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Find Out who stacks up better in our Google Caffeine vs Microsoft Bing comparison.

Google Caffeine vs Microsoft Bing, Who Will Win The Search Engine War!

Google Caffeine Update! Google Caffiene went live in May of 2010! Did they make the right changes? Will Bing loose it's ground? let's compare.

As soon as Microsoft Launched Bing Google decided to change their algorithm to create Google Caffeine. But how will Google Caffeine campare to Microsoft Bing? Let's take a look.

Google Caffeine vs Microsoft Bing

Let's face the facts, Microsoft Bing is much better than the old MSN but it is not likely that it will over take Google any time soon. But Google does not want to seem like they are just resting on their laurels. Don't expect the look of the search engine to be all that different since the change is more about how it will rank and index pages. We found that when you type in a keyword into Google Caffeine you will find websites or blogs first, then video and news towards the middle of the page. On the bottom you may find other blogs or new related sites.

With Microsoft Bing you are more likely to find images first then websites and videos next. They also have two sponsored boxes with one on the top and one on the bottom. Hover over any page and you get a little more info on that page. But despite all of that Bing will seem to be the loser in the war.

Google was smart not to make too many changes since it is number 1. They focus their attention on things like how it will collect data. Since their is an explosion of real time data entering the web. We believe that new "googlebots" will cater to media content to keep up with the even increasing news content.

It was difficult to test the true speed of Google Caffeine when it was only in beta and their were no Adwords ad to slow down the results. But now that it is live it seems to be a little faster than the current Google search. It could still be faster than Microsoft Bing but when you are talking in "0.1 per second" differences in speed it will not matter.

Was kind of disappointed in the fact that they seemed to almost copy the look and feel of Bing without adding all their features like getting a sneak peak at content on the page. It would have been nice if Google would have created a new and fresh style but I guess if you are number one their is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Bing claims to give you better targeted results but the jury is still out on that one. When you type in a keyword phrase the results may be a little different in terms of what sites come up but they still seem to show the same sites at times. But Bing will go into more detail at time on certain key word phrases. We noticed this when you type in the word "Tea" in both search engines. Bing dug a little deeper in finding different types of tea as when as traditions and benefits. So maybe on this one issue they do a little bit better but other than that your results will vary.

Since Google Caffeine just went live it will be a while for we can do a full comparison on the two search engines. So the Caffeine vs Bing war will be heating up over time. But it does not look like Google will be in any danger of losing.

Google Caffeine Seo page here.