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Article Rewriting Software

There are many article rewriter software to choose from but their is one we consider the best. Take a look for yourself so you can see how to rewrite articles.

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Choose The Article Rewriter Software That Helps You Rewrite Articles Fast and Quickly

Back in the days an article rewriter tool was simply a joke. They barely changed a word or two or they created sentences that made no sense. For that reason we held off on endorsing any we could find. But now this a new decade and article rewiting is making a strong comeback. They are so good now that even are site has started to use them. We wanted to highlight one we liked and give you a review. So the one we love so much is Magic Article Rewriter. Lets take a look.

Now Magic Article Rewriter does an excellent job at helping anyone rewrite article fast. The article rewriting software is second to none we saw. They use a hugh synonym database that displays then as you type. It even spell checks each word in real time. We have never seen one so sophisticated. It is easy to use and it will help you create many copies of any article you choose quickly. You can change words, phrases, or sentences with ease. Once you get done with the rewriting process you can save as many rewritten articles as you want as a text file or just copy and paste then to clipboard. Like we said, it works great and we think you will agree too.

But as much as we like it, and we do, we felt like it was missing one thing. See, once you print out your articles you have to submit them to article directories manually. If you ever tried submitting to like ten directories back to back then you know how long that process can take. Now try doing this hundreds of times. No way! Now this is good if you only use a few directories or you have some blogs to give content to but what if you want to really build backlinks to your website? It would be nice if it came with a submitter software that can send your rewritten articles to a bunch of directories giving you link popularity. Well that is where Magic Article Submitter comes in.

Magic Article Submitter may not submit your articles to all the top article directories their is but it definately gets the job done. This software does a good job at submitting articles to directories and give you the ability to login in to other programs to post articles as well. The interface is easy to use and you should have no trouble submitting articles fast. But what made us so happy is that you can send out spun content to hundreds of article directories. You can create your accounts in minutes then blast a unique version gaining you tons of links back to any site you have. You can get the article rewriter or submitter separate but choosing them both would be the smart way to go and save $22 in the process.

The main reason you want to get any article rewriter software is to build links back to your website or blog. You can put anchor texts links in the bio section to help you with search engine placement. The last thing you want to do is send out the exact same article everywhere because that would give you a duplicate content issue that will hurt your site. You want unique articles spread across the web so you can get the full link juice. This will also help your article get accepted in the directories which can bring you more free traffic.

Learning How To Rewrite Articles Has Major Advantages

How much do you have to spend to run your online business successfully? How many articles do you need to write to be successful? How much are the writers' fees?

Did you know that in order to get productive quality backlinks, you would need hundreds, if not thousands of articles all pointing to each and every product of your website?

Just imagine how much money you would have to spend if you had to hire hundreds of writers to write thousands of articles for you.

What if you were to try writing the articles you need to be successful on your own? Just imagine all the time spent writing and rewriting thousands and thousands and thousands of articles!

One article rewrite takes about a half an hour to one hour of your precious time! Not to mention brand new articles requires research, study and outstanding writing skills!

It takes a long time to reach the first page of Google or Yahoo or Bing. It takes quality back links. If you want to stay on the first page you need a page that gets more links than your competitors. How to you plan on doing that quickly and easily?

Hiring someone to write a halfway decent article costs between $5 and $10 on the open market today. That means for 1000 articles, you will have to pay between $5,000 and $10,000! Are you really ready to spend that much? Would you see a return on your money spent? How about over the long run?

Even if you did, do you have that kind of money to spend on writer's fees? You would need to make a lot of sales from your site in order to see a return on your money.

Article writer software can create 1000's of unique versions of your article in a matter of seconds! The software is so simple and intuitive that you will only need a few minutes to set it up! And then it's all done in front of your eyes, on your hard drive, 1000's of brand new versions of your content, ready to bring you unlimited traffic!

Now most of us have PLR or "Private Label Rights" articles just sitting on are computer doing nothing but taking up memory space. You really can not use them because they were given to all who want them and they are on so many sites now that they are useless. But you can place those articles in then rewrite them and turn those old articles in to traffic magnets quickly. This is another advantage of using article rewriter software. Just make sure you review each article that is produced to make sure it reads smoothly before you send them out.

Do you see now how teaching yourself how to rewrite articles can give you an edge when it comes to generating free web traffic? Wouldn't you like to give your site the best chance to succeed?

If you came hear looking for something that could simply rewrite articles from scratch well it does not exist yet. You need to supply the replacement words, phrases, or sentences so it can spin the content for you giving unique versions you can use. It is not very hard once you start doing it any you will find that you should have been using these techniques long ago. No one is expecting you to use a rewriter to create multiple best selling books or anything like that. This is all about getting your site notice by both people and search engines giving you the traffic your site desires.

Article Rewriter Software Decision

So it is up to you now. You can spend hours rewriting articles to sent out to a few places or spend minutes creating rewritten articles you can use instantly to hundreds of sites. So take a look at Magic Article Rewriter. Make sure to grab both the article rewriter and the submitter. You will be making a good choice.

After you pick the article rewriter then find out what else you can do with your articles that can bring you even more backlinks and traffic. Check out this video articles software that goes hand in hand with your articles.