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Backlinks are very important in getting your site moved up the page ranking. Whether you get free backlinks or buy backlinks you will need them in order to get free traffic to your site. To make this a little easier tools were created to get backlinks. It's all about getting related links from good quality websites. Someone who has only 50 or 60 backlinks can be higher in the ranking than someone with 1000s because you need links from strong websites to help more your site up the ranking.

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With google or any other search engine, its all about quality. They want to display websites that gets backlinks from other proven websites that has lasted the test of time. This will make your site seem more important and therefore the search engine will respond by moving your website up the latter.

As I'm sure you have been told one way links are the best to have and their are many ways to get them. One way to get one way links for your website is to use the 3 way link system. What they do is link your site to site A then have site A link to site B then have site B link to your website. This way you are getting one way links instead of a reciprocal link. This is a great way to get free backlinks to your website.

More common ways to get one way links is with the use of writing articles. Articles can be sent out to all kinds of publishers who are looking for fresh content daily. All you do is add your link at the end of your article in your biography and people will places your articles on their blogs or website giving you free backlinks to your website. With these types of one way links people can see you are a knowledgable person a may visit your website.

You can also try complimenting the creator of a product that you like that is related to your niche. This can give you plenty of free backlinks if done correctly. Just send them an email praising them about their product and then add your link to it. After that, let the creator know that you would like to be added as testimonial to their product. If they your testimonal your backlinks could be seen by thousands who are thinking about using that product. Just make sure you pick a good product. You don't want one way links from some scam product hurting your reputation.

Don't exactly count out reciprocal links when looking for backlinks for your website. If you can share a links from a website that is higher ranked than yours your will still see the benefit. Plus you will enjoy a little bleed off traffic from a more popular site as well. It's common that most high ranking websites have lots of reciprocal links because they have been around for a long time. Besides most will not give you a link unless you offer one yourself.

When linking back to your website try to use keywords as your link. This will make it better for you to move up the search engine when someone types in that keyword or phrase. Make sure that you get backlinks from websites that share your niche. It will not do you any good if your website is about pets and you get a link back to your site from a car site. Some webmasters have said that is does not matter if they are relevant or not so getting a few outside your niche should not hurt you too much.

Stay away from link farms. Link farms are websites that are just full of links from all types of websites. Google or any other search engine frown on this types of sites and having a link from them may actually hurt you not help. As search engines prepare to make chances to their ranking algorithm websites like theirs will be the first to suffer.

Their are plenty of backlink services around the internet and you need to make sure that you get the most out of them. That's why we try to offer the best tools and services we can find. You can check our product reviews page to see high quality paid backlinks that work.

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I hope you found these tools useful. I know that I sure did. when I first got started I hard a tough time finding backlinks that were relevant to my site. Even less that would give me a link. It took hours of finding sites, then contacting them and asking for a link to my site.

With these tools you can find sites that will simply let you add a site to their website giving you a free link. Once I found it I knew there must be others who have have the same problem as I did. So I made sure to add these to my site to help all my visitors build their links.

You can come back anytime to use these tools and feel free to tell everybody about this. We are always looking for more helpful tools so check back to see any updates. Now find more detailed tips on link building by checking out our build links page.