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Get Facebook Game Cheats, Tips, Secret Strategies, Tricks That Help Players Dominate

Anybody who has a Facebook account knows that their games from Zynga and Playfish are very addicting. People are spending hours a day playing them. It even made it to the Dr.Phil show where a woman had to seek help to stop playing Farmville. If you do not want to end up like her then you will need the latest Facebook game cheats so you can stay on top longer and play less.

Facebook game tips that are found here are for serious gamers. Those simple freebie stuff you will find are good for a while but you will never really dominate until you develope some Facebook game strageties. This is the key to getting ahead on any of the Facebook games. This is one of the reasons why so many people end up spending the entire day or all night playing only to end up back where they started or worse.

Just like any type of Sims game you must have a direction in order to get ahead. We have gathered up all the best Facebook game tutorials to help you with this. Dominate some of the most popular Zynga games out their. Get free updates for life so you will always be the one with the latest tricks that others will not have.

Facbook Game Cheats like Farmvile, Cafe word, Mafia Wars, Pet Society, Fishville, Restaurant city and Farm Town can all be found here. These are the most popular games in facebook now and still growing. So if you like to play any of these games and you are tired of not getting anywhere then pick your game and downland your new strategies today.

Cafe World Cheats Fishville Cheats
Mafia Wars cheats Restaurant Cafe Cheats
Pet Society cheats Farmville Cheats
Farm Town cheats

In case this is your first time hearing about these and other Facebook games then here is a quick how to play on these favorite games. You must know that with all games it continues to play even when you are not so it is important to have the strategies above to help.

How to play Restaurant City by "Playfish"

With your Facebook account search for the App Restaurant City. It will open and guide you through the game. The whole theme of the game is to earn money by selling your food to customers. You make the meals, get employees to help "8 per restaurant" gather ingredients by playing daily quizes, first time visits to friends restaurants and daily freebies. The ingredients market will be too expensive at first. You have to gain gourmet points by keeping your windows open and serving meal. Closed windows will cost you points as well as running out of food. At the beginning serve the same food because when a table already has that food you will be able to build up food and not run out. Check your employees happy meters. Do not let it get under 80% or they will become slow. Keep them well feed and rested. You can fire them but it will cost you 2000 coins. You can also get coins by shaking all the trees around your restaurant and picking up trash. You can level up to 27 but it could be higher by now. You can add things like Sinks, toilets, arcades, stoves and lots more. Learn recipes by gathering all the ingredients for that dish. You are the boss and you control all aspects of your restaurant.

How to play Cafe world by "Zynga"

In Cafe World you start out with $2000, some chairs and table, a door, 4 stoves, and 3 food counters. You can get more doors but you will get more customers and at the beginning you will not be able to keep up so start will just 1. You can click and drag thinks around but you must keep one square open so people can move around. Then you can hire a waiter from your friends list because you are the cook. Select foods from the cookbook to cook. Be aware of the time your meals cook. some meals may take only minutes while others may take hours. You need to cut, dice, and chop etc. ingredients until the timer starts. After food is cooked in stove it must be played on the counter within twice the time it took to make or it will go bad. All food on the counter can be served and eaten until it is all gone. Earn points from your customer tips and by daily visits from neighbors. when you are not playing make sure that you remove the doors and have no food cooking. This will freeze your rating until you return.

How to Play Fishville by Zynga

This is a very easy game to play. The objective is to grow your fish then sell them for profit. You get to decorate your aquarium how every you choose, grow your tank buy purchasing more tanks, add tank neighbors and visit other aquariums. You can earn rewards buy being a good fishkeeper. You start out by buying fish to put in your tank, upto 15 at first. As you place them into the tank you fish will start small and then grow as time goes on. You can hover the cursor over them to check on their grow and hunger statis. Once they are fully grown you must sell them to gain experience points and coins or they will die and you lose points. More expensive fish take longer to grow but the give you more coins and points when they are sold. Swap gifts with friends to build up a really nice looking aquarium. You can add neighbors and visit their tank and help them out to gain points. This will also unlock new fish na d decorations that can be used in your aquarium.

How to play Mafia Wars on Facebook

You start out with $3000 cash, full health and energy but zero experience. To gain experience you start out by doing jobs like jumping Big Tony's henchman. This will cost you some energy but you will earn cash when it is done. You have the choice of being a money mogul or a fighting type mafia member. You get the option to buy property to run your operation out of. you can add your friends as members of your mafia. You can then take on other mafias and buy weapons, more property and until you become the top mafia boss.

How to play Pet Society on Facebook

On Pet Society you get to create the perfect pet. Well at least for you anyway. Pick any color, shape, and name you like. There are many variations you can make. Your pet will live in its own cartoonish like home. You start out with 2 rooms. A living room with a tv, sofa, chair and the other room is empty. You can buy more furniture and add on more rooms. You must climb the social ladder buy earning more money to build up your home and playing games in the stadium to win trophies. You must keep your level of happiness, cleanliness and stomach fullness at full level at all times. Use the items from the "chest" to keep them clean, entertained and full of food. You can go out and play with other pets. Inside their homes you can choose to do thinks with then like kissing, dancing, joking and more. By doing this you earn coins and trohpies.

How to Play Farm Town on Facebook

Farm Town is a neat alternative for city life. You get a good sense of farm living. This was out before Farmville. It is a simple concept. You plow your fields, plant your crops then harvest and sell for coins. You also get to hire workers to help and visit and invite other farmers. You start out with a small piece of land and a farm house and you get to work building up your farmer. As you make more money your options will increase. When your workers harvest the crops you sell you get 25% more payment. If you help your neighbors you can win trophies for your work. As you move up the levels you will be able to buy more land and build a nicer farm. If you want to break away from city life from time to time then Farm Town is it.

How to play Farmville on Facebook

Farmville is now the most popular game on face book now. We put out a little more info for this one. Check it out here at Farmville Secrets to learn more.

Hope this wet your appetite on playing Facebook games. There are more games to play than these and as more cheats come available will will be updating out list. Now get your copy and go have some fun!