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Learn how the service of Directory of Ezines tips can help you with your targeted solo and classified ezine marketing and advertising needs.

Get Targeted Solo Or Classified Ezine Advertising Marketing Through the Directory of Ezine Service

Ezine marketing has been around for a long time now. It is the third most popular way to get traffic to any site. You have obviously been seeing all of the promotions happening online, sharing a million different ways to grow a business. Well, it's interesting that the tried and true way (and probably the most powerful way to start out) hasn't been mentioned very much. So what is it? It's ezine advertising.

There are a lot of ezine advertising services out there that offer both targeted solo and classified ads to their subcribers. But not to many people know how to use it successfully. This is where Directory Of Ezines comes in.

Directory of Ezines offer its customers a list of Ezines that related to your niche. There is no point of creating an ad for unrelated sites. Charlie Page, creator, has put this all together to help struggling marketers to find potential customers in your field. The program currently did the investigation in your case. All you need to do is take benefit of it by means of submissions and advertisements.

Through the Directory of Ezine service there are 3 types of targeted ads you can send out:

  • A targeted classified ad that is text based. These ads are cheap and they bring in pretty good results if you do your ads right.
  • Sponsor ads will have your ads on the top of there page for all to see when visitors land on that page.
  • Solo ads that get sent out as a stand alone email or an ad ij the newsletter that get sent to subcribers. A well written ad can work wonders here.

Ezine Marketing and Advertising With charlie

Because Directory of Ezines service is all about providing you targeted ezines your ads have a better chance to succeed. I highly recommend that you use the classified ads because the results are nearly the same as the Sponsor ads and this will save you some money. Plus once you sign up you get to place free ads on Charlies own website and you also get a free telephone consultation once a week about any subject you like. Now how many owners do that.

With Charlie Page you will get not only ezine advertising but article marketing, joint ventures, teleseminars and more. You can use their service with your own website, affiliate website, business site, newsletter signup page, video page ect. You also get the ability to get involved in revenue-sharing sites online to minimize your budget.

He also add it a new rewards program that works for you every month. Things like:

  • Free ad writing
  • Your message to his Twitter lists of 2000 + followers
  • Free website review with phone follow up
  • Free membership to a second website
  • And More!

Sign up to Directory of Ezine

Advantage of Ezine Advertising

The advantages of using ezine marketing is that you do not have to worry about quality score like with Google Adwords. Your ad will not be subject to such scrutiny. I highly recommend you use their service to build up your list since these people are more likely to respond to these types of ads. Then you can build a relation with them before you make any kind of hard sell.

Another good reason for ezine advertising is there are no spam issues to be concerned with. Your ads are sent to people who has subscribe to them. That means they will be expecting them to come. It is sort of like email marketing with a twist.

Ezine advertising is cheap! How cheap? How about reaching 84,000 opt-in subscribers for only $50? An average solo ads costs about $4 per thousand readers. That's a bargain basement price for highly targeted advertising! Some solo ads cost as little as 50 cents per thousand readers. Classified and sponsor ads cost much less! PLUS, over 150 ezines offer a DOE member only discount, ranging from 10% to a whopping 80% off!

Should you use Directory of Ezine?

Now before you get too excited about their service there are a few things you must consider. There is a one time fee of $197 to become a lifetime member but that will be going away soon. If you wait to long to decide then you will end up paying a monthly fee. But we offer a bonus for those who sign up using are link to make that investment a little easier. just check the "Consumer Notice" banner at the end of this page.

You need to be good at writing ads if you want your ads to be affective. Just any old ad will not do. Directory of Ezines is one of the best advertising marketing services out there right now for ezine advertising but nothing is perfect. Not everyone will experience great success because most people do not really understand how to use the properly. You will need to take advantage of all the tips that Charlie Page will cover before you get started. This is not for the first timer in internet marketing.

As you can see Directory of Ezines is something you should at least consider for your ezine advertising needs. Now to learn more check out a video from Charlie Page himself and see if this is right for you. If this is not for you then at least you can get a free ebook on Ezine traffic if you like or not. Just go to Directory of Ezines.