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Here are some Assistance for listing in Online Website Directories?

So you want to get your site listed in online website directories but not sure which ones to use right? Here is a beginners guide to getting listed for your assistance in your submission success.

First thing you should do in our beginners guide is read their submission guidelines to see what you need to get submitted. Too many people use automated services that simply input your information without you having no idea about their rules. It is better to do this manually to keep track of the guidelines. Plus automated services give your email address to all on the list whether you are following the rules or not. This will need to unwanted spam to your address.

This takes us to our next beginners guide tip. Don't use your main email address to submit to online directories. Create a separate email for the purposes of doing this. This will keep your main email address free of junk mail.

For better online directory assistance just submit to a few each day. You need to keep track of what directories ask you for a reciprocal link. Some tell you that it could take months to be listed and if they don't confirm your link you will end up giving them a free one way link. Keep your list handy so if you do not here back from them you can just remove your link to them.

Beware of directory companies that ask for a fee to be listed but will not refund your money if they reject your link. That is simply not fare. They have your money so they should either include your link or return your money. Even their own online directory assistance website who say that they will refund your fee will not respond to your contacts sometimes. Do your research on that company to see if they have any complaints first before your fork over your cash.

If you get a free link be sure to check to see if your link is still good from time to time. You might get listed only for a short time then taken down to get a free one way link from you.

A lot of directory sites have other site they will offer you to list in ones you are done submitting. Some will have no real domain name just something like or what ever. Don't waste your time with something like that. It will have no traffic or ranking to speak of so just skip it.

Submit to the category that fits your website the most. You want it to be as related as possible for maximum juice power. Use relevant keywords in your title because that will usually be where your link will be located. Plus you get better search engine optimization by doing this. Just do not use the same keywords everytime you submit.

Follow this beginners guide to website directories and you should have no problem finding a good directory to get listed. I no more people do not need assistance in getting listed but it doesn't hurt to get any.

Check out a list that can help you find directories. Just head to website Directories to see the list.