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This is your big chance to get more website visitors. Traffic Ultimatum is now live. This is the all in one course to teaching site owners how to get more website views. If you have been having problems in the past generating traffic and are sick and tired of seeing only a hand full of visitors then do not pass on this. Learn more on this page.

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How to Get More Website Visitors and Views With The Traffic Ultimatum System

The New Traffic Ultimatum system was completely shocking. We never thought about some of the ways you could get more website visitors that that the Traffic Ultimatum taught us. This was obviously no simple how to get more website views tips and tricks. This system really make you think outside the box. This system just launched in mid March of 2010 and this is a must have if you are struggling to get more website visitors. So let's take a look at what is inside.

The creator of Traffic Ultimatum is George Brown and I must say he really knowns his stuff. He was also the creator of Google Sniper. Google Sniper got one of the best responses I've seen from customers. The author, George Brown is a master of getting traffic which ultimately leads to more visitors and more sales. Knowing how much people wanted to learn, George created The Traffic Ultimatum course to show people EXACTLY how he gets over 1 million visitors to his sites every month!

Traffic Ultimatum is a completely comprehensive course on all the ways you can get more website visitors. 35+ videos, over 300 pages of written instruction, diagrams, process maps covering everything from video marketing to adwords to media buying to ppv. It's pretty darn good. And you can feel confident putting his system to the test. I'm looking to do the same with Traffic Ultimatum.

To get down to it there are 12 modules. Each one discusing each traffic method in full detail, that you can go out and actually implement it right there and then go get more visitors and make money. You will find 12 totally different online tactics.

You will learn everything from: SEO, PPC, PPV, Social media, video marketing, article marketing (and it isn't just ezine articles) and so much more with each covered in explicit detail. Normally a course will cover one traffic method, Traffic Ultimatum covers all the ways to get more website visitors and in a no filler just do this, do that style. It's a big course and something I know you are going to be very happy with.

Detailed Breakdown of Traffic Ultimatum:

When you order Traffic ultimatum, you will get everything you need to get more website views that's broken down over thirteen, easy to follow action packed modules. You will get three big manuals which has all the process maps, diagrams and step by step instructions you'll ever need. (One on all the ways to get free traffic, one on paid traffic methods, and one on Search engine optimization and market research, in case you were wondering).

It was a great course already, but some people prefer video, and really, you just can't beat watching live over someone's shoulder as they do each step. So every visitor getting technique is gone through in video form too.

Module One - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) And AMR (Advanced Market Research)

In this first module you will look at the search engines, and how you can dominate them to get masses of free, laser targeted visitors. Plus, AMR (advanced market research tactics) so you can be sure you will dominate that market in Google before you even begin (this part rocks!).

Here's just some of what you'll discover inside this module.

  • The exact step by step method George uses every time to pick out the hottest, most exploitable markets online. And weed out the garbage ones (very important chapter).
  • All of his keyword research secrets, how to be sure you'll rank in Google before you start.
  • The simple 3 step process George uses to be certain you are going to make money from that market.
  • The real secrets to grabbing top search engine rankings, stuff that Google themselves don't want you to know, let alone the competition.

Module Two - Syndication Marketing

With all do espsect, this is the most dependable traffic source out there. And if you think it's just article marketing, you are very wrong. You'll look at carnivals, tutorials, guest blogging, eBook submissions and much more too and how it can bring you more website views, free, dependable visitors so easily.

Here's what you get in module two

  • The exact 4 step process Goerge uses to create articles on any subject in minutes and it works every time.
  • The secret "blueprint" on every place to submit those articles, and how to submit it to each site.
  • An unbelievable, free tool that does all the submission stuff for you and will save you hours.
  • An almost totally unexplored gold mine of a traffic getting method (this one's got nothing to do with articles article directories)

Module Three - Video Marketing

In this module you'll look at the future: video marketing. But more specifically how it can easily be exploited right now to get just unbelievable amounts of traffic (and no one's doing this stuff!)

Here's just some of what you'll discover inside this module

  • The step by step formula on how to easily create a video that sells in minutes using nothing but Powerpoint.
  • Goerge Brown's secret Youtube technique I use to get up to 1,200% more views (seriously).
  • Videos responses, and how to use their real power to drive some ridiculous extra traffic.
  • How to outright steal traffic from other websites, and they can't do anything about it!

Module Four - Social Network Marketing

Web 2.0 is big, and in this module you will look at how you can get your slice of the pie and leverage some of the most popular sites on the internet for a ton of extra free traffic.

Here's just some what you'll discover inside this module

  • A simple place you can use to instantly get as much "written content" as you'll ever need.
  • Which web 2.0 sites should I]you really bother with? Miss this and you'll waste a lot of time.
  • How to create a real, undetectable link wheel (the regular ones don't work anymore!)

  • RSS - And a step by step guide to leveraging it for more free traffic than you can handle.

Module Five - Social Media Marketing

There's no 2 ways about it: Social media is hugh. And as a marketer it presents one of the greatest opportunities in years. In this powerful module, George will show you exactly how he use websites like Facebook to drive thousands of free visitors to his sites every single week.

Here's what you will learn in this module

  • How to finally make money using Twitter. Don't follow a zillion people!
  • How to really use Facebook to get good, buying traffic - And NO ONE is doing this.
  • How to easily get people to spread links to your site for you*(seriously).
  • The only way to build a "following" without spending hours hanging around Twitter.

Module Six - Conversation Marketing

In this module we look at a method that's popularity has soaring lately - conversation marketing. The best way to describe this is like real time marketing you intercept people right as there about to take an action (like buying something) and then get them to your site. Suffice to say, it's powerful.

This is what you will learn in module six

  • How to scope out high traffic blogs, "zoom in" and siphon off their traffic.
  • The hidden power of blog trackbacks and how to use them.
  • The big secret of forum marketing and why 99% of the competition is wasting their time.
  • How to instantly dominate any forum community and become the "go to guy".

Module Seven - Buzz Marketing

In this module you'll look at how you can drive some serious traffic with Buzz marketing. Buzz marketing is all about generating publicity and creating excitement about something. In our case it'll be a website or more specifically the website you want to drive traffic to.

This is what you will learn here

  • The 8 secrets 99% of marketers do not know to creating a powerful, traffic getting press release.
  • A totally alternative (but really effective) offline way to get traffic.
  • How to get your website listed in real print publications like newspapers (there is boatloads of untapped traffic here).
  • The 5 W's and how without them your buzz marketing efforts will probably fail.

Module Eight - Viral Marketing

In this module you will look at viral marketing and how other people can get traffic to your website, for you. You've heard of word of mouth right? Well what if people were talking about your website and they were doing it by spreading links to it all over the place? Powerful stuff, for sure.

Here's what is in stored for you here

  • The "hotmail" secret. You'll find out how hotmail used a simple viral marketing trick to go from nothing to the massive corporation it is today.

  • Viral toolbars - a complete step by step guide to getting traffic from them.
  • Exactly how to create a simple but seemingly totally interactive questionnaire that visitors will spread all across the net for you.
  • A tiny "magic" bit of code I now add to EVERY website of mine - that's how powerful it is.

Module Nine - Piggyback/Integration Marketing

In the final free traffic module you will see one of the most popular marketing methods in the World today. It's everywhere you look and indeed what all the internet's biggest "guru's" use to drive all that 7 figure traffic.

This is what you will find here.

  • The secrets of McDonalds and Microsoft - And how you as an internet marketer can exploit them for heaps of free traffic.
  • The exact step by step process to making integration marketing work for you.
  • How to "sniff out" competitors sites and steal some of their traffic with joint ventures.
  • How to use integration marketing to build yourself a huge email list. And it's really easy.

Module Ten - PPC (Pay Per Click) & Adwords

Easily the most popular form of paid traffic available today, Adwords is the subject of near endless discussion. And after losing thousands in the early days, in this module you are going to learn the exact PPC system that finally saves you money, and make me money.

This is what you will find out

  • A complete step by step guide to creating a real money making Adwords campaign start to finish. This could literally be a course in itself.
  • The real "secret" formula Google use to rank Ads - and how to manipulate it.
  • PPC is all about the keywords. You will learn how to get more than you'll ever need.
  • Exactly how to create hot, high converting, high click thru ads and landing pages (with REAL examples of each).

Module Eleven - Contextual Advertising

Adwords is the best known, but it is a fact that over 80% of all traffic on the internet comes from contextual advertising. In this very important module you will be shown how to get your slice of the pie.

Check out what you get here

  • The exact step by step process to setting up a successful campaign on the Google content network. Without this, you will fail.

  • The biggest "media buy" mistake you can make and how to instantly correct it.
  • How to tell Google which sites YOU want to advertise on (and yeah, you need to do this).
  • How to then take these campaigns and dominate Facebook paid ads, Adbrite and other top networks.

Module Twelve - PPV (Pay Per View)

PPV is the latest buzz word in internet marketing. Everyone wants to get involved and it's clear why. If you want to buy tens of thousands of visitors at as low as 1 cent per click pay very close attention, as in module twelve you'll learn exactly how to do it.

What you will learn in module twelve

  • The inside secrets on all the biggest PPV networks (which ones to join, and which ones will only send you worthless, non buyer traffic - VERY important).
  • The 3 rules to setting up your URL targeting (URL targeting is the most important part of a PPV campaign)
  • Exactly how to bid to get as much traffic as possible at the cheapest price.
  • How to test, track and tweak your campaign to send its return on investment into the stratosphere.

Module Thirteen - The Super Advanced "Ninja" Stuff

In this *very* special addition to the course you also get the absolute most cutting edge stuff. This is really unique, and very, very advanced material. You'll cover stuff like big email buys (tens of thousands of dollars on one ad), and outsourcing all your traffic generation - exactly how George do it.

This is what you will be learning

  • The most cutting edge traffic generation techniques in the industry. Without a doubt.
  • Outsourcing and step by step exactly how Goerge get people to generate all his traffic for himself. (worth the price of Ultimatum ALONE).
  • Something he calls "youtube buying" - The single most powerful traffic exploit ever discovered.
  • BIG Email buys - Exactly how you can get your site in front of up to 5 million people.

What Makes This Traffic Course Any Different Than The Others?

Traffic Ultimatum is a massive traffic getting course. It is the most complete how to get more website visitors guide I have vern seen. I would much rather prefer a couple videos and a small ebook, but with a course like this, nothing is left out! You will not find a more in-depth course on getting traffic to your website or blog than with Traffic Ultimatum.

Who is Traffic Ultimatum For?

Do you currently have a website or blog? Do you have an online business where you sell your own products or someone else's? How's your traffic? Would you like more visitors and sales? If so, then this is for you! You will without a doubt get more information from The Traffic Ultimatum than any other traffic course created..period! Get Traffic Ultimatum today and start applying the techniques instantly!

The Con's

  • Cost a little more than other products at $197, but well worth it!
  • Lots of Information, will require more time to go through, but very detailed.

The Pro's

  • Very Detailed and Thorough
  • High Quality
  • Up To Date Traffic Generating Techniques
  • You Can Apply Techniques Immediately
  • Well Established and Successful Author

If you ever wondered how to get more website visitors that question will be answered for good. Traffic Ultimatum delivers. If you bought each module separately you would easily pay way more than the $197 that is being offered. Look, stop searching the internet for old outdated tricks and tactics and get your copy of Traffic Ultimatum NOW and take your website or blog to the next level.