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Sick of you PC running to slow? Start using PC Secrets and increase your computer speed today.

PC Secrets Review, Will This Increase My Computer Speed?

I loved my pc when I first got it. Everything popped up fast and download speed was great. But then my computer started running too slow. Webpages took forever to load, browser would freeze up, and downloading programs became an all day thing. I needed to learn how to increase computer speed so it would run like new again. Well at least close to it anyway.

A few weeks ago, I got wind of a new guide being released by Penn Chan. He had been working on it for the last few months and promised that the guide would turn out bigger and badder than any other guide in its class before.

But, as a long time PC owner, I had to put it to the test. I've seen a lot of so called "tricks" that do little more than turn off all your features and call it "faster". So, before I would call it a hoax or a full blown solution, I figured I'd give this new guide a test run and report back with my thoughts.

Despite those claims, I really didn't know what to expect, so when I got Penn's new guide on my desktop a few days ago, I had no idea that it would quite literally change how I worked in almost every way. So what is the guide?

PC Secrets Test run

Here's the deal. Penn's guide, ubiquitously titled "PC Secrets" is a major upgrade from every other guide on the market that claims to increase computer speed. At a hefty size, and with detailed walkthroughs that contain screenshots all along the way, PC Secrets actually managed to help me get an old, computer that was running to slowly in my office running at top speed in less than a couple hours.

I didn't think it would really increase my computer speed. In fact I was surprised it had any impact at all. But, in just a few short hours, I was running my old computer like it was brand new. Penn's understanding of the PC and how it operates, including what everything you do does to impact the speed, is amazing.

Then I tested the guide over the course of a week on an old PC I have in my basement. One that's rarely used anymore and hasn't had any maintenance done in two or three years at best. I did some basic benchmarks to confirm that the computer is running too slow, in fact awful and ran slower than when I bought it.

The PC which was built for me in 2005, was top of the line at the time. It should run anything that came out within about two years of them with ease, but I can't even get certain games to boot up properly any more, so you can imagine it's not exactly cruising along.

I did the maintenance outlined by Penn every day for the entire week, and made sure to use the PC as much as possible, just doing some basic web browsing, Facebooking and YouTube, the usual stuff I do when I am casually surfing the web.

Then, on day 8, I did a new set of benchmarks. I was blown away. Everything, and I mean everything, had improved at least 100%. Some things were performing 3 or 4 times better than they had before. Not only did my games run now, it ran at a blistering 60 frames per second.

It boot up in about 15 seconds, rather than the two minutes it used to take. It opened web pages instantly, it shut down in seconds. This was the computer I had bought in 2005. I was blown away about how much my computer increased in speed.

Now, I don't see why I'd need to buy a new computer for at least another two years. This is the how to increase computer speed guide that everyone needs. It is so fast now that I can't honestly believe it's the same machine. From loading web pages instantly to letting me run games at 50 FPS with ease. Something I never managed to do before. My previous high was 25 or so. This guide did everything it promised and then some.

Every change I made had a positive impact and now I'm not only surfing faster than ever before, I'm surfing much safer with carefully implemented security measures keeping it from slowing down so much in the future.

PC Secrets conclusion

The bottom line is this. PC Secrets is an amazing product. It works even better than advertised and you can bet that you're getting 10 times your money's worth at least, especially if you consider how much less you'll need to replace your old machine.

Let me tell you. I'll be keeping an updated copy of Penn's guide on my desktop for months to come. This thing is probably going to save me money, because I doubt I'll need a new computer for some time to come.

If your PC is running too slow, check out PC Secrets and see what it can do for you. I'm telling you this thing is outstanding.