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Do not Backup Games from XBox 360 Ninento Wii, Playstation, PS2 or PS3 With The Game Copy Pro, Game Copy Wizard And Copy that Game Software Scam Review

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Do you realize that everytime you play your Nintendo Wii or PS3 disc you risk harming it? Learn how to backup games now before you lose your investment.

I am sure you have heard something like this before and you would love to be able to copy games and play them on your machine or computer. Well the con artist know that too. See, they understand how expensive Nintendo Wii and XBox 360 games are and they are looking for a quick buck. We took a look at 3 software claims from "Copy That Game", "Game Copy Wizard" and "Game Copy Pro" and quickly realized that these are all scams. They are simply selling free software disguised as there own in order to rip you off. The software can be found at Imgburn do not tell anybody that their software is capable of copying games. Those claims are made by the scammers. Oh, by by the way, "copy that game" also goes by the name "copy any games" so look out for that too. Imgburn is more for backing up more traditional dvds and cds. It allows you to write image files to disc and read an image file and check it to see if the image is correct. You might be able to copy some older games but most likely you will have trouble playing them without the right chip installed if it even play at all.

It is not mentioned any where on Imgburn website that you will be able to copy Wii and Xbox games or any kind of games for that matter. All that comes from the con artist that load up fake images giving the impression that you are getting their software when really you are getting the Imgburn software. There download information will seem legit at first but once you are ready to install the software you will clearly see that it is from Imgburn. That is why we consider "Copy that Game" "Game copy wizard" and "Game Copy Pro" scams. Don't waste your money on these or any time of backup games claims.

The makers of Nintendo and Playstation consoles are not stupid. There is no way they would make it easy for anyone to copy and play their games. They would lose a fortune if you could do that from people selling the copied games. Now I am not going to say that it is impossible to do but these products will not help you backup games.

So I hope are review of these 3 products will help you save your money. My advice is to be extra careful with your games so they will not get damaged in any way. Do not count on any backup games software to save you. If you liked this review then please check out our other reviews we have created on our product reviews page at the top.