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Get Cheap PPC Traffic Advertising From Facebook Ads

A lot of people do not realize this but Facebook ads are what Google Adwords use to be in the good old days. You can Get cheap pay per click(PPC) traffic without all the restrictions. People are constantly getting banned from Google Adwords because they make it harder for people to use there service. But there is a trick to using Facebook ads you need to know before you start any campaign. So let's get started.

Facebook gets as much traffic as Google does now. This have a huge members list that cater to all types of niches. There cheap ppc traffic allows you to target a select group of people that is related to your product or service. That means when you Facebook ads go out they will be seen by only the people you select. This means you have a better chance of conversions since your advertising is so highly targeted. You can target right down to age group, gender, hobbies, work and more. Just make sure that what you are offering is related. You can not create an ad for 30 year old's if the landing page does not specify the same age group. Play close attention to your landing page and target the audience your page is targeted for.

Another thing about getting cheap PPC advertising with Facebook is you have to remember you are selling to a membership site. That means that your ads will be seen to a select group over and over again. This type of advertising is good for short promotions like maybe 2 months or so. It will not do you much good to keep showing the same ad to the same people. Once the people who want to click your ad do so your traffic will start to nosedive after that. The trick here is to cater to one demographic for a while then create a new landing page for a different bunch of people. This way you will be sending fresh ads to new eyes every 2 months giving you best results.

Never just sign up for any pay per click advertising until you know what you are doing. There is no need for you to blow your budget and have nothing to show for it. You want to learn first how to set everything up before your spend your first dime. This is why we highly recommend the Facebook Formula. This system will give you step by step instructions on how to set up your Facebook ads and landing pages correctly so your ads will be accepted and see good results. You will also stay informed on any changes to Facebook guidelines as well as the latest trends in the Facebook community.

Look, you want cheap PPC traffic right? Well why not learn everything you can before you get started. Remember the first time you placed a Google Adwords ad and all you got from Google was higher click rates, money lost and no success. It may seem easy enough to sign up and place an ad and hope for the best but that is not the way to do it. Unless you have a boat load of money to burn you might want to spend just a little money first and learn the tips and tricks before you get going. The Facebook Formula can help you with this.

Now if you are tired of throwing your money away to Google and you would like to give the cheap PPc traffic advertising a try then please by all means get the Facebook Formula now!