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Stay Caught Up On Facebook Game Farmville Secret Cheats, Strategies, Technigues and Tips With This Guide!

If you are a Facebook member then you surely know about the game Farmville and how addictive it has become. Since it's launched date in June 16, 2009 there are over 33,000,000 members playing and it is still rising. The people of Zynga created this game and applied to to Facebook users. It has become one othe fastest growing games Facebook ever used. You can take sometime away from city life and live a Green Acres like life style.

If you are not familiar with the Farmville game it is sort of like a Sims game that you control that allows you to become the ultimate farmer. You can interact with your friends, customize your character and begin the day as a farmer. You start out with 300 coins and 6 plots with 4 of them will already have crops planted on them. By hovering the mouse over the plots it will let you know if it is ready to harvest or what stage they are in. You can hover on your empty lot you can the start to plow your field. This will cost you some coins but as you know it cost money to keep up a farm. When you plow your earn experience points. When you are done you click again to buy the seeds you want. the whole object of the game is to keep expanding your farm to make to have more crops to sale and make big money and improve your whole plantation

As fun as the game may be it can be a real challenge to get your crops to grow or set up a chicken coop and more. If can take hours to level up if you do not have a farmville strategy. To make it work you need to follow certain techniques from start to finish in order to dominate the game.

Now I can give you the Farmville secret that everybody is talking about. Like when you click on a friend icon to help do not accept the help right away. Once the message comes up just go right back to the same friend and click on the visit help farm again. This will reload the friends farm again. Repeat the process like 20 times or more. You will have over 20 accept boxes each giving you 5 experience points. Do this on one friends farm at a time. Plus you get 20 or more coins each time. Now that is an old trick that use to work. Some still say it does but you be the judge. The good news for you is that you do not have to settle for old farmville strategies any more.

There is a farmville guide out there called Farmville Secrets that will continuously update new farmville tips and tricks that you can apply to dominate the game. Sure you can do it the old fashion way but come on. I mean you must know that once you plant something your crops will continue to grow even if you are not playing. Since this is a virtual world crops grow within hours. That means if you plant something like berries and go to bed you will wake up and find that all your crops are dead. Your crops will be lost unless you come back in time to harvest. You do not want to worry about that all the time do you? You will discover things like what crops to grow, how to get an architect ribbon and lots more.

Now you can discover how to have a $1,000,000 plantation and be the envy of all your friends instead of being the butt of all their jokes about how back your farm looks. Do not waste your time on checking out old lame Farmville tips you can get just about anywhere. Learn the Farmville tricks that are far superior from all the rest. Check out the video and get onboard Farmville Secrets and start playing the game like a master farmer. Do not be the last one to get this guide. Check out the video below and get your copy now!

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