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Get Cheap Low Cost Online Internet Advertising For Your Websites Or Blogs

Internet advertising is found every where. People realize that millions of websites are created each year and that means more sites fighting to get noticed. If you can find cheap online advertising then this is a plus. But large corporations will put the squeeze on your site with there large advertising budgets. But there are options for the little guy trying to get ahead. Finding websites you can place low cost advertising on can really turn the tide.

Sure, you can always place ads on free ad sites but lets face it, nobody goes to these sites to buy anything. Just sellers advertising to other sellers. This is why you need to advertise on places that are getting potential customers. Sites that are offering similar products or services you bring to the table. And if you can advertise cheap then why not take advantage of this service. is now opening up cheap internet advertising for most blogs or websites. We understand that times are tough but you need to get the word out about your site if you want to succeed online. That is why we put together a low cost advertising solution that fits most budgets.

One Flat Rate Ads

  • $48 a year on text banner home page. Example At Top Of Page. Plus two subpages on related pages.
  • $36 a year on text banner subpage on two pages.
  • $24 a year on our home page sidebar plus two pages on our subpage that is closely related to your ad as possible.
  • $12 a year on any two subdomain page sidebar.

That's advertising for as little as 3 cents a day. There is no limit to how many clicks you can have and your ad will go live within 24hrs or less. We will try to place your ads on the most relevant page we have for your site if you select the subdomain page. To up hold the integrity of our site there are limits to use our cheap advertising service.

  • No adult or Porn sites allowed
  • No hate or Violents sites
  • No promotion of Guns and firearms
  • No ads that promote one thing then redirects to something else
  • No gambling or betting sites
  • We reserve the right to limit any other offer we feels violates the integrity of this site

Why Should You Advertise Cheap With Us?

Because as this site continues to grow this will mean more exposure to your site as well. Since you will be getting in on the ground floor you can capitalize on the increase in potential traffic for years to come if you keep using our service. Plus, this will be solid organic traffic from real visitors and not from any robotic clicks. If you are selling advertising yourself you can even get a cheap ad placed right on this page as well. Even if they do not click your ad they will still see your url and they may go to your site later. Top position will be on a first come first serve basis.

Where Will Your Low Cost Internet Advertising Be Placed?

Of course if you take advantage of the home page ads then it will be there. The subpage ads will be on the most relevant page that is related to your site. Are pages can range from taxes, web hosting, research, reviews, web traffic, scams, home business even weight lose and pc repair. We will find the best page possible or you can select which page you would like. Even if you are just promoting as an affiliate you can use our service.

What Type Of Cheap Ads Can You display?

For Sidebar Ad you will receive a text based ad with a title and small description and link to your page. Sort of like a pay-per click ad. There will be a sponsors section set up on the right side of the page. If you want the best results possible try to make your ads shocking and attention grapping to get noticed. But please do not offend anyone. Or if you have an image that is around our block size let us know or place in the link to your image and we can arrange to use that to link to your page. Our block size is 125x125 so people will see it. This is the stand size you will see on most blogs.

For Text Banner Ad your ad will appear on the top center of the page where visitors will land on first. Just like the flashing ad you see above. We only allow text for that space but your ad will get more exposure.

How Many People Will Have The Chance To See My Cheap Ads?

This website is currently averaging around 12,900 (updated 5.20.2011) 14,100 visitors with over 25,000 35,000 page views a month and is steadily growing. Once we get over 20,000 visitors a month the price could go up but not much. It is sort of like advertising on tv. The higher the ratings the more you pay. For those of you who subscribe now you will never pay the increase unless you cancel. Then if you place an ad again later then you will end up paying the higher price.

How Do I Pay For My Low Cost Advertising?

You have the option of paying with a credit card or Paypal account. Whichever is best for you. Your payments will be secure.

Get Your Low Cost Advertising Subscription!

If you think our low cost advertising is right for your website or blog and you would like to give us a try then click on one of the links below. There will be a simple two steps to follow. Once your ad and payment is confirmed you will be notified when your ad is up and running.

Cancellation Of Cheap Ads

You can cancel your subscription any time through your paypal account or contact us directly. But there is no refund for past payments because we can not guarantee sales or the amount of traffic you will receive. This will be based on the effectiveness of your ad writing skills and what you are offering. You can use the unsubcribe buttons below.