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We are now open to take on new articles for our "Research Articles" page.  If you have any fresh unique articles you would like to submit then please follow these simply guide lines.

As you know writing articles is a great way to get noticed. A well written article can give you the respect in your field that you have been looking for. It also is a good way to get quality links back to your website. If you have anything you would like to add to one of our listings then please fill free to check out our listings on our Research Articles page. When you see the category you like then come back to our Article submit page to submit your article. This is a free service and you can submit as many articles as you like. Just make sure you follow the guide lines laid out first.
1. A link from our site is not required but is appreciated!  If you would like to link to us then please copy and paste this link in:  <a href="">Free article Directory Submission at</a>
2. Please use the "link from" button to let us know where are link is located.  Start with ( http:// ).  It can be from a blog or website of any kind. It does not have to be from the article you are talking about. When submitting more articles just put in the same link you used in the "link from" button from your first article. Again this is not required.
3. Please send only unique articles that you wrote and not rewritten articles for other sources. Articles will be checked for duplicate content.
4. Title must have the first letter in all capitals but not every letter in all capitals. Only one "!" if needed. No periods at the end.
5. Try to have keywords in title and use keywords once for every once for every hundred words or so.
6. You are allowed to have 4 links in the content of your articles. Links can be self serving but must be relevant to content.
7. End your article with a summary that is at least 2 sentences long but no longer than 5 sentences.
8. You can have two links in your author's biography part of your article. Biography must be at the end of your article below your summary.
9. Article must be at least 250 words long with proper spelling and punctuations. Please use spell check before you submit an article for faster submitting.
10. You can submit in "text" or "html" if you like. If text make sure your links are in "html".
11. Article must be informative not an ad or press release for your business or website. Save that info for your bio.
12. All articles will be reviewed and submitted in 2 to 3 days or less depending on how many articles are submited. You will get a response when your article is submitted.

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Thanks for sumbmitting an article and please come back at any time to send more articles.