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Need cheap web hosting that is reliable and offers all the thing you want? Well you can get with Ultra website Hosting. Cheap hosting space is what they do best.

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Find A Cheap Web Hosting Space That Is Inexpensive For Business And Personal Use!

Website Hosting

If you were looking for cheap hosting space then you can stop right here. Ultra Website Hosting is the site you need to look at for your inexpensive web hosting and domain name services. They offer cheap web hosting with all types of packages to choose from. These packages are so inexpensive that it is great for both personal and business webmasters alike.

Ultra Website Hosting service has cheap web space solutions with plans that value as low as $2.95 a month (if you pay for 4 years) for unlimited websites. That one of the cheapest web hosting around for what they offer. It's almost free web hosting. Plus you also get $75 in credit to 3 major advertising networks to help market your sites. That fits anybodies budget. Their reliable paid services offer unlimited data transfer(bandwidth) and disk storage space, free setup, customer service, a site builder and over 200 website templates to create your own website. You also get a large array of website scripts like shopping cart, blogs and more. You don't even have to put ads on your sites like some web hosting services make you do to make it inexpensives. Your website is yours to use how ever you want. Sorry, but no adult websites will be allowed.

The reason why the packages are so inexpensive is because they offer a shared web hosting space just like Hostgator and Godaddy but better priced. What is shared wed hosting you ask? Well it has nothing to do with websites sharing information with each other it simply means that you are sharing the space the server provide with others. This allows the server to be used at its full potential and that equals low cost web hosting for everybody. Another good reason for shared web hosting is that the company is responsible for the maintenance, tuning and upgrades not you. That offers some piece of mind. Having your own separate server means you are responsible for maintenance and you will pay more for your own server. Of course if you prefer a dedicated host for building much larger websites you can get that too.

Have you heard enough? If you have get your domain name and cheap hosting space service now or read on.

Now I know what you might be thinking, 4 years is a long time to have your cheap web hosting registered for since you are not familiar with their service. But this is a good thing to do if you what the search engines to take your website seriously. See, search engine companies create their own algorithm and one of the things they look for is domain age. If that site has been around for years then they tend to lean towards placing those sites higher on their results.

For those of you who are creating a new website and paying on a month to month basis this makes the search engines worried that your website will not be around long so you will have a much tougher time getting good results until your website shows some age. But by registering for a four year plan right out of the gate you are sending a clear message that your site will be their for the long hall. This can increase your chances of getting a good placement faster as you build your site. Now let take a look at what you get for your low cost website hosting.

With the inexpensive web hosting package plans you can have unlimited domains, unlimited sub-domains, and unlimited email accounts. You also get all the usual stuff like PhP, MySQL Datadases,Front Page, and more. Plus, if you need a shopping cart on your website they can take care of that too. They even offer cheap domain names as well. Ultra Website Hosting supports just able any PC languages you can think of so you don't have to worry about now being able to use your gadgets. The speed is also great. They are hosted on the reliable Dell Quad-Core Intel Xeon systems with 8 GB+ of RAM. RAID 5 Terabyte drives and redundant power supplies with separate power feed sources. On those servers we run 64-bit CentOS Enterprise Linux specifically tailored and optimized for the fast serving of your website. Their servers are backup to a remote server to ensure that your website it not lost.

With cheap hosting space like this you will not have to be concerned about your inexpensive web hosting plan budget cutting into your profits. They will even beat the competitions price by 10% if you somehow find a better price for what they are offering. Now that is standing behind your word. At the same time you will not have to give up any services. Try them for 45 days and if you are not happy with their service they'll refund any hosting charges. But we know you will be happy with them! I know there are more and more cheap hosting space sites popping up all the time but none like this. They even responded to my questions quickly and that was refreshing.

Cheap web hosting space only needs the be cheap in price not in service so be careful when you are looking for the cheapest hosting around because sometimes you get what you pay for. But with Ultra Website Hosting low cost hosting is the way it should be. This is a solid inexpensive web hosting company with many awards to it name from 2003 to 2008 and I'm sure they will win more awards in the future.

If you are worried about the hassle of transferring your website to a new host well you can stop right now. If you have a website that is 200MBs or less in size they will transfer your website over for free. If your site is bigger than that they have a range of low cost prices to handle that too. Sure if you all ready know how to do it yourself then you can but it may be better to let them do it for you. That way the only thing you will have to do is adjust your email accounts and any special service if you have one with your old hosting service. Let them take the load off of you. You are in good hands every step of the way.

So now if you are ready to build your own website or to have an army of websites working for you then please sign up to the site that come highly recommended. You will be pleased with how easy it is to use. Inexpensive Web Hosting.

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