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Help! We Need Your Articles in Our Free Directory Submission Service!   
Boost Visitors to Your Website Or Blog  
Free Article directories have exploded in the past years. People all around are seeing the importance of writing and submitting articles to many different article directories. Traffic can increase to your website fast with a well written article. When you submit articles to article directories you are giving everyone a chance to see what you know about your niche. This is your time to shine.
That is why we have decided to turn our research articles page into a free article directory submission service. We will be removing most of our old articles and replacing them with new fresh articles written by, well, you! There is no need to have an account or give us you home address. Just head over to our article submit page at the top, find a category and submit your article to our directory and that's it. As long as your article follows are simple guidelines you can submit unlimited artilcles to over 140 categories with more to come. This will save you time and allow you to focus on producting more articles.
All eyes will be on you as you deliver your visitors your unique take on how you would solve a problem or answer any questions that you may have had about a certain topic. If you can wow a visitor with your expert opinion you will then get that visitor to click on your link to your website to see more.
They will also develope a certain trust that you are a credible source of information and will come back to your website.  Visitors will also recommend you to others who could be interested in your service.
When you submit  to our free article directory try to make sure that your article is keyword rich. Sometimes your article can link higher in search engines than your own website giving you even more visitors.
Make sure your keyword is a keyword you are using for your website. The more links you have with that keyword linking back to your site or page the higher up your page will go on the search engines.
Add informative content to your article. This is not the time to hard sell your business or website.  It's all about giving then tips and reviews about a certain topic. Once you are done advising them then at the end you can pitch your business or website in your biography. 
Article directories are here to stay. If you want your website to do the same it is a good idea to submit articles to directories. One of the easiest things to do to make your seem like a top notch professional.
There is also another reason that people use article directories. They use then to find articles for the website. Most sites will let you take articles and add then to your website. This is a great way to fill out your website if you are having a hard time creating content. All you do is search for articles that fit your niche then contact them asking for the article. In no time you can have a website built and ready to go.
There is a great sense of pride when one of your acticles get pick up and added to other websites. It shows that people are seeing you as an expert. When someone from a high ranking website selects your article you can end up on their RSS feed giving you even more exposure. Once your article gets passed around a bit you will see your traffic increase and your expert statis grow.
Having your article picked from relevant sites will also help you rise up the search engine ranking. As google will see that link is coming from a popular site your site will seem more important so google will then give you a boost. With enough articles linking back to your site, your site will start to gain traffic without you doing a thing.
So start writing! Then start submitting to our free article directory submission service and others. Then sit back and enjoy the traffic.
Article Submitter Software Review
You just finished greating your article and now you are looking to get the most out of it. Do you submit your article to one or two good directories or use an article submitter software to submit to hundreds at a time. Now you can see the pros and cons of using such software.
Cons of Article Submitters
For starters, alot of article directories out their have codes that prevent you from submitting with any software. Your article, if it go through at all, can go in all messed up and that can lead to your article being rejected.
Second, if your article does make it through ok to the article directory it will be check on most directories for duplicate content. If the editor finds that the exact same article can be found on different sites your article will be rejected.
Another problem is that search engines may not count all the links because it is coming from duplicate content. You make be lucky enough to have your article on 50 sites but search engines may only count one or two as links.
With so many directories you may have to sign up for hundreds to get article submitted.
Pros of Article Submitters
Sure search engines may not count every link but that doesn't stop the traffic that can be coming to your website.
With your article on several sites thats more chances that someone can read your article and click the link to your site.
When some directories want you to sign in to submit an article the software can do all that for you as long as you use the same username and pass code. That means once you fill in the sign in forms you will not have to keep signing in again.
You can have your article sent out to hundreds with in a matter of minutes. Just copy and paste in the information in where it tells you then just push a button and off it goes automaticly to all the sites the software covers while you can go work on something else.
Well that's it. Now it's up to you to decide whether or not an article submitter software is worth it or not. If you don't mind signing up to so many sites then give it a shot. But I recommend that you check with blogs and forums to see what is the best one to use first. You didn't want to be conned and have your article going to fake directories giving you no results.
Thank you for visiting this page and feel free to explore all our other pages before you go.

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