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Would you like to learn the strategy of CPA content gatetways? Learn how to CPA the right way.

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Learn How To CPA With The Best Content Gateway Affiliate Sites.


You came here wondering how to CPA (Cost-Per-Action) with content gateway CPA right? Well you are in luck. Because you can create your own make money CPA sites time after time again and build your own business but only if you follow the necessary game plan to be successful. So lets get started.

First of all a content gateway is a script you get from some of the best CPA affiliate sites that you can ad to any page of your site. When someone lands on that page a small window will appear that will block the content from the visitor and ask then to fill out a short form. They can usually get a few different choices to fill out. Once they complete the CPA gateway they will get access to the content. They will not need to use a credit card or anything like that so do not worry.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. If every one that comes to my site has to fill out a short form then people will lose interest in my site and leave. This can be true if this is done for your home page or something like that but think about it like this. Imagine if you had some premium content you wanted your visitor to have but you did not want to charge them for it but still like to make money. You could then let them know if they want a free tutorial on whatever just complete the form and get your copy. When they do you get paid and they get your free tutorial. Now how simple is that. Plus if you set everything up right you can build a list of leads as well. This will help you grow your business.

The best CPA affiliate sites will have plenty of freebie stuff that will give you like $3.00 for every form that gets filled out. This is how they build up their leads and you can make money by helping them. So if 50 people want your free product or software and they fill out lets say a small survey then you will make a cool $150 without charging a thing to your visitors. Do you see now how you can make money CPA markeing with content gateways?

When you stop to think about how to CPA you can find lots of useful ways you can use your content gateways. For example, if you have a free tool that you let visitors use online like a banner maker or some keyword tool then you could have your visitors complete a form to gain access. This is a lot easier to do than trying to set up a membership site. That way they will get the free access they love while you get paid from the CPA sites.

Now I must warn you that content gateways is not something you what to try out unless you get the proper training first. I mean you want to make money with your CPA sites right? So I first what to show you information about a course that explains in full detail how you can build multiple sites using the best CPA sites to set up you content gateways. If you are interested then please head over to our CPA Convert Review to learn more.