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Do Free Online Website Directories Help Your Page Ranking or Hurt It?

We all have been told that getting high quality links from high page ranking online directories can help increase your page rank. But is that really so? I pose this question because I have been noticing one thing. I go to a free directory that has a pr6 ranking on the home page but when you find a category that fits your website that page has no ranking at all. So that means if I get accepted my link will come from a page with no rank or a rank of zero. Is this a real benefit to you?

Most of the time you either have to pay for a link or give a reciprocal link from your home page to get into the website directory. If you pay then you will have paid for a very low ranking link to your site. If you give them a link from your home page your page link will most likely be higher than the page that links back to you. On top of that there are always the ones who will reject your link and not give you a refund or never confirm your reciprocal link so they can get a free one way link from you. This is a common problem you you have to be careful with the ones you get links from.

Then of course you have to give the free directory your email address and that can have its own set of problems. They can end up selling your address to others that will spam you to death or the directory itself can do the same. How do you know with ones to trust? That is why I am not interested in those sites that sell submissions to 100,000s of directories for one low price.

You have do understand that when an online directory has a page rank of 7, for example, that only means for that page not the entire website. It would be great if you could get a link from their home page but that is not going to happen. Your website directory link will come from no ranking pages and that don't seem right. The only advantage I see is that since their home page has a great ranking it will get spidered more by the search engines that will find your link. I do know one thing those, having a link is better than no link at all so be grateful for that anyway.

Of course there can be an upside to the ones that have you link back to the exact page you put your site on. By that page having so many links it could get a better ranking in the future. That means you get a better quality link down the road. Unfortunately most will require a link back to there home page and that will help them move up them up the ranking and not you so much. Even if the free directory ends up on page one of its keyword results don't expect any traffic from it. Those are people who are submitting and not searching for any particular website. Getting these types of links are to help your site move up the search engine results with the keywords you select giving you free traffic.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to discourage anyone from using free or paid directories. Having links back to your website is always a good thing. I just want you to be a little more selective about what directories you sign up for.

So the next time you think about paying or offering a reciprocal link to get into a website directory make sure you take a look at the ranking on the page you are suggesting a link from. There are only a small amount of website directories out there that has pages other than their home page that have a good page ranking. Sites like the Domz directory, if you can get in, and Yahoo directory, if you feel like paying, are good places. You might find a few more if you look hard enough but most likely you will be getting a low value link that might end up benefiting them more than you.

Here is a place where you can find a list of free or paid directories. Just go to website Directories to see the list. But first read more tips on directory submission before you get started by going to online directory assistance.