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Build Links Free To Any Site Both One Way And Reciprocal By Following These Tips

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I think we all know right now how important it is to build links to your website or blog. But the bigger question is how to get links that will help you move up the search engines free? You know, those one way links that get the most free search engine juice. Well there are a bunch of ways you can go about doing this. But lets first look at the ways you should not first.

Wrong Way To Get Links

Some people think a good way to build links is to find blogs that are related to their site and leave comments with their keyword linking to their site. It may sound good but the problem is most comments on blogs are "nofollow" links. That means the search engines get told not to pass any link power to that site. They do this because people will spam their site with worthless comments just to get links to their site. Don't waste your time with this for your SEO. It may be a one way link but it will have no value for you.

Another link building service you should not try is to join forums and start linking back to your site. Unless you are offering quality information to the members you will have your membership removed and be given a bad reputation by all of the members. If you post enough useful information into the forum then they might let an occasional link to your site in but that is about it.

Do not sign up for services like "Yahoo Answers" to answer question for the sole purpose of building links to your site. This will get your account suspended fast. You might get one or two one way links with this but linking to the same website, even to different pages, will look spammy and they will not hesitate to cancel your account.

Most link building services out their claim they can build links for you without you doing a thing other than placing a small piece of code on your website. Then links will start to show up slowly and gradually the way search engines like it. But the links will not be related to your site at all and search engines are getting better at recognizing their A site to B site to C site strategy. This will only work for a short time and then you will get penalized.

Do not buy a bunch of links that will give you thousands of links in just a day or so. Too many to fast tells the search engines that you offer no real value because you are simply buying links and google frowns on this badly. If you want to out source your link building then use one that will build links to relevant sites over months at a time.

So if none of these ways are good to get links for your site then what is? Well let's take a look at that next.

Right Way To Build Links

Of course the obvious solution for one way links is to start writing articles and send then to article directories to get published. It still works so give it a try if you haven't already. you can post an article to our article directory if you like. To get the most out of every article then I recommend this service here at

Social media sites are a good place to get links if you know how to use them. I suggest you use a link building service here at our buy backlinks site. Michelle will teach you how to use social media sites to your full advantage. She really knows her stuff. Check our review out.

Try to find reputable directories to build links with. The higher the page rank the better. But of course your link will be one a lower ranked page if any but that directory will get crawled more offen and that means your site will get found fast. To read more about directories you can visit our free website directories page.

Build links to internal pages of your site with your keywords. Instead of repeating yourself on similar topic just link to the page that it relevant to the topic.

We said earlier not to spam comment areas of blogs to build links but there is away to get links back from them. If you ad a comment that both complements the author and adds to the discussion you might be able to put a link at the end that the author will post. But put in a name in the name box and not a keyword. It will most likely be no follow there anyway plus it will look like you are just spamming. You want your link to be in the comment section where it will be a do follow link.

Sign up for free blogs like Blogger and Wordpress and build links back to your site. This is an easy one way link strategy that any body can do. You can get email address for free and create multiple accounts and get links back to your site.

Link your pages to websites like Diggs to have members read your content. Make sure it is worth adding people just a plain comment article will not get much love for the community.

See there are lots of was you can build links to your site without going broke. You just need to get down to work. Get links now because the competition will not let you catch up to them. Build your one way links slow and steady and you will see your site move up the search engines in no time. Back to our Free Backlinks page.