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Will Search Engine Google Caffeine Seo Tips Save Your Website From The Dreaded Sand Box?

Google Caffeine Search Engine changes the game. You may have already noticed during the beta test that your site may not show up on page one with your keywords any more. You are going to need some Google Caffeine SEO tips to help you navigate these new search engine changes. Plus you can also see a comparison to Bing search engine.

Current adjustments to Google makes it appears like the new Google Caffeine is not just one search engine but a mixture of 5 or 6 different search engines all rolled into one. Your Google Caffeine SEO efforts should now be headed toward ranking high in these search engines as well as in organic search. This is not be just an update but the "next generation" search engine and it will be responsible for ranking and indexing all of the webpages of the internet. So what does the changes mean to your website or blog?

The new left side column with its new functions and displays, opens up new possibilities for site owners to get their pages within Google Caffeine on page one results. There are also various abilities to look at the results such as view everything or you can view with more or less shopping links. Plus you can also view Google results for books, maps, blogs, updates and discussions - all new ways to get your site or links into Google caffeine.

Your Google Caffeine SEO tips may need some tweaking. The look and feel of Google Caffeine may be similar to Bing but it is the algorithm that is changing the most. That could mean good news or bad news based on how your website is set up and how you get backlinks and soforth. Please keep in mind that the Google Caffeine SEO tips you are about to receive here are based on examples of a small test of sites since the Google Caffeine was just released in May. But google has given up a little info that could help make a difference.

First of all it looks like "site speed" will be play a stronger role in how your site will be ranked. Simply put, how faster your webpage loads up. Faster is better so be careful about having a website with a bunch of flash and gifs that can slow down how fast your site come up. Broken links will also lower your results so make sure you find and fix any you may have by using your webmasters tools from Google. Linking outward to "bad neighborhoods" or spammy sites will always be a bad idea.

Page quality itself will be looked at more too on Google Caffeine. Things like good content, quality page design, navigation, meta tag title, description, keyword density, alterantive tags, page views, bounce rate, traffic numbers, time spent on page as well as how many social bookmarks will all play a new role in how you get ranked. You can ad a few widgets to keep them on your page longer and make pages shorter with more info on the next page to increase page views. As for social bookmarks we think that Google Caffeine is going after those spammy sites who just buy hugh buck backlinks just to influrence the search engine results. Don't get me wrong, it not bad thing to buy backlinks if you are just paying someone to do the work for you but it is wrong for companies to sell a bunch of backlinks to those free for all sites with no real content with keywords to rank better. We all know that if you have enough money you can buy your way to the top. Since social bookmarks are free this sort of level the playing field for small budget websites.

Your Google Caffeine SEO tips will pretty much be the same for aspects like domain age and brand name recognition. For more lucrative keywords results Google's results will be broken up into five category Listings: Information, Video, News, Shopping, and Corporate. This helps keep things more democratic.

Social website linking to your website from Tweeter, Facebook, and more will be better backlinks for your website. Having your keywords in your domain name seems to get more pull in Google Caffeine search engine results too. This is one of the SEO tips that has been around for years now but it is now more important than ever as long as you have good content and page set up. This will probably cause a spike in keyword rich domain name buying and selling so prepare now to get your domains. We also noticed that redirects were showing up as well. You may have noticed that with some keyword phrases the website will show up in the Google tool bar as you type them in. A webmaster with that domain name can have that page redirect to your other website and get more traffic. Redirects with the new Google Caffeine can get its own search engine results boosting your traffic and page views.

Videos have taken a big step forward and can now pop up on the first page and stay there. Producing a video is now one of the fastest ways to get on the first page of Google, even for very competitive keywords. While many online marketers are taking advantage of this fact, it is relatively new and you can have a much better chance of ranking for a video instead of an ordinary web page in Google. It can happen almost instantly. By the way, if you need help with your videos getting on page one with your niche then take a look at Easy Niche Videos.

Blogs now also have two subcategories - Twitter/FaceBook Updates and Forum Discussions, which are now being displayed separately.

Google Caffeine seems to be placing more importance on popular Posts, Diggs, Tweets... in their SERPs. Again, I find using a simple Google owned program like Blogger to be an effective way of ranking high in Google.

Another instant way to get your content onto the first page of Google is to use a News Release. Google has always listed News Items on the first page but this now seems to play a more important role, especially when you consider all the new features in the left side column. Surfers will probably stay on that first page longer and you have a better chance of getting your news item read. Posting articles to American Chronicle is a good idea since Google News picks up and displays a lot of these items. Again, like videos, getting your News item listed is almost instant and within seconds you can have traffic flowing to your site.

While all these search options can be somewhat confusing to grasp even for the online marketer, all these options do present different ways to get on that first page in Google search. And while the number one spot in organic search will always be your main goal, ranking for the top spot in the shopping results, video results, news results, blog results, update results, discussion results and image results are all worth aiming for in your SEO efforts.

Something as simple as using a Google Profile to list ALL your online programs and sites is one way of making them all reachable by your visitors and Google. But go for the overkill, do the same thing for your Facebook page, your MySpace page, your Linkedin page and more and also interconnect all your different content by referencing your videos in your News Releases, your Twitter profile in your articles, your Facebook page in your posts and so on.

Now I know it is still early and we do not know for sure what changes the algorithm will continue to make. These Google Caffeine SEO tips will most likely change a little and this page will be updated as we learn more. Just make sure your website loads up as fast as possible and the content has good keyword density and quality backlinks to social bookmarks,news and video sites and you should do well as Google Caffeine plays itself out. By the way, your old SEO tips for Google should not hurt you too much.

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