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Learn how to SEO a website or blog so you can get found on search results.

Learn The Secret Tricks On How To Seo Your Website And Blogs

We have taken the time to teach you how to SEO a website or blog even with flash to get you that page one ranking you deserve. Too bad all the fake gurus out there know you want to learn too. They will try to sell you tricks and old secrets that worked in the past but not any more. Too convience you that they know how to SEO optimize they will show you results for keywords that do not get any searches. Before you even think about buying any type of how to seo program you must learn first what to avoid. Here are a couple of videos that are set up so that you will not get fooled by any fake guru out there. Go to our SEO video page now.

Hope these videos taught you a little something about those how to SEO con artist trick people into thinking that they can really help you. SEO secrets you need start with keyword search help and plenty of good backlinks. One of the best places to get those backlinks can be found here at You can sign up for free and start building your backlinks and get more out of every article you write. This is marketing done right.

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But backlinks alone are not the only SEO secrets that will more you up the search engines but it is a big factor. You also need to make sure that you have the keyword phrase you want to rank well for in your content, Mega tag title and description and even in your url if you can. Learning how to SEO is especially important if you are going to use a lot of flash in your blogs or websites. We have broken down every trick that is worth doing so you can learn how to seo properly. You will not find any blackhat tricks that will get your site banned from search engines.

One of the most overlooked SEO strategy is fine tuning your HTML or xHTML. We sometimes think that if it shows up and it looks good then you are all set. Even though is may look niche you could have made all kinds of errors that can cost you a few points when the search bots scan your site. Lost points can hold your site back making you have to work even harder on getting on page one. Learning how to SEO means more than just content and backlinks. How well your page is structured will may the difference in how the search bots are able to scan your site. Any problems will slow them down and if they find to many they will leave your site without indexing the page.

Even if you know all about HTML codes you can still make mistakes and not even know it. Sometimes as you are typing it is real easy to forget to close a link or image and it will add up if you are not careful. To know how to seo your pages codes then use this free tool here at This easy to use tool can check your pages codes and tell you if you have any problems and show you how to fix them.

So now lets get started on other how to seo elements. You can take a look any of our pages we have created to help optimize your website or blog whether you have a flash site or not. Website SEO, Flash SEO. Wait! Just add it. Google caffeine will be here in 2010. This may change how you do SEO. Check out our new Google Caffeine Seo page now!

You can also learn how to seo a mini site to get to page one on search results. Learn more here with Simple SEO.

Update! Google will be coming out with Google TV. Can this chance how you build a site forever? Learn more here at Google TV.