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See how to SEO a website or blog for Google Internet TV so your site will look good on the big screen.

Learn How To SEO Your Website For Google Internet TV

With Google TV coming this may be a good time to start thinking about SEO for your website again. Do you believe that your site will look good on the big screen? Shoud you even bother to optimize for Google TV? Here are a few thing you need to consider when if you make changes to your current site or build a new site.

Consider how much people watch their TVs. Now Google will be right there if the fall of 2010, accessible from their TV remote. If you thought Google had a great deal of market share before, imagine how many more searches Google would get from the TV set, if this thing really takes off. Do you want your site to be left out?

One of the first thing you need to do if you are using video on your site is to improve the quality. Your video may look good on your computer screen but what if people see it on there big screens with HD on them. Will the video line up right? Will it be fuzzy or blurred? Stepping up your videos will go a long way in views eyes.

Having an Android app will be more critical than it already is. Android apps will be accessible via Google TV. This is another way to get to viewers right in their living room. It will come with Android 2.1 when Google TV launches its Android Market in early 2011.

You must remember that even though it's Google Internet TV you will still need content. But what kind of content? It is to early to say just yet. Once it roles out you will be able to see what type of searches people are doing from there TVs. Then you can optimize your content to those search enquiries.

You will need to make sure that your website performs well on Google Chrome. That will be the browser Google TV will be using. Chrome 5.0 to start then you can upgrade via the web.

These are just some stuff to consider when Google Internet TV Roles out. Your site may not even get seen on TV search but who knows how this will all turn out. As Google releases more information we will be updating are SEO tips and trick. For a more detail look at what a website should be designed for then head to

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