particular problem that they are talking about and put in a link. You can gain some followers if you information is good. As look as you are not just spamming then, this can be an easy way to get targeted website traffic.

Offline Website Traffic

Lets not forget all the off line ways to increase website traffic. They still work to. Things like getting business cards and passing them out to friends and family members in your home town and out of town as well. Family members who live out of town love to bragg about another family members accomplishments. Just send them extra business cards and let them do the rest.

Your local newspaper or magazine is another good source for website traffic. A well written ad can deliver you a few good visitors who are looking for what your website is offering. If you can find one that is based on your niche like a newsletter then you will have a better chance to get targeted website traffic.

Some people in order to get more website traffic will go to coffee shops and restaurants even go to doctors office and hospitals and simply drop off flyers on the tables from time to time. If you do it in a coffee shops or restaurants make sure you ask before you do so. If your website is good and it does not compete with their products some will say yes. I heard on the news that some guy was getting all kinds of customers to his car wash this way without having to pay a thing. If the business you go to is closely related to your website in any way you can offer to give them a link to their business website if they first turn you down. It doesn't hurt to ask.

Stay away from most type of ad blasters you come across. They make claims of sending your ad out to millions of websites and classifieds but in reality your ad may just appear on one free site that they show you as proof of your ad being sent out and that it. Also most of them will not answer any questions that you post, if its customer service even exist. Some even go as far as to list big company names that claim to use their product but when you research it, the claim turn out to be false. Alot of these types of advertising turn out to be spam even though they claim its not spam. You can risk having your site banned if you use their services.

You can create a logo for your website and print it on some t-shirts and hats for people the wear. As your friends wear the clothes you get free website traffic from the people that they meet who are wondering what that website on their clothes is all about. You can also put it on you car so people can see it while you are driving or at park.

As you can see to increase website traffic it all about getting the word out that your website exist. You just can't build a website and think once you upload it people will come. The internet is hugh and your website will not get noticed unless you are willing to put lots of effort to it. It will take some time and work to increase website traffic. You don't have to follow all these methods to get more website traffic. But you need to do something to get targeted website traffic if you want to succeed. As you can see their were a lot of free website traffic tips as well as paid options available to you. Give some of these stradegies a try a you will see increased website traffic in no time.

Thank you for viewing and we will be updating this list for time to time to help other gain more website traffic. Please continue to surf are sight for more information the interest you.